The Best Restaurants In Makunduchi

The Best Restaurants In Makunduchi , Zanzibar: The Top List! The small village of Makunduchi Beach, which is on the southeast coast of the Zanzibar Islands, is well-known for its vibrant culture and annual Mwaka Kogwa festival. If you’re thinking of visiting this region of the island, be sure to check out some of the top eateries nearby. Makunduchi has few restaurants compared to other Zanzibar regions such as the stone town and Kendwa beach. Here are few best restaurants to check out when you’re in Makunduchi:

Eden Rock Restaurant

For anyone seeking a distinctive dining experience, Eden Rock Zanzibar is a must-visit restaurant. The restaurant is perched on a gorgeous cliff with a view of the ocean and a gorgeous little beach. The visit is worthwhile just for the views. Fresh seafood is the main focus of the menu, which combines Asian, European, and African flavors.

 The coconut octopus curry, the Zanzibar seafood platter, and the grilled lobster are a few of this restaurant’s standout entrees. If you’re looking for a romantic evening out and are staying at a hotel in Makunduchi or one of the nearby beaches, like Jambiani, Eden Rock Zanzibar is the ideal place to go.

The One Resort Restaurant

A memorable dining experience is provided by the opulent hotel and restaurant, The One Resort Zanzibar. Its restaurant serves a variety of regional and international dishes with an emphasis on locally sourced, fresh ingredients.

 To ensure that their customers receive delectable meals, the restaurant frequently changes its menu based on what is in season. The views of the Indian Ocean are breathtaking, and the atmosphere is elegant but laid-back.

The Best Restaurants In Makunduchi
The One Resort

4 You Makunduchi

This eatery is a local one in Makunduchi. Makunduchi is the ideal location if you’re looking for genuine Zanzibari food. The restaurant serves conventional fare like Chapati, biryani, Pilau, and seafood curry and is situated in the center of Makunduchi village. The restaurant offers outdoor seating and has a laid-back vibe. The only location in Makunduchi where you can eat well for a reasonable price is here.


What types of cuisine can I order in Makunduchi restaurants? Makunduchi restaurants serve a variety of foods, including seafood, African, Indian, Italian, and native Zanzibari dishes.

 Do Makunduchi Beach restaurants serve vegetarian food? Yes, we advise visiting a hotel-owned restaurant like The One Resort if you’re a vegan visiting Makunduchi Beach.

 How Much Does a Meal Cost on Average in Makunduchi Beach? Compared to other beaches, Makunduchi’s restaurants offer reasonably priced meals. Between $10 and $55.

 Do I need to make reservations before visiting at Makunduchi restaurants? Makunduchi Beach is not a well-liked destination for tourists, so reservations are not necessary.

What Are Some of the Must-Try Dishes in Makunduchi? Seafood platters, grilled lobster, and coconut curries are some of the must-try foods on Makunduchi Beach and throughout Zanzibar.

 Do Makunduchi restaurants accept credit cards? When visiting Zanzibar, it’s a good idea to have cash on hand because many locations do not accept credit cards.


On Zanzibar’s (Unguja Island’s) southern coast, Makunduchi village offers a variety of transportation options. You can take a taxi from the Zanzibar Airport to Makunduchi, but the cost will be high because of the high demand for taxis there. Additionally, there will be crowds at the airport, especially during the arrival of large flights like Azur, Royal Flight, Sky Up, etc.

 Another mode of transportation to Makunduchi is Dala-Dala, which is regarded as public transportation. It is inexpensive but cumbersome, so it is not the best choice if you are on vacation.

The Best Way to Get From Zanzibar Airport to Makunduchi

We are here to provide a taxi after you arrive at the airport, but the best way to travel from Zanzibar airport to Makunduchi is to order a taxi before you arrive at the airport. We strongly advise travelers to use this mode of transportation because it will allow them to plan expenses, schedules, and other aspects of their trip before they even get to Zanzibar.