Jambiani Beach

Jambiani Beach is a peaceful coastal haven where you can disconnect from technology and immerse yourself in the local culture, falling into the rhythm of a traditional fishing hamlet. In Jambiani, there is no pressure, and there are no alarm clocks or calendars to disturb your tranquility. Instead, you’ll feel guilt-free as you spend long days at the beach and lose track of time while playing card games in the evening.

Jambiani is a collection of communities spanning 6 kilometers of shoreline on Unguja, Zanzibar’s largest island. In these ancient fishing villages, fishing and the seaweed trade are the principal sources of revenue. Hundreds of seaweed farms dot the coast, employing some 15,000 residents. Jambiani Beach, unlike Nungwi Beach on Unguja northern coast, has a serene environment and is a favorite spot for picnics and beach football games. Jambiani is the ideal spot for those looking for a truly tranquil, authentic beach where they can unwind after a Zanzibar wildlife safari.

Jambiani Beach
Jambiani Beach


The first leg of your journey will take you to Abeid Amani Karume International Airport. This is the archipelago’s major airport, which receives aircraft from East Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. Private taxis are the safest way to get from the airport to Jambiani.

You can also take a dala dala, which is a classic open-window public bus. Dala Dalas are inexpensive way of getting to Jambiani compared to Tax, but they are not particularly comfortable, and there is no room for luggage. Dala dalas do not run on a schedule and only leave when they are completely full. You can rent a car from Zanzibar Car Rental in Stone Town if you want to go independently.


Jambiani runs for 6 kilometers along a beach with mid-grain white sand that is comfortably walkable. If you want to go further afield, such as to see the caverns, we recommend that you take a taxi or join an organized tour. Alternatively, there are numerous bike rental shops along the beach where you can rent a bike and cycle about town.


Biking tour, if you enjoy some fitness and adventure, go on a bicycle tour to discover the hamlet and its surroundings. It gives you a good glimpse into everyday life and lovely nature. If you prefer a beach excursion, there are also beach bikes available.

Fishing for Large Game, A half or full day of big game fishing can be arranged. The Indian Ocean is known for its superb game fishing and a diverse range of fish, including tuna, marlin, and sailfish, as well as barracuda and Dorado. Sail out to the deep waters in search of some amazing big fish that can weigh up to 60 kg.

Scuba diving, some of Africa’s best corals can be found on the stunning coral reefs. There are various dive sites, and the variety of marine life, including sea horses, octopuses, stingrays, frog fish, porcupine, Napoleon fish, and turtles, is astounding.

Jambiani Beach
Diving at Jambiani Beach

Kitesurfing, Jambiani is perfect for windsurfing or kitesurfing due to its consistent side shore breezes. The beaches are peaceful, and the seas are shallow, with sea urchins.

Boat trip on a dhow (traditional wooden sailboat), Go for a sail in the lovely Indian Ocean and spend some time snorkeling on the coral reefs. There are starfish, sea urchins, octopuses, and other sea creatures to be found.

Walk on the pristine beaches, Low tide is the ideal time to have a lovely beach walk and take in the breathtaking scenery of the pristine ocean.

Visit a local village, Visit a local school, tailor, or boat builder to learn about local life. You may also watch how the villagers produce soap or cream from seaweed, as well as all of the items they make from coconuts.

Cave visits, Kuumbi Caverns and Kuza Caves are two caves in the vicinity of Jambiani. For travelers who want to see the caverns’ intricate internal architecture and cool waters, they offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Explore Jambiani’s several fine dining establishments. If you stroll along the beach, you may locate most of them at the lodges. Enjoy freshly caught seafood, pizza, meat and vegetable dishes, plus a variety of other delectable delicacies. If you like seafood, try the Lobster and Sea Cigal at Casa Del Mar (tasteful local lobster). It’s really fantastic.

 Nur Beach, Blue Reef, and The Loop are three other excellent eateries at Jambiani. The Blue Reef boasts a wood-fired pizza oven and provides some of Zanzibar‘s best pizza as well as excellent cocktails.


Blue Reef Sport and Fishing Lodge

A beautiful lodge in Jambiani, right on the beach. The rooms are clean, and the beds are comfortable. The lodge is simple and lacks a pool, yet it is cheap at $40 per person per night (bed and breakfast). Blue Reef is divided into two sections that are only 200 meters apart. Blue Reef also offers a lovely bar and restaurant as well as two oceanfront family rooms. All of the rooms at Blue Reef offer a view of the sea and their own terrace. This area is a little more tranquil, with a great Italian restaurant.

The Loop

This new lodge is a little more opulent, with a modern ‘beach-style’ décor and a lovely swimming pool. Every house has a veranda with a hammock and a view of the sea. The cost per person, per night is approximately USD 50-60.

Coral Rock Beach Resort

A tiny beachside hotel intended to maximize your view of the sapphire waters of Jambiani. The hotel’s rooms, bar, and restaurant all have sea views. The resort’s chef, creates delectable dishes and constantly changes his menu.

Jambiani Beach
Coral Rock Beach Resort

The Casa Del Mar

An environmentally friendly hotel that is operated locals, its beachfront circular restaurant serves delectable dishes featuring freshly caught fish such as king tuna and octopus. Its pool is ideal for nighttime cooling. It is cheap yet beautiful accommodation to enjoy your Zanzibar safari holiday at Jambiani.