5 Best-Kept Secrets Islands To Explore In Tanzania

5 Best-Kept Secrets Islands To Explore In Tanzania : Nobody Told You About These Tanzanian Islands: When we hear the word “island,” our minds are immediately taken to a different world. The swaying palms, the calm ocean breeze, the fine sand, and the breathtaking surroundings, we hardly ever picture people there. Exist such secluded islands really?

Tanzania is a very diverse travel destination with a surprising array of exotic islands that are less traveled. Tanzania is known for its well-known tropical islands of Zanzibar, Mafia, and Pemba. Make a note of these beaches for your upcoming dream vacations. They range from sandbank islands that open up for a short period of time to hidden gems that offer a retreat during your cruising experience.

  1. Nakupenda Beach: Literally, the “I Love You” Sandbank

Few people would openly suggest visiting this sandbank because it depends on the tide to show off the beauty of this tiny island in Zanzibar. The captain of the dhow will squint once you get on board and hope that paradise is obvious, usually just for a couple of hours in the afternoon. You’ll be greeted by a flock of cranes in about 20 minutes. Set up your tents, prepare a barbecue lunch, pour some cold beverages, and jump into the chilly light waves. Nakupenda Beach is only about a mile long and only receives about 20 visitors each day. Due to this island’s remote location, pristine surroundings, and low-tide visibility, you will genuinely feel fortunate to have visited it. There is no charge to visit the beach!

  • Activities: sunbathing, snorkeling, cruising, kite surfing, strolling, and a sandbank picnic.

5 Best-Kept Secrets Islands To Explore In Tanzania : Sinda Island: You’re Private Getaway

The secret island of Sinda is a hidden retreat just 8 kilometers off the south coast of Dar es Salaam if you want to explore the ocean’s wonders and enjoy a beach day away from the crowds. Start your day early in a stylish dhow or on a cruise that will pass by coral reefs that invite snorkeling and the exploration of other tropical fish and dolphin pods. You can swim all day long on this island because, unlike other beaches, it is not tide-dependent. Sinda Island, which was only recently discovered, is still largely uninhabited and offers the luxury of privacy. It is perfect for date nights, marriage proposals, and day trips with little groups. There is a small marine park fee.

5 Best-Kept Secrets Islands To Explore In Tanzania
Sinda Island
  • Activities: sailing, fishing trips, a sunset cruise, kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming
  1. Kwale: The Fantasy Island

Wade through the shallow water, swim beneath coral formations, and explore the mangroves and baobab trees on foot. Discover this uninhabited island tucked away in Zanzibar’s tropical paradise. During the day, island hoppers who enjoy walking along the shoreline in the footsteps of crabs in motion frequently stop by the pristine beach. The green lagoon, which invites a restful break with hardly any human trace, is the place’s highlight. Kwale is a little-visited island with few tourists. When you want to avoid the crowds after your Tanzania wildlife safari tour, it makes for the ideal break. Despite its remoteness, it is safe to visit this island if you have a reliable guide and are aware of the tide levels.

  • Activities: Sailing, snorkeling, seafood and fresh fruit brunch, beach explorations
  1. 5 Best-Kept Secrets Islands To Explore In Tanzania : Mbudya Island: The Perfect Weekend

Mbudya Island is about the best place to unwind and relax if you need a quick getaway and are on a strict schedule. This tiny sandbank, which is well-liked by the expat population and is only a few miles off the coast of Dar es Salaam, has a great vibe. A visitor can only go there with swimwear and snorkeling equipment and enjoy the abundant nature and freshly prepared seafood served at the only island restaurant. The marine park attracts young people and families and is known to have some protected reefs. It is possible to hike around the small island by following the nature trails, even though the water surrounding it is inviting for snorkelers and swimmers.

  • Activities: snorkeling, trekking, sandbank picnics, island cruising