1 Day Zanzibar Tours Excursion

1 Day Zanzibar Tours Excursion (Spice Tour) : Zanzibar has a wide range of attractions, some of which are unique to the island. The Zanzibar Spice Tour is one of the most intriguing experiences we provide. Have you ever been to a spice farm? Most likely not. If you are visiting Zanzibar, you should absolutely experience this.

Tour Highlights

  • It is a 3-hour leisurely walking tour throughout the plantation.
  • The tour is exclusive to you and your partners.
  • It is recommended to dress appropriately (no beachwear).
  • This is the sole opportunity to purchase fresh spices, herbs, and locally manufactured fragrances and soaps.
  • It has no age limitations.
  • It is available at any time of the year

Tour itinerary and Overview

1 Day Zanzibar Tours Excursion
Spice Island

 Our half-day spice trip in Zanzibar is quite popular, with many travelers booking it. Because it is a half-day tour, they can also schedule another half-day tour to completely fill the day with highly exciting activities. Other half-day tours are available, such as the Prison Island Tour, the Stone Town Tour, and the Jozani Forest Tour.

Our Zanzibar spice plantation trip will undoubtedly be memorable. During the tour, you will learn about the many intriguing spices and fruits that thrive here. You will also have the opportunity to sample a variety of delectable tropical fruits. It’s fascinating to learn about and observe the numerous herbs, spices, and uncommon plant species that grow in Zanzibar because you’ve never heard of or seen them before, let alone tasted them.

You may not be aware that Zanzibar is also known as the Spice Island, which is why this tour makes so much sense. It gives insight into Zanzibar’s fascinating history on this subject. Various spices were transported over the Indian Ocean from Zanzibar to the Sultan of Oman over the years. Dhows used to do this by attempting to take advantage of seasonal trade winds. So spices have played a major role in Zanzibar’s history and continue to do so today. Zanzibar is highly recognized for its spices, such as cloves, nutmeg, pepper, and cinnamon.

Because this is a guided tour, you can anticipate that the guide will provide a full and informative explanation of various spices and plants, including what they are used for, how they are grown, and so on. Some are even used as treatments, such as the neem tree’s leaves, which have been shown to be highly beneficial against dyspepsia and malaria, or the red sap from the iodine tree, which aids in the fight against diseases. Others were employed for cosmetic purposes, such as the foamy berries that have been used for generations as an alternative to soap and the henna tree cloves, which are used to generate dye for the hands and feet. To name a few, popular spices include tamarind, vanilla, ginger, and menthol.

During this tour, you may also have the opportunity to have body art created for you. This is accomplished by utilizing quick-drying Indian ink rather than henna, which takes longer to dry. You might also see a coconut climber at work, among other unusual sights only found on a spice farm.

Many people look forward to the Zanzibar spice tour since it is absolutely unique. This trip normally begins about 9 a.m., but it could begin at any moment between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

If you want to learn more about the Zanzibar spice tour or book it, please get in touch with us at Focus East Africa Tours. This tour costs less than $50 per person, plus an additional price for transportation if you are staying outside of Stone Town. The Spice Plantation Trip in Zanzibar is a one-of-a-kind experience that will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your stay.


  • Experienced professional tour guide
  • Pick-up and drop-off from your hotel in a private car
  • Mineral Water during the Tour
  • Entrances Fees
  • All taxes, fuel surcharges, and service fees are included.


  • Medical insurance, if needed
  • Gratuities for Tour Guides and Drivers
  • International and domestic flights
  • Visa fees
  • Expenses of a personal nature

Kindly get in touch with us to know the price for this tour and to make a booking. Either a private expedition or joining a group are options for this Zanzibar spice farm day trip. If you want to be a part of a group, send us your inquiry, and we’ll help you join a group. The same goes for those interested in a private tour!