A Complete Guide To The Best Festivals In Tanzania

A Complete Guide To The Best Festivals In Tanzania : The United Republic of Tanzania is an African cultural mashup. The fact that it is one of East Africa’s largest countries is also one of its most diverse should come as absolutely no surprise. To really showcase Tanzania’s cultural prowess, there are a variety of fascinating festivals spread throughout the country. There are plenty of special moments to be had all year in this fine country, regardless of your interests.

 It is a multicultural nation made up of over 120 different tribes in addition to Christians and Muslims. There will undoubtedly be numerous large-scale cultural celebrations held throughout the year when there are so many diverse cultures present in a single country. Tanzanian festivals are meant to be joyfully honored, and these celebrations are joyfully carried out across Zanzibar, the Serengeti, Arusha, and Kilimanjaro with content and style. They may be devoted to food, music, art and crafts, dance, or sports. Here are some of the best festivals that are worth exploring in Tanzania:


One of Tanzania’s biggest national holidays, commonly known as Union Day, is also one of the most significant for the local populace. Tanzanian cities all hum with patriotic vigor on April 26, the anniversary of the union of Zanzibar and Tanganyika. The residents of the area are sincerely living by the adage that there is strength in unity by waving flags and taking part in cultural performances.


The Mwaka Kogwa Festival, which takes place in July or August, is one of many good reasons to visit Zanzibar. There are several associated rituals to celebrate the Persian New Year, honoring the Shirazi heritage of the first non-Africans to settle there. While the women sing and dance, the village men settle disputes by fighting one another with banana stalks. Then a straw hut is lit on fire. These symbolic actions help to let go of any bitter memories of the previous year and promote optimism for the one that lies ahead.


The Zanzibar International Film Festival, the biggest event of its kind in East Africa, proudly exhibits the most promising African art films alongside classics from around the world. In order to spread these celebrated works across the continent, the works of the African diaspora are given special attention. Fans of the cinematic arts should definitely pay it a visit since each year’s theme is unique.


Sauti za Busara translates to “sound of wisdom” in Swahili. This yearly event, which spans four days and takes place in Zanzibar, highlights the wide range of African and Swahili musical styles. Participating in the parades and carnivals while admiring the beats’ sheer brilliance is a must, and you’ll be joined by thousands of people from all over the world.


Attend this yearly gathering of people from all over the world at the renowned Serengeti National Park. Witness the sights of a traditional art and dance festival, which adds a new dimension to one of the most fascinating natural wonders of the world at what is perhaps its most beautiful time: the annual wildebeest migration. The festival is held in July, and “education for all” is the theme for this year.

A Complete Guide To The Best Festivals In Tanzania


The capital of Tanzania’s arts, Bagamoyo, is an especially exciting place to travel during the month of October. There are a ton of activities to get involved with at the Bagamoyo Arts Festival, whether participation or observation is your preferred method of immersion. Show respect for the craftspeople, sculptors, thespians, and general artists who are currently enhancing the fabric of the communities throughout East Africa by attending everything from poetry readings to acrobatics.


When it comes to their love of food, Tanzanians are similar to people everywhere else in the world. At this Arusha-based celebration, which is literally translated from Swahili as the “roasted meat” festival, barbecue enthusiasts should celebrate in March. A spectacular selection of grilled meats and recipes that have been handed down through the generations can be found here.


This joyous festival honoring the beach life of the area will be greatly appreciated by those who are never happier than when they are at the waterfront. Sports are a big part of the celebrations every year, and there are competitions in beach football, rugby, and volleyball. Goat races are also available for entertainment, which may be more distinctive to the area. There are also many other activities to keep you entertained if sports aren’t your thing, like competitions and yoga. The live music and food vendors slow down the action.


Although a marathon may not be everyone’s idea of a festival, amateur runners from all over the world gather each March at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro to compete during one of the coolest months. To encourage inclusion, there are full marathons, half marathons, and even wheelchair marathons. It is easy to participate since there are no professional athletes taking part.


Every year, the Mount Meru crater and the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro host the largest tourism expo in East Africa. More than 250 exhibitors showcased their regional tourism goods and services at the event in Arusha. Wildlife lodges, eco-tourism businesses, equipment for mountain climbing, camping supplies, safari guides, and transportation services are among the options available to tourists.


Every year, in the final month, East and Central Africa host their largest annual fashion event. It is set up to give designers from Swahili-speaking nations a stage on which to display their abilities in the fashion industry. The African fashion designer Mustafa Hassanali founded it in order to essentially spread the idea of “made in Africa” to the rest of the world. Fashion week has it all for a designer, fashion journalist or blogger, and stylist, from runway shows to award shows. There are bazaars and pop-up stores for visitors to shop at.


Every year, the goat races are organized by the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam to raise money for a charity that aids disadvantaged children. Goat races are a Tanzanian invention that was first used in Uganda to raise funds for charitable causes. Anyone can fund a goat to participate in the race by sponsoring it. In the neighborhood, there are betting and refreshment stands. There is a ton of kid-friendly entertainment available, including a fancy dress contest with cool prizes for the winners.


One must participate in these Tanzanian festivals in order to enjoy the diverse African diaspora’s contributions to music, art, literature, sports, and fashion. They provide a welcome diversion from the strenuous ascents of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, as well as the wildlife viewing in the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater. In addition, you can use Focus East Africa tours to plan your eagerly anticipated international vacation and enter vacation mode.