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Zanzibar/ zanzibar island is one of very few areas in the world with good and conducive climatic conditions that supports various economic activities such as tourism. Tourism have been playing a central role in the development of Zanzibar islands. This sector has managed to be the crucial sector and the backbone of the national income in the coastal areas. Due to this and that, several people from variety of places have been struggling day and nights looking for the opportunities to visit Zanzibar islands / tour Zanzibar . This is just because the place itself have been endowed with a lot of things that appeals pleasant and attractive towards the eyes of tourists. Since people are seeking opportunities to visit Zanzibar Island for tourism activities such as education, entertainment or enjoyment and recreational purposes, Beach experiences. They are required to sit down and count out the costs for their trip tours or simply zanzibar tour. This will enable them to be comfortable with their budgets when they are travelling. Since they will have already counted and managed to know the costs for their trips. The following is just a summary of what should be considered when travelling to Zanzibar coastal areas for tourist activities especially in the ground of costs and expenses. Let’s journey together; It can be difficult to find affordable accommodation in Zanzibar. There are very few hostels in the area and many of the budget hotels are located in Stone Town. It's important to weigh your priorities when booking a hotel in Zanzibar while on Zanzibar Safaris Tours /zanzibar vacation/ zanzibar holidays .

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5 Days Zanzibar Beach Holiday

This 5 Days Zanzibar Beach Holiday is perfect for travelers after a getaway, water adventure sports, family beach holidays, and most of all a honeymoon holiday.

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3 days Zanzibar tour

3 days Zanzibar tour is a tour around the island of Zanzibar which is found on the Indian ocean. Zanzibar is a tropical destination which is visited by many tourists who come to relax along the white sand beaches on the island.

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Zanzibar Beaches


Zanzibar is an archipelago of islands, the most notable of which is Unguja, which is approximately 25 kilometers from Tanzania's main city, Dar es Salaam. The island is known for its unique beaches, well-known spice farms, history, and diverse culture. The name Zanzibar is derived from the Arabic word Zanzibar, which means "black coast." It's a Tanzanian territory with a semi-autonomous status. The island boasts some of the nicest beaches in the world.

Zanzibar is known for its stunning white sand beaches, warm weather, exotic Swahili cuisine, friendly people, and luxurious tourist resorts. If you enjoy lounging in the sun or combining a rainforest safari with a beach vacation, Zanzibar is the place for you. The following are some fun or interesting facts about the island of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is not just one island; it’s a combination of more than two islands.

Zanzibar is frequently misunderstood as a single island. It is, after all, an archipelago of islands in the Indian Ocean. Unguja (also known as Zanzibar) and Pemba Island are two of the largest islands on the island of Zanzibar. Further south, Mafia Island, part of Tanzania's Mafia Archipelago, is further south. Zanzibar has a population of roughly 1.3 million people.

Jozani Forest is the only forest and national park on the island

Zanzibar, unlike Tanzania's mainland, has only one national park: Jozani National Park, which is the only part of Zanzibar containing wildlife. You may see a variety of monkeys, butterflies, birds, and other animals here, among other things. Thousands of people visit this location each year. In this woodland, you may see around 40 different bird and butterfly species.

The main Zanzibar language is Swahili

Although Swahili is Zanzibar's official language, many inhabitants also speak Arabic and English. Other European languages, like Italian and French, are also spoken on the island. Kenya, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda are among the nations in East Africa where Swahili is commonly spoken. The word "Swahili" is derived from the Arabic word sawahil, which means "coast."

Rare creatures on the Zanzibar islands

The red colobus monkey, the Zanzibar servaline genet, and the Zanzibar leopard all call Zanzibar home. The red colobus monkey is an endangered species with a shrinking population. Unlike another critically endangered wildlife species on Zanzibar, the Zanzibar leopard, these beautiful primates are normally found in the Jozani Forest.

Although it is uncertain whether any Zanzibar leopards remain on the island, and specialists have previously said that they are extinct, recent sightings have rekindled hope that the population is alive. The Zanzibar servaline genet is another unusual animal found in Unguja. These feline-like creatures were discovered in the 1990s and photographed for the first time in 2003.

Locals have known about the servaline genet for a long time before zoologists discovered it, and scientists just recently classified this species. Unlike in the famous Serengeti National Park on the < a href="">Tanzanian mainland, there are no lions, elephants, or giraffes on Zanzibar Island. Zanzibar's biodiversity is largely found in the ocean, with some stunning coral and fantastic snorkeling options.

Apart from beaches and history, Zanzibar is famous for its spices.

Spice production, second only to tourism, is a major contributor to Zanzibar's economy. Due to the cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and black pepper that are grown on the islands, they are frequently referred to as the Spice Islands. You may learn about Zanzibar culture while exploring the metropolis of Stone Town and taking in the sights, smells, and tastes of the spice fields with your Zanzibar-Tanzania booking and visit.

Reefs Sorrounding islands.

The water temperature is warm, visibility is usually good, currents are light, and there are many colorful fish, all of which make this a great place for first-time and novice divers. Many of the major resorts on the North and East Coasts feature on-site dive shops run by professionals.

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Things to Consider Before going for Zanzibar Safaris Tours

Zanzibar is made up of a several islands. Pemba and Unguja are the largest but there is also Mnemba, Chumbe, Mafia, Kendwa, Nungwi, Matemwe, Michamvi, Pongwe, Bwejuu, Paje and Jambiani. The capital is Stone Town in Unguja.

Before Travelling to Zanzibar, you need to have a Tanzanian Visa. The easiest way to get a visa is on arrival at the airport. A yellow fever vaccination card is a must and will be asked at all entry points including the airport. To protect yourself and your belonging while visiting Zanzibar, we recommend that you get travel insurance before showing up

Zanzibar has two seasons with rains. The longer rainy season lasts from March to May while the shorter rains come in November and December. You should think twice about visiting during the rainy months if your sole intention is to enjoy the beautiful beaches. The monsoon winds get stronger during the rainy period. You can still enjoy the island during the short rain season because the rain isn’t intense (It rains for short periods and rarely in all parts of the islands).

Zanzibar Safari

Tanzania Safaris

Unguja (the main island, often known as Zanzibar) and Pemba are the two main islands. Zanzibar City, on the island of Unguja, is the capital. Stone Town, the historic heart of the city, is a < a href="">UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can't go wrong with a Zanzibar vacation if you're looking for a unique African island experience. Zanzibar tours mix laid-back beach lodging with a variety of activities and stunning places to provide a culturally rich but super-relaxing vacation.

Many guests opt for a Zanzibar tour, which mixes the island's beautiful beaches with traditional safari spots-it's the ideal way to round off an east African vacation (Tanzania mainland, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo safari). Break up your beach vacation for a few days and join us on a memorable trip, marveling at the natural beauty and many species found in one of Tanzania's wildlife parks on the mainland.

Heritage- Zanzibar is a one-of-a-kind and ideal location for heritage tourism. Its architecture, which largely dates from the 19th century, displays the Swahili culture's numerous influences, resulting in a unique blend of Arab, Persian, Indian, and European components. As a result, in 2000, the town was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apart from Stone Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a group of buildings in Zanzibar have been designated as the most culturally and architecturally significant, including Maruhubi Palace and the Kizimkazi Mosques.

Wildldlife- The island of Zanzibar is home to a diverse range of flora and wildlife. Visitors to Zanzibar can enjoy the verdant dynamism of Jozani National Park, the rainforest endemism of Ngezi, and the coastal profusions of endangered mangroves. In fact, Zanzibar has a diverse birdlife and a significant number of butterflies in rural areas, making it a one-of-a-kind destination on the globe.

The Menai Bay Conservation Area, located on Zanzibar's south coast, is a sea turtle conservation area for endangered species that come to breed on the island. The Jozani Forest, home to Zanzibar's unique Red Colobus monkeys and a variety of other primate and small antelope species, is accessible by road from the southeast shore.

True taste of Zanzibar- Zanzibar's food reflects a variety of influences from all over the world, and it tells a lot about the island's past. In Zanzibar, you may sample a wide range of cuisines, all of which are made with 100% fresh spices, fruits, and seafood. There are various restaurants serving ethnic cuisines such as Indian, Chinese, and Swahili. Zanzibar's status as the top holiday destination means it has it all, from attractions to activities to lodging and more wonderful local and international cuisine.

Festivals-There are always festivals and festivities in Zanzibar. It is one of the East African countries with the most festivals and celebrations. The Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF), Mwaka Kogwa, Sauti za Busara, cultural festivals, Mangapwani Festival, and Makunduchi Food Festival are among the events that showcase the best of Zanzibar culture.

Scenery and sea adventure-One of the most popular activities in Zanzibar is a sea safari, which provides an excellent opportunity to see a variety of marine animals. A Zanzibar Sea Safari includes cruising near the Pemba Channel, passing through the famed Mnemba Marine Nature Reserve, and much more. During the excursion, you can go on a search for rare sea birds and other aquatic species.

Pristine-Zanzibar is known for its white sand beaches and pristine nature, making it a leader in the field of ecotourism. You can participate in a variety of activities, and because you're on an island, beach sports are very popular. All year long, you can enjoy windsurfing (including kitesurfing), snorkeling, dhow tours, kayaking, parasailing, and stand-up paddle boarding.

Things to do in Zanzibar

Zanzibar Island has a lot to offer, whether you're seeking a place to rest after a Tanzanian northern safari circuit or just want to hang out in an island paradise. Zanzibar is an island off the coast of Africa with a long history as a trading port and a colony, so there are plenty of things to do in Zanzibar other than go to the beach. Zanzibar is known for its magnificent Omani imperial architecture, colorful Islam-influenced culture, and white-sand beaches. Check out our list of the top things to see and do on this Tanzanian jewel off the East African coast to make sure you're experiencing the most of what this Tanzanian island has to offer.

Check out Stone Town

Tanzania safaris
Stone Town, also known as Mji Mkongwe, is the oldest area of Zanzibar City, which is the capital of the Unguja Island. On your stone town tour you’ll get a clear idea of how old Swahili trading cities in East Africa look, sound, feel, taste, and smell when you visit. This town is the heart and soul of the island, with Islamic prayer calls in the air and evocative twisting old lanes fragrant with spices at every turn. Admire magnificent stone buildings, sip chai and coffee from bustling merchants, and eat coconut-laced fresh fish feasts. Stone Town combines Persian, Arabic, Indian, and European influences to create a memorable location. Wandering about the city's small tangle of streets is the best way to get a sense of it. On your stone town walk tour you’ll undoubtedly become disoriented, but that's half the pleasure. You'll undoubtedly notice right away that a lot of items haven't been maintained properly since the colonial era. Stone Town is a rather small city, with about 16,000 people residing there in 2016. The town's economy is now primarily focused on tourism, and it is one of Tanzania's most well-known tourist destinations.

Visit Jozani Forest

Tanzania safaris
Most visitors come to see the uncommon/rarely red colobus monkey, which is found in this huge and gorgeous green expanse that is part of the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park. There are nature walks with butterfly-flickering shafts of sunlight, a boardwalk that drops into mangrove swamps, and a remote chance of seeing a leopard, though don't get your hopes up too high because the last sighting was decades ago.

Explore the most beautiful and best beaches in the world.

Tanzania safaris
You should know that the island of Zanzibar is regarded as being a paradise/romantic getaway with the nicest beaches of white sands. Bwejuu is without a doubt one of Zanzibar's most beautiful beaches. Stone Town is about an hour and a half away from this palm-lined white sand beach on the island's southeast shore. It's one of Zanzibar's most serene regions and a popular choice for anyone seeking ultimate relaxation, tranquility, and solitude. Nungwi Beach, on Zanzibar's northwest coast, is also one of the island's most beautiful and popular beaches, recently making TripAdvisor's Traveller's Choice Awards 2018 list of the Top 25 Beaches in the World. Water activities are available on Zanzibar beaches, as are sundown cruises, and deep-sea fishing excursions in search of leaping sailfish and mean-looking bull dorado can be arranged.

Take a boat trip and enjoy snorkeling in Zanzibar

Tanzania safaris
The best snorkeling beaches in Zanzibar may be found in the northeast, near Mnemba Atoll, and on the southwest coast. The magnificent beaches, resorts, culture, and historical sites of Zanzibar draw thousands of visitors each year. It is, nonetheless, a paradise for divers and snorkelers. When visiting Zanzibar, snorkeling is one of the must-do activities. Similar excursions are offered by a number of firms, but Safari Blue is the most well-known. It's also the most expensive, and while you can get similar ones for a lot less money, they might not be as good.

Forodhani Market

Tanzania safaris
As the day turns to nightfall in Stone Town, Forodhani Gardens morphs into a calorific circus: welcome to Zanzibar's amazing night-time food market, a flurry of chefs juggling spewing pots. The scents are incredible, and the menu selection is incredible, bring plenty of food. Some of the dishes may be familiar to you, such as tandoori lobster kebabs or falafel the size of your fist. The fish plates with fried potato balls, naan, and samosas might be some of favorites.

Wonder on the Palace Museum

Tanzania safaris
The Palace Museum, which dates from 1883 and was built on the orders of Sayyid Sir Barghash bin Said Al-Busaid-the second Sultan of Zanzibar, is a beautiful confection of coral stone, silver fittings, and acres of marble beneathfoot. The Sultan commissioned it as a house in classic Omani architecture -Zanzibar was under Omani imperial administration for over 200 years, beginning in 1698. Since the mid-1990s, it has been a museum, displaying a plethora of fascinating royal antiques on three floors, including furniture, apparel, and writing sheets.

House of Wonders

Tanzania safaris
The House of Wonders, also known as Beit-al-Ajaib, is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site that is in danger of collapsing (and indeed, a partial collapse happened in December 2020, prompting the Omani government to pledge millions of dollars towards repairs). When it was completed in 1883, it was the largest mansion in East Africa, and it was the first to feature a lift, earning the name "House of Wonders." It was also the first building in Zanzibar to have electricity. Despite its current situation, it remains at the top of the list of must-see things in Stone Town; the fascinating displays include clothing, fishing gear, and a classic Swahili dhow vessel.

Try kitesurfing in Zanzibar

Tanzania safaris
Kitesurfing is a sport in which you stand up on a miniature surfboard or kiteboard and ride the wind while holding on to a kite. Paje is the best spot to learn to kitesurf, but lessons are also available at Nungwi and Jambiani beaches. In fact, most tourist beaches offer kitesurfing instruction, so if you're new to the sport, you can try it out pretty much anywhere.
If you wish to kitesurf, the best months to visit are January to February or June to September. If you go during this time, you might witness some professional kite surfers performing tricks and leaps. There are a variety of instructors and centers where you may learn to kitesurf, so shop around depending on where you are and what works best for your schedule and budget.

Take Spice Tour

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Spices, which were brought to Zanzibar by Portuguese sailors from their colonies in India and South America some 500 years ago, have made the island a trading centre for centuries. Cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and other spices are still produced on small organic farms today. Following your nose through twisty backstreets accompanied by an experienced guide is one of the most sensual ways to explore the destination. The fragrances of turmeric, vanilla, cardamom, chili, and black pepper will fill your lungs. You'll eat a Swahili lunch flavored with what you've smelled, and you'll be able to buy goods to take home at the end of the tour.

Visit Prison Island

Tanzania safaris
This island, also known as Changuu Island, is located off the coast of Stone Town. Although the term "Prison Island" in Zanzibar sounds threatening (and like it wouldn't be a fun day trip ), it's a bit of a misnomer. On the island, there was never any kind of prison. In the 1860s, they utilized the island to hold rebellious slaves and confine people with yellow fever. The island is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. every day. You may expect to spend roughly 2-3 hours (or longer, depending on the tour you've booked) there during your stay.
The island is now a popular tourist destination due to the presence of giant tortoises. It's a tranquil haven for this endangered species. Some of the tortoises on the island are over 150 years old. Most hotels can assist you in booking a trip, or you may go to the beach and hunt for someone selling them. You can schedule a private tour if you want a more in-depth tour with the opportunity to snorkel. This tour is a better option if you want to see all of the things in Stone Town and Prison Island in one day. You'll get a taste of everything Stone Town and Prison Island have to offer this way.

The Old Fort

Tanzania safaris
The Old Fort, Stone Town's oldest structure, is located on the beachfront, directly across from Forodhani Gardens. The Old Fort, which was built in the 17th century to defend the island from assaulting Portuguese, is today one of Stone Town's most popular attractions. You can stroll around the courtyard in the center, admiring the ruins of the medieval fortress, and amble around the courtyard in the center, where vendors sell a variety of scented local produce.

Try snorkeling or diving in Zanzibar at one of the atolls

Tanzania safaris
If you enjoy snorkeling or diving, Zanzibar has some excellent options. The best snorkeling beaches in Zanzibar may be found in the northeast, near Mnemba Atoll, and on the southwest coast. The conditions and visibility in these locations are excellent practically all year round, making Zanzibar a snorkeler's paradise. Year-round visibility is good, ranging between 10 and 30 meters.
Zanzibar is a scuba diver's ideal destination, surrounded by incredible underwater landscapes teeming with odd and amazing marine life. It is home to Africa's best underwater safari and some of the world's best dive locations, according to many professional divers.

The Freddie Mercury Museum

Tanzania safaris
Mercury House honors Freddie Mercury, the colorful Queen frontman, who was born Farrokh Bulsara in Zanzibar in 1946. The family's former home now houses a tiny museum dedicated to the island's most renowned son. At the museum in Stone Town, which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000, admirers can find faded family portraits, the first piano he ever played, and a collection of stage costumes.

Accommodations in Zanzibar

Located in the mighty Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is a wonderful destination with iconic beaches and splendid historical sites. The remains of old buildings and towns like the Old Fort in the Stone Town are the stunning remnants of ancient Arabian and Portuguese architectural designs. This spice island is home to World Heritage Site, Mji Mkongwe (a Swahili word for Old City). Dozens of attractions are found in this resort island including Jozani forest, Old Fort, the spices and many beaches. The spices dates back in the 14 century when the Portuguese passed over this magical islands. The easiest way to reach Zanzibar is by air. Zanzibar main airport, Kisauni Airport (ZNZ) receives over 2500 flights per month from around the world. Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) in Dar es Salaam is also an alternative airport. Boat transport is another alternative to air transport. However, this good for those coming from Dar es Salaam, Mombasa, Pemba, Unguja and other close place.

The majority of the tourist activities are water-related ones. Your visit will be rewarding, if you plan it between September and October simply because, it will allow you to observe many species due to the fact that during low cold season aquatic species can be seen easily. Such species include Humpback whales and sperm whales. Other water-related activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, canoeing and boat safaris. December to April is also a best and advised time for you to visit this exotic island. You will enjoy the views of many attractive marine species like Manta rays, largest sharks like Whale shark. However, you should not that heavy rains fall this season. Therefore, if you dislike rains plan your trip in the dry season which is in June to August.

Before you plan your trip to Zanzibar, you have to know about various accommodation facilities in this beautiful island. In Zanzibar, everybody has a freedom to choose a hotel is most quality. This always depends on the budget you plan to spend. In Zanzibar there are quality accommodations but with different prices. Luxurious accommodations have high prices. The highly priced facilities offer first-hand services to their customers. Budget facilities have low price and offer suitable services to their customers. They offer additional packages to attract many customers. Depending on the time you pay a visit to Zanzibar, prior booking is necessary to have your reserve in any accommodation. Zanzibar receives thousands of visitors per month. Therefore, you have to book before your arrival.

There are varieties of accommodations found in Zanzibar which are hotels, lodges, lounges, camps and dozens of resorts. All of accommodations above offer different amazing services like well-designed self-contained rooms, well prepared delicious food and drinks. They also offer settled open area for resting when you need especial at mid-day time to escape for sun rays, bars for drinking and dance halls for those who like to dance. Some hotels also offer tour guides who give you direction to all accessible places in this beautiful island. Most tour guides are well educated and have wonderful experience about various areas for tourist to learn and enjoy. The accommodations are directly situated either close to the old Stone Town or near splendid beaches. Here we have Exclusive Resorts and Boutique Bungalows.


These are luxurious facilities where visitors their time more private. Exclusive resorts are situated on small outer islands to maintain silence to their customers. These facilities are less crowded than the respective budget hotels.

Chumbe Island Coral Park Eco-Lodge: This luxurious resort is located on the Chumbe island in the western coast of Zanzibar. It has seven eco-bungalows which are equipped with bedrooms and sitting areas. This resorts organize guided nature walks, snorkeling and relaxing on beach. The cost of this eco-lodge is $455 per night.

The Manta Resort: This one is located in Pemba island. It is a perfect place for honeymooners as it offers extra privacy. This resort organizes activities like water sports. It also offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience of sleeping in a floating underwater room. You will be charged about $680 per head per night to stay in this resort.

The Manta Resort

Chole Mjini: Situated in the Mafia island, Chole Mjini is reachable by flying from Dar es Salaam. Mafia island is a magical island for snorkeling and diving. This resort has 7 wonderful house built using trees. The average price of this resort is $320 per head per night.

Asilia Mantemwe: Located in the northeast coast of Zanzibar, Asilia Mantemwe has three luxurious properties which are the Lodge, the Retreat and the Beach House. You can choose any facilities like 12 chalets, 4 villas and a 3-room residence. You will be pay about $300 per person per night.


These are smaller lodges that are slightly comfortable than budget lodges Boutique bungalows are easily affordable facilities but highly luxurious than common budget hotels. They are located close to the beaches and easily reachable from the Zanzibar Airport. Examples of Boutique Bungalows in Zanzibar include;

Shooting Star Lodge: This is situated very close to the beach. It has panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. There is a veranda for you to chill around there while witnessing the scenic views of the Indian Ocean. Other fittings include economic rooms and stunning gardens. The cost of accessing this lodge is $125 per head per night.

Pungwe Beach Hotel: It is located on an intimate on the northern-east coast of Zanzibar beach. White sandy beaches neighbor this magical hotel. You will be charged about $154 per head per night.

Zanzibar Retreat Hotel: You can also choose to chill on this hotel that is close to white coral beach. It has twelve rooms suited with own private balconies and executive sea view rooms. You will be charged about $80 per night.


These are superb hotels in the Stone Town are designed to reflect the appearance of ancient luxurious hotels. As I said earlier the architectural design of the Stone Town dates back to the Portuguese era, the hotels here are also built based on such architectural design.

Zanzibar Coffee House: This hotel was originally built in 1885 by the Arabian architect, Wazir for Sultan Said Bargash. It has been transformed with attractive interiors. It has four bedrooms, rich fabrics and cute furniture. This hotel charges about $80 per person per night

Zanzibar Palace Hotel: In the center of the Stone Town, Zanzibar Palace Hotel is a superb nine-room boutique hotel. Each room has unique ancient designs of the Arabs, Indians and Persian rugs. To access the services of this hotel, you will have to pay $98 per night.

Emerson On Hurumzi: This was once the home of the richest men in the Swahili empire, Emerson on Hurumzi. This hotel has airy rooms equipped with stone baths, ceiling fans along with modern facilities like flush toilets. This hotel costs about TSHS 578, 750 ($250)per night.

Emerson On Hurumzi

Other Accommodation Facilities

Park Hyatt Zanzibar: This is a luxury hotel whose services are operated by qualified members from Zanzibar and other nations. It offers delicious foods. It has features like restaurants, bar and fitness centers.

Hotel Riu Palace Zanzibar: It is the beautiful hotel with amazing services like food, drinks and a swimming pool area. In order to experience more services like these.

Melia Zanzibar: Is the hotel that has special and unique construction. It is constructed by using woods, well vanished with attractive colors that makes best view. The hotel has comfort rooms, restaurant, bar for drinks and other enjoyments. It is very close to ocean as it constructed above water level.

The Residence Zanzibar: This is one of the hotels with high price charges as it offers almost all of the luxurious services required. Anyone willing to enjoy all these luxuries,

Tembo House Hotel: It is a big Hotel that found near the coastal area of the Indian Ocean. It is a wonderful place to stay as it contains quality and comfortable rooms. It also offers good services like quality food, drinks along with other surprises that will make you happier to be there.

Amaan Beach Bungalows: This is a big resting part with a very cool surrounding environment. It supports most people who prefer cooled areas. It offers various quality services as food, drinks, quality rooms to stay. The hotel is also very affordable.

Knowing about magnificent accommodations in Zanzibar, is a step to be appreciated when planning your trip. This will help you prepare you budget well before stepping on the land of this magical island.

Activities in Zanzibar

Zanzibar island is one of the amazing tourist destinations with white beaches that are fit for leisure. Its also called honeymoon island which fits the honeymooners. There are several Activities in Zanzibar that guests can do to make their holiday memorable. The key Activities in Zanzibar include the following: Snorkeling tours, Scuba diving, Spice tour, Stone Town Tour, Sport Fishing, Visiting Jozani Forest, and Visit Prison Island.

How to get to Zanzibar

Zanzibar has been well developed for the transportation sector to make it easily accessible and connected from all over the world by having one of the best international airports in East Africa, Abeid Aman Karume International Airport, which has the capacity to hold all types of airplanes from all over the world. There are two methods of arriving at Zanzibar's tropical islands: by ferry or by plane. You can fly to both Unguja main island (also known as Zanzibar Island) and Pemba Island.

The best option of getting to Zanzibar is to fly into Zanzibar’s Aman Abeid Karume international airport, however if you can’t find direct flights from your country to Zanzibar Flying to Dar es Salaam or Nairobi in Kenya is the best option whether you're coming from the United Kingdom, Europe, or the United States as These two cities are East Africa's two largest travel centers, with several international aircraft lines. There are regular flights to Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam and Nairobi.

From the European Union: There are a number of frequent commercial flights from Europe to Zanzibar. Air Europe, Air Italy, Blue Panorama, Lauder Air, Livingstone Air, Noes, and other Italian and German airlines are among them.

Zanzibar Safaris Tours

Although there are no direct flights from London to Zanzibar or Dar es Salaam at this time, there are a number of choices via other international airports. A few airlines fly directly into Zanzibar, eliminating the need to change planes in Dar es Salaam. Qatar Airways has a lot of potential in this category. You can fly out of London Heathrow in the evening, change planes in Doha, and arrive in Zanzibar at 14.20 a.m. This could be a nice option if you want to avoid light aircraft flights.

Qatar Airways also flies to Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro, making combining a Zanzibar vacation with a Tanzania safari easy. Flights between Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar are available every day and are fairly frequent, departing every hour or two. The first flight departs Dar es Salaam at around 07.30 a.m., while the final flight departs at 18.00 p.m.

Flying to Zanzibar is also available from a number of other Tanzanian cities, including Arusha, Manyara, Ngorongoro, Ruaha, the Serengeti, the Selous, Pemba, and Mafia Island; all of these routes have daily flights. Most of these flights will require a stopover in Dar es Salaam, but the rapid connections make them excellent for adding a Zanzibar beach vacation to your Tanzania safari.

Ethiopian Airlines, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, Fly Dubai, and Kenya Airways all offer scheduled direct international flights to Zanzibar. Other airlines that fly to Dar es Salaam include the Royal Dutch Airline (KLM), British Air, Swiss Air, Egypt Air, Air France, Alliance Air, Emirates Air, Royal Swazi, Zambian Airways, and Air Zimbabwe. From there, you can connect to Zanzibar by sea or small local charters, some of which operate on a regular schedule. Precision Air, Zan Air, Coastal Travel, Tropical Air, Flight Link, and others are among them.

By water transport

After arriving in Dar es Salaam-Tanzania, you have the option of flying domestically or taking a boat to Zanzibar. If you prefer to travel by water, there are a variety of speedboats that run on a regular basis. Traveling by boat allows you to get up close and personal with the country's sights and sounds on an amazing voyage. Reservations and bookings can be made at the ports and in towns, or through a travel agent.

Taking a ferry from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar is the cheapest method to get there. Travel time between Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar varies based on the type of vessel used, but it might take up to 60 minutes.

Getting Around Zanzibar 

After arriving in Zanzibar, you have a variety of options for getting around the island. Dala-dala is main and kind of transport used by locals to get around/ connect different parts of Zanzibar. Take a dala-dala for an authentic local experience, These Jeepney-style vehicles have been adapted to accommodate approximately 20 people (although you might find them a little overcrowded and uncomfortable). You can take them to the north and south from Darajani Market in Stone Town, Zanzibar City, and Unguja.

There are no timetables for the dala-dalas, so you'll have to ask a local for directions. Some touts may try to take advantage of you by asking for your fare in advance and charging you a much higher price. A trip should not cost more than 2,000 Tanzania shillings, plus an additional 1,000 shillings if your bag has to be stored.

Taxis: Taxis can be reserved at major tourist destinations such as your hotel and the airport. If you require a car, inquire at the front desk. If you plan your trip through a tour operator, you can also request that they hire a private driver for you.

If you want to do some exploring on your own, hiring a car or motorcycle is an appealing alternative. A license is not required to rent a two-wheeler, but it is required to rent a car. On foot: If you plan on staying in Stone Town, you'll find that most places are walkable.