The Hidden History of Zanzibar’s Stone Town

The Hidden History of Zanzibar’s Stone Town : It is with no doubt that this is one of the great and historical city in east Africa. It is one among the big cities in the coastal region. Stone Town is the capital city of Zanzibar near the equatorial region which is not far from the hottest part of African mainland. This is one of the islands that rises from the Indian Ocean. It is the well decorated city having a lot of impressive and fascinating tourist attractions. The Stone Town consists the white snow of the Arabian palaces, the great Indian mansions, and the sandy beaches which are above the palm sway.

The Stone Town is well known as the great island of Zanzibar. It is also decorated with the great ancient mosques. Despite having narrow and small streets, the Stone Town holds the great and amazing historical background. There are various interesting historical facts about Stone Town which are considered as the hidden truth about the city.

The city is so attractive to tourist’s activities in Zanzibar and east Africa at large. It is with no doubt that it is impressing a lot of people to visit the place. The historical background of the city is standing still. The place has several modern streets which are very narrow and entwined to the extent that they are only good for walkers. The island is surrounded by various popular beaches on the opposite sides of the town. It is simply surrounded by beaches in every corner of its borders; on the east, west, north and the southern part. Frankly, the Stone Town is the only great town in the island having a lot of modern beaches that makes it impressive and attractive to visitors who visit the island.

The Hidden History of Zanzibar’s Stone Town
Stone town

Stone town is also the only town in the archipelago and it is said to be composed of about seventy five islands (75 islands). The rest of the place have various recreation areas as well as extended hamlets. Inside it there are various villages that are designed according to certain activities that are taking place around those villages and streets. For example, the fisher’s village of Shangani. The village is said to be existing far back during the twelfth century (12th century) when the natives built their city as they were practicing various economic activities including fishing. From that time, the island has been blessed with many visitors who helped also in its expansion.

The Shangani fishing village that were built by fishermen expanded their economic activities and from fishing to other trading activities that led to the construction the city, the stone town of today in all spheres of life. There are various buildings that were built in ancient times during the time when the city was known as the Shangani fishing village. These buildings have remained as ruins popularly known as stone walls that has led to the emergence of the Stone Town of today, The Hidden History of Zanzibar’s Stone Town

For a number of decades since its establishment, Zanzibar has been honored as one of the very beautiful cities in the world as a result of the Shangani fishing village that also grew under the great islands of Mafia and Kilwa islands. The two islands have the great history with Zanzibar Island and has contributed a lot to the emergence of the great city of Stone Town.

The town went on growing richer and larger and attracted various merchants from all over the world to visit the town and establish investments activities over the city. Currently, the city is full of goods from various places and it attracts visitors from all over the world to come and visit it. Also, various investors from Arabic states have been influenced a lot to invest in the city due to its climatic condition. The city is also marked as one of the expensive places to live in east Africa.

Generally, the island (Zanzibar) is one of the world’s best-known tropical islands with long, crowded history and a uniquely romantic atmosphere. Zanzibar is not only the crystal beaches but also the unique wildebeests of Tanzania’s Serengeti makes the holiday safari vacation more exciting. Zanzibar is a perfect visitor spot. It is well-known for its peaceful, perfect white beaches and beautiful coral reefs surrounding the relaxing island.