Things To Do In And Around Pangani

Things To Do In And Around Pangani : A town with a rich history, Pangani is clearly influenced by Arabian, Indian, and German cultures. Beautiful beaches with clear waters and stretches of mangroves surround the town. Pangani is a good option if you’re looking for a tranquil, serene, and relaxing vacation spot in Tanzania. There are many beach accommodations in and around the town, as well as a lot of interesting places to visit.


On the cliffs to the north of Pangani, archaeologists discovered the remains of small settlements from the fifteenth century. The city, however, was not well known until the 19th century. It developed into a crucial junction on the caravan routes from Lake Tanganyika under nominal Zanzibari rule. It was one of the biggest ports between Bagamoyo and Mombasa and a significant export hub for ivory and slaves. Plantations for copra and sisal were started nearby. And from here, a number of European missions and interior exploration expeditions started.

By the end of the 19th century, Tanga and Dar es Salaam had come into prominence. Pangani once again vanished into obscurity. Large sugar and coconut plantations were established here starting in the 1860s. Slaves were used to work on these because Pangani was a significant hub for the slave trade.

The sleepy, decaying town of today offers an interesting look into the past. Pangani’s residential structures, which combine Arab and European architectural styles, give at least a hint of the city’s past.


Pangani is a peaceful location to unwind and rest. It is located on the Indian Ocean and provides a variety of activities for visitors. It’s a pleasant location for beach activities, diving, and snorkeling excursions. In addition to fishing trips, the majority of the lodges offer kayaking, dhow rides, and windsurfing. It is possible to plan longer excursions like the one to Zanzibar Island, a cruise on the Pangani River, or even a trip further south to the recently established Saadani National Park.


Tanzania’s coast experiences a typical tropical weather pattern, with high temperatures and year-round rainfall, but with two significant seasonal peaks brought on by shifts in the equatorial winds brought on by the earth’s rotation with respect to the sun. The seasons with the least amount of rain and wind are generally regarded as being July/October and December/March.


In Pangani, there are lots of fun activities to participate in.  Here are some activities you can engage in in and around Pangani if you want to venture off the beaten path in Tanzania:

Take a tour of Pangani.

Pangani is essentially a laid-back town with historic homes lining the streets that offer a glimpse of both the Swahili culture of the locals and earlier colonial culture. You have the chance to learn about Swahili culture and engage in various activities with the locals during a tour of the town. The local market, streets, and interesting historical sites near the water can all be explored.

Snorkeling at Maziwe Island Marine Reserve

The oldest marine reserve in Tanzania is on Maziwe Island, which is about 15 miles off the coast of Pangani. Visit the island by boat and go snorkeling around the coral reefs that surround it. The marine reserve is home to close to 400 different fish species, several underwater plantations, and coral reefs. The waters around Maziwe Island are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or simply lazing around and listening to the waves. You might have the island to yourself if you’re lucky.

Visit Ushongo Beach.

About 8 kilometers outside the village of Pangani, Ushongo is a little-known beach that is tucked away from Tanzania’s coast. It is a serene location with white sand beaches, lush palm trees, and clear Indian Ocean water. It’s the perfect location to simply unwind and take a break while on vacation in Tanzania.

Things To Do In And Around Pangani
Ushongo Beach

There aren’t any stores or markets nearby, and the beach is about three kilometers long. Therefore, when visiting the beach, you must bring some packed food or snacks from Pangani village or from the lodges. The Tides Lodge, a complex of bungalows and suites built on the secluded beach, is the ideal place to stay for a perfect vacation on Ushongo Beach. The Ushongo Bach offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including ocean kayaking and paddling through mangroves.

Saadani National Park Safari

Saadani National Park, which is situated on Tanzania’s north coast, is the only wildlife refuge in the area with a beachfront on the Indian Ocean. In a fascinating setting, it offers the best of both worlds: the bush and the sea. The wildlife reserve is home to a variety of creatures, including waterbucks, hippos, yellow baboons, and four of the Big Five.

 The park offers a variety of activities, including fishing, bird watching, and boat rides on the Wami River. You’ll see breathtaking beaches with palm-tree-lined, crystal-clear Indian Ocean waters. The beaches in Saadani are the primary breeding grounds for sea turtles, especially green turtles, who lay their eggs there.

The Green Turtle Experience in Maziwe

Maziwe Marine Reserve, which is on the outskirts of Pangani, is one of Tanzania’s top turtle nesting locations. You can learn about the reproduction habits of these critically endangered green turtles and visit their nesting grounds here. This reserve helps educate visitors about these turtles by having about 100 turtles lay eggs there each year.

Cycling Tours

In and around Pangani, there are many cycling routes where you can go on adventures. You can cycle to Mwera, the German fort, and the sisal plantations of Kikokwe. The Pemba channel in Mkoma, the old German warship, the Mwanaunguja corals, and Ushongo beach can all be seen and heard by cycling there.