The Five Most Important Words to Know When Visiting Zanzibar

The Five Most Important Words to Know When Visiting Zanzibar : Yes, Zanzibar is the ideal place in Africa for a honeymoon safari, and coming there or discovering it is like entering a true paradise on Earth. We all know that life is short and that there are a lot of things to see and do, so it would be wise to start living today. Waiting for retirement or the ideal moment to act is pointless. Now is the time to live.

Marrakesh. Casablanca. Zanzibar and Havana What do all of these far-flung places have in common? They do have names that make you dance. You can taste, hear, and touch them in a split second. With the scent of cigar smoke and the sound of salsa, Havana is sweet-smelling. Hookah smoke and the hustle of the vegetable markets fill Marrakesh. What about Zanzibar, though? When you hear that term, what do you see, smell, and taste? I see turquoise when I look at things. I see sugary beaches, crazily blue water, and fried fish for supper. My snorkel fins serve as my alarm clock while I wiggle sand between my toes. I envision, smell, and hear the sounds of heaven when I think of Zanzibar, The Five Most Important Words to Know When Visiting Zanzibar.


One of Earth’s most wonderful locales is the Zanzibar archipelago, in all honesty. Zanzibar likewise seems to promote a “do nothing” attitude, despite the fact that this island chain off the coast of Tanzania offers a wealth of activities. You can arrive and engage in activities like scuba diving, kayaking, tours of spice farms, and excursions to Stone Town for the entire day every day, The Five Most Important Words to Know When Visiting Zanzibar.

 Alternatively, you might leave as soon as your plane lands and head straight for the beach with nothing planned but a book and some suntan lotion.  It’s up to you. Adaptability is Zanzibar’s greatest asset. Zanzibar is flexible and can meet all needs and it’s simply stunning. The following five words should be committed to memory in order to focus any Zanzibar agenda because these islands meet you exactly where you are:



There’s a good possibility that any mention of “the Spice Islands” refers to Zanzibar. Why? These islands were founded by Omani Arabs in the late 18th century, and they rapidly began to cultivate acres of spices, beginning with cloves, which made the islands a major center for the international spice trade. Vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves are some of the famous spices in Zanzibar and if you sign up for a spice tour, you can sample each of these powerful spices. Oh, and a little secret: spices make wonderful and portable gifts for loved ones.

  1. DHOW

These magnificent, traditional sailing boats, which are pronounced “dow” and rhyme with “cow,” can be found all around Zanzibar. They are long, slender wooden boats with Arab engineering. Dhows have been used for transportation and cargo on Zanzibar for a long time because the island is 98% Muslim. Wacky fact? The tallest dhow in the world, 33 feet tall and nearly 300 feet long, was just constructed in Dubai. The majority of dhows in Zanzibar are compact and cozy, perfect for a private sunset trip, The Five Most Important Words to Know When Visiting Zanzibar.


Not only are there world-class beaches on Zanzibar, but there are also thriving urban centers like Stone Town that have been certified by UNESCO. Considering its complicated history of the slave trade and colonial charades, the island’s capital city is a must-see. Plan a trip to Stone Town and spend some time navigating the Darajani Market, which is the city’s beating heart. It literally overflows with fabrics, dried fish, and spices wrapped in burlap. Make sure to leave space in your luggage for gifts because Zanzibari shop owners are very kind and will appreciate your business.

The Five Most Important Words to Know When Visiting Zanzibar
Darajani Market

Without the clear Indian Ocean that surrounds it and everything that exists below the surface, Zanzibar would not be the popular tourist destination that it is today. Zanzibar’s coastline waters are home to over 500 different types of marine life, and the year-round temperature hovers around 80 degrees, making it feel like a hot tub. So. Good. You may go diving or snorkeling with blue-spotted rays, bottlenose dolphins, and countless other animals at Mnemba Atoll. Oh, and did I mention that it is a place where endangered green sea turtles lay their eggs?


The results of an unofficial search for the world’s most stunning Zanzibar beaches are in, and Zanzibar takes the top spot. You’re sure to find your own little piece of paradise wherever you choose to stay on the islands. Since Focus East Africa Tours has been researching the best accommodations on Zanzibar for years, we frequently suggest Nungwi Beach, which has been named one of the Top 100 Beaches in the World and is also one of the island’s most swimmable beaches.

Main Points? It would be imprudent not to schedule some “dhow-n” time in Zanzibar if you intend to travel to Tanzania for a wildlife safari or to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. The infrastructure is well-established, flights are inexpensive, and Focus East Africa Tours can quickly create a customized island trip according to your preferences. You have an option between Stone Town and stand-up paddle surfing, spice hunting and scuba diving, or just books and suntans.

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