The Ultimate Guide To Vegetarian And Vegan Food In Tanzania Safari

The Ultimate Guide To Vegetarian And Vegan Food In Tanzania Safari : Contrary to popular belief, Tanzania is a vegetarian hotspot. That is, of course, if you count the numerous intelligent herbivores that roam the Tanzanian wilderness, such as the millions of wildebeest, the tens of thousands of Thompson and Grant gazelles, and each and every zebra, giraffe, and another intelligent mammal. It might seem like a paradise of plants.

Without these plants and the animals that depend on them, Tanzania would not be the same. For example, if new grass didn’t keep sprouting up every season, there wouldn’t have been a Great Migration. Both our safaris and our planet are sustained by plants.

But is it possible to survive solely on plants while visiting Tanzania on your bucket list? What are the options available for a plant-based diet in this situation for those worried about the moral, environmental, and/or health effects of a diet high in meat? Can you live off of plants alone in Tanzania? The quick response is yes.

 The following overview should not only be for ardent vegetarians but also for dieters and those with a delicate palate, whether they be herbivores or omnivores, who want to know their options while traveling/ In a Tanzania safari .


First of all, the nation is bursting with delectable. What has emerged is an intersecting smorgasbord of spices and flavors as a result of East Africa’s long, complex history of tribal and colonial ebbings and flows.

 It might be simpler to find ugali, a national favorite made of cornmeal, than bread, bananas, and beer put together. This food is readily available and delicious. Mounds of ugali, soup, sides of vegetables and fruit, and yes, meat—goat, fish, or chicken—could be found on any typical Tanzanian meal.

A quick note on cultural etiquette

Eating meat can be a sign of status for many Tanzanians. Most Tanzanians want to be able to afford meat, and many of them will eat it if they can. In fact, tribes like the Maasai have relied primarily on cow products like milk, meat, and blood for millennia.

Vegetarian (or vegan) on Tanzania safari? No problem

Vegetarians and vegans can easily be accommodated on Focus East Africa trips. Experienced chefs and collaborating kitchens will serve delectable menus, both traditional and western, at our lodges and bush camps, and they always include vegetarian (and/or vegan) options. Any dietary restrictions can be accommodated with sufficient advance notice. Just inform us!

 To make sure you get enough nutrients while you’re away, we encourage you to bring some of your favorite plant-based protein sources from home. You shouldn’t let focus slip because days on a safari or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro can be lengthy, intense, and forever transformative.


Ugali – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this stuff is everywhere. Truckloads of it are scooped, dipped, and consumed all over the nation. Dig in because it’s what powers the nation.

Maharage, a staple of Tanzanian cuisine, are red kidney beans that can be served spicy or savory and cooked in coconut milk (drooling). They are typically served with chapatti or, you guessed it, ugali (more drooling).

The Ultimate Guide To Vegetarian And Vegan Food
The Ultimate Guide To Vegetarian And Vegan Food

The dish Pilau, which is a favorite in Tanzania, was originally created in India but is spiced up more in Tanzania. If you have a problem with restaurants frequently using chicken broth to prepare Pilau, please let our Focus East Africa Tours staff know ahead of time so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables are readily available in Tanzanian markets and roadside stands, along with cashews, eggs, and other non-meat proteins. Keep in mind the saying, “If you can’t peel, boil, or cook it, forget it!”

Indian food, Due to an influx of Indian traders in the 19th century, there are currently over 50,000 Tanzanians of Indian descent living there. You should seek out some of these Indian eateries if you’re a vegetarian, especially in bigger cities like Arusha. Simply put, vegetarian dining has been perfected in Indian cuisine.


It is entirely feasible to travel to Tanzania as a vegetarian. There are plenty of plant protein sources, fresh fruits, and vegetables to make it work with a little flexibility and imagination. Just let us know in advance if you have any dietary restrictions so that we can accommodate you.