Paje Beach

Paje Beach is one of Zanzibar’s most idealistic, quiet, and distinctive locales and natural beauty spots. Paje is a beautiful white-sand beach, Locals such as seaweed growers, fishermen riding to work, and Masaai will largely share the beach with you. Paje is a picturesque town with a white-sand beach and warm, clear water. Kiteboarding is very popular in this area. Aside from a few luxury establishments, the beach is gorgeous and secluded. Take a kite out on the blue lake with water sports enthusiasts for a fantastic experience.

Paje Beach, on the southeast coast, features everything a beautiful beach should have: huge expanses of white sand, palm trees swinging in the air, blue waters, and spectacular sunsets. Paje is a serene and quiet beach bordered on one side by a tiny town, making it a nice contrast to the busier, more developed beaches in Zanzibar’s north.

Paje is known for its long sandy beach, shallow waters, and windy weather all year. Some could call it a kite surfer’s paradise. Paje is an excellent base for exploring Zanzibar Island and the surrounding archipelago. Paje is close to historical attractions, cultural landmarks, and hidden bays that make for the ideal romantic meal. Paje also boasts some fantastic beach bars and nightlife, with live music several nights per week. If you want to meet new people while sipping drinks, this is the place to go.


Paje Beach
Paje Beach

The superb kitesurfing conditions drive amateur and professional kite surfers from all over the world to Paje Beach. In addition, the clear, warm waters are ideal for scuba diving, with turtles, starfish, trumpet fish, moray eels, and other colorful marine species inhabiting the offshore reefs. Locals may also be seen harvesting seaweed at Paje beach during low tide, which is used to create soap by a women’s cooperative. The soap is wrapped in banana leaf and sold in local shops; purchasing a bar or two is a terrific way to help the community in the long run, and the natural ingredients are great for your skin.

Where is Paje located?

Paje lies on the island of Zanzibar, which can simply be described as Indian Ocean amazingness, it is located off the coast of Tanzania. Paje is a huge, long strip of white sand on the east coast of this wonderful island, surrounded on one side by a tiny settlement and a collection of beachfront lodging services and eateries, and on the other by blue waters. Paje is quickly becoming a hotspot for water sports due to its large tidal range and frequent breezes.

When is it best time visit Paje?

Tanzania has a monsoon climate with plenty of sunshine. The months from June to late October is the best time to visit Paje as these are the driest months and also it is a great time to visit tanzania safari parks for wildlife.

How to Get to Paje?

To go to Paje, you must first travel to Zanzibar, Tanzania and land in Abeid Aman Karume International Airport. This can be accomplished by an expensive flight from a variety of African or European places or a less expensive ferry from Dar es Salaam to Stone Town. After landing to Zanzibar, You can either take a private taxi or two local buses from Stone Town to Paje. Local buses in Tanzania are known as dala dalas, and the term can refer to anything from a new-looking minivan to an ancient, open-air pick-up truck.

If you take the dala dala option to get to Paje, you’ll have to change vehicles just outside of Stone Town, but this is simple and there’s always someone to point the way for the lost tourist.


On the island of Zanzibar, there is so much to do. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and, of course, kite surfing on the famous Paje Beach are all must-do activities. Take in the history of Stone Town; learn about spices; visit Jozani Forest to see the red colobus monkeys; eat at one of the many restaurants along the East Coast; or relax in a pool bed with a book.

Paje is famed for its water sports, particularly great scuba diving. In fact, if you’re wanting to dive in Zanzibar, Paje is the place to go. You will be able to see turtles, starfish, trumpet fish, moray eels, and octopus, among a plethora of other colorful aquatic species in the clear, warm seas. In addition to scuba diving, Paje offers exceptional surfing and excellent kitesurfing.

Snorkeling, spend a day on the water and swim in the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar is one of East Africa’s most popular snorkeling spots, with an abundance of colorful marine life all year.

Scuba Diving, Zanzibar is known for having the best scuba diving in East Africa, with thousands of diverse marine species. Sea turtles, Blue Spotted Rays, schools of barracuda, lion fish, moray eels, tuna, sailfish, and angelfish, to name a few, may all be found in the warm Indian blue waters, coral reefs, and sandbanks. Whale sharks and humpback whales move through the area twice a year, and dolphin pods are also seen.

Kitesurfing, Paje is ideal for kite surfing, with waist-deep turquoise warm waters, stretches of beautiful white beach, and tropical winds. Paje has become a global kite surfing destination and is one of the most accessible places to learn. Paje is an ideal destination for both Beginners, intermediates, and advanced kite surfers.

Paje Beach
Paje Beach

Relax, if you’ve had your fill of the watersports and adventure activities available at Paje Beach Apartments and want to unwind, there is pool beds with views of the Indian Ocean where you can watch others have a good time while sipping a cool beverage.

Game Fishing, Zanzibar has some of the best deep sea fishing in the Indian Ocean, with opportunities to catch marlin, barracuda, kingfish, yellowfin tuna, dorado, and other big game fish.

Dolphin Watching, Set sail to see dolphins in their natural habitat around Kizimkazi’s shallow coast. Although seeing dolphins isn’t always assured, leaping pods of bottlenose and humpback dolphins are extremely common.

Blue Safari Tour, Spend a full day sandbar hopping on a comfortable sailing boat, snorkeling over two reefs, relaxing on a large powdery sandbank in the middle of the ocean, sailing to a mangrove lagoon through a narrow coral entrance to find and enjoy a natural swimming pool, and passing through the Menai Bay marine protected area.

 Food and Beverage, You can visit a variety of bars, restaurants, and cafes on Paje Beach. Take a walk along the beach and you’ll find food to suit all preferences. From freshly caught seafood to pizza, pasta, and burgers, there’s something for everyone. Don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian or vegan; there are plenty of recipes that will appeal to you. For the more adventurous eater, traditional Swahili cuisine is available.

Night Life, after a day of kitesurfing, scuba diving, or sunbathing in the crystal clear ocean and white sand beaches, relax even more by checking out Paje’s bustling nightlife. Everything is here for you to discover, from beverages to DJs spinning tunes to local artists performing traditional music.