Nungwi beach

Nungwi beach is among the white sand beaches of Zanzibar and it is found on the north western part of the island. There is a lot to explore and experience when visiting Nungwi beach in Zanzibar and you can also relax by the turquoise waters. In Nungwi there are white sand beaches, five star resorts and many activities to engage in during a tour.

Different types of tourists can visit Nungwi beach during tours to Zanzibar including families, solo travellers, groups and couples among others.

Among the reasons to visit Nungwi beach during a  Zanzibar tour is that the temperatures are warm all year round and the best time of the year to go to the beach is during the dry season from June, July, August, September and October.

Nungwi beach
Nungwi beach

Nungwi beach also has amazing views of the sunset for you to enjoy when in Zanzibar. You can also enjoy drinks while watching the sunset and another way to watch the sunset is taking part in a dhow cruise which is offered by the locals.

The other activity to enjoy when visiting Nungwi beach is visiting the Mnarani aquarium is the home to the Marine turtle conservation lagoon. The turtles which are found at the lagoon are brought in for rehabilitation and are injured in ways such as being caught up in fish nets, hurt by boats or are ill. When visiting the aquarium in Nungwi, you can watch the turtles swimming in a pond.

After the turtles have been taken care of and have recovered they are released. Turtle eggs found by the beach are also brought to the Nungwi aquarium for hatching. When visiting Nungwi beach, this activity can be carried out by anybody including children.

The Nungwi aquarium was opened as a turtle shelter around 1993 and it protects these turtles. Different species of turtles which are of different ages and shelters are found at the turtle shelter. The entrance fees paid at the aquarium go towards funding a project for the local children and raising awareness of the importance of preserving turtles. Some of the turtle species which are found at the Nungwi aquarium include hawksbill turtles, giant tortoises, green sea turtles among others.

When visiting Nungwi you can also visit the different bars around the beach and enjoy the night life. Some of the bars or hangout spots around Nungwi include Cholo’s bar which is also the oldest bar in the village and you can also visit Mangi’s bar which is a popular bar on the island.

Another way to experience the beauty of Nungwi beach is trying the different cuisines on the island. Tasting the local cuisine from the restaurants around Nungwi is exciting and you can go to restaurants that have a number of dishes and also including international dishes. Visiting the local market is another way to get a taste of the food on the island.

Nungwi beach
Nungwi beach

Dhow cruises are also carried out around Nungwi beach and they are done on the Indian ocean. The dhows are also used by the local fishermen to catch fish and other sea food which is later sold at the fish market. Dhow building is also carried out in Nungwi and you can also engage in a tour and learn how to make the dhows which takes about 2 hours. The dhows are built by hand in Nungwi.

In Zanzibar island, the dhows have been used over the years during trade carried out along the Indian ocean. Today during tours around Zanzibar island, dhows are used to go to different places on the island in the morning and also in the evening when sunrise cruises and sunset cruises are done during tours around Zanzibar island.

Walks around Nungwi village are also carried out when visiting Zanzibar island and this activity involves interactions with the locals. During the village walks, you can also go to the local market, try out different local cuisines, and get to know about the different spices grown on the island like cinnamon, nutmeg as well as cloves. When taking part in the village walks, tourists are encouraged to dress decently as a way of respecting the local culture.

Water sports can also be carried out when visiting Nungwi and they include diving, snorkeling, kite surfing among others. Lessons are also organized and the place where snorkeling and diving is best done in Zanzibar is Mnemba island.

Nungwi beach is among the popular beaches of Zanzibar island and other beaches which can be visited around the island include Kendwa beach, Bwejuu beach, Michamvi beach, Jambiani beach, Kiwengwa beach, Matemwe beach, Paje beach among others which are found on different parts of the island. The closest beach to Nungwi beach is Kendwa beach which is about 3 kilometers away.

How to get to Nungwi beach

Nungwi beach can be accessed by flight to Abeid Amani Karume international airport which is the only airport on the island and another way to get to Zanzibar island to go to Nungwi is by taking a ferry from Dar es Salaam.

You can get to Nungwi beach by taking a dala dala from Stone town which are public means of transport and another way to get to the beach is by taking private means from Stone town.

When in Zanzibar other activities can be carried out including dolphin tours, spice tours, swimming, snorkeling, and diving, cultural tours among others.

Visit Nungwi and enjoy taking part in numerous activities throughout the year as you explore Zanzibar island.