Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the top tourists Uganda safari destination located in the western part of the country with several beautiful terrains including volcanic craters, woodlands acacia, savannah grasslands, swamps, and tropical forest. The park was created in 1952 by that time to was still called Kazinga Channel National Park later in 1954 was changed to Queen Elizabeth after Queen visited Uganda. More so, Queen Elizabeth national park is situated in the western part of Uganda surrounded by several districts including Kamwenge, Kasese, Rukungiri, and Rubirizi. However, it is approximately a 5 to 6 hours’ drive from Southwest Kampala the capital city’’ Uganda’’.

More so, the park is the second largest game drive in Uganda measuring about 1978 square kilometers which are habitant to the diversity of; African Leopard, Lion, Chimpanzees, Buffaloes, Nile Crocodiles, and Kob and extends its land to Lake Edward, Lake George, Kazinga channels among others. The park is home to over 95 mammal species and about 600 bird species.

Queen Elizabeth National Park’s most attractions are the famous tree-climbing lions which can be adventured in Ishasha sectors. In the world, there are few places to see the rare tree-climbing lions –Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania.  Animal species to see include; buffaloes, elephants, Bush bucks, waterbucks, bush pigs, warthogs, hippopotami, and reedbucks among others. primates to see include; chimpanzees, Olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabey, and red-tailed as well as beautiful butterflies.

The park is hoven for birders and birding is best done in the wet season when food is in plenty birds to see includes; Heuglin’s gull, Pink-backed pelican, Great blue turaco, Caspian plover, Broad-billed roller, Common sand martin, Pell’s Fishing –Owl, Caspian plover, Broad –billed roller, Black-rumped buttonquail, Yellow-bellied wattle-eye, Spotted redshank, Western banded snake eagle, Rufous-bellied heron, Palm-nut vulture among others.

Activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Game drives; This is one of the most exciting activities that travelers choose to engage in while on their safaris, which are conducted in open savannah grasses. The game drive is recommended to use a 4×4 wheel drive vehicle that allows you to explore various animals such as lions, leopards, buffalos, elephants, and antelopes among others.

Birding; This is an interesting activity in the park done on different walking trails that allows you to spot some of the endemic and migratory bird species which can be seen in different areas such as African wattled plover Crowned plover Senegal Plover Hooded Vulture, Griffon Vulture, Brown snake Eagle, Wahlberg’s Eagle, long –created Eagle, Martial Eagle, Grey Kestrel, Africa crake, Lappet Faced Vulture among others.

Chimpanzee Trekking; This is one of the most done activities in the park after the game drive which is carried out in Kyambura gorge home to various chimpanzees and other primates. The activity starts early in the morning with a briefing at the park headquarters. After the park ranger guide will allocate you to a chimpanzee family which can take 30 to 5 hours to find them. Once you find them one hour is given to you to spend with them and observe as you learn chimps behave, feed, playing among others. Other primate species to see while trekking includes; red-tailed monkeys, olive baboons, white colobus monkeys, and red Columbus monkeys, and some birds to see include; greater and lesser flamingoes, African skimmer, papyrus canary, White-tailed lark, papyrus gonolek veered eagle owl lesser, shoebill Chapin’s flycatcher among others.

Boat Cruise; This activity is done along Kazinga Channel which links to Lake George and Lake Edward and attracts a large number of animals and water birds which are easily spotted while the boat cruise such species to see includes; crocodiles, a large number of hippos, Nile Lizards and other animals can be seen along water banks such as buffalos, elephants, the Uganda kobs among others.

Photography and Filming; This is an exciting experience where tourists can enjoy capturing and filming for future remembrance. Filming tours can also be done in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. While on a filming tour into the park expect to see herds of elephants, bushbucks, kobs, and waterbucks among others.

Queen Pavilion; This is another stunning attraction that travelers can’t miss out on a Uganda safari to the park. It is a great spotting point for tourists who enjoy photography while in the park because of its amazing history.

Queen Elizabeth National Park
Tree Climbing Lions

Where to stay in Queen Elizabeth National Park

There are no worries about where to stay while on safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park which ranges from Luxury, Mid-range, and Budget accommodation.

Luxury Accommodation; Mweya Safari lodge, Elephant plains lodge.

Mid-range Accommodation; Buffalo safari lodge Marafiki safari lodge.

Budget Accommodation; Simba safari camp, Tembo safari lodge, Engiri game lodge, and campsite

How to access Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park can easily be reached either by air or by road.

By Road

Drive from Kampala through the Mbarara-Masaka highway that makes a different stopover at the equator in Masaka, Mpambire drum makers. Driving takes about 5 to 6 hours to the main destination.

By Air

Travelers can visit the park by booking charter flights from Entebbe to Queen Elizabeth by Aerolink or Bar Aviation a domestic flight landing at Mweya and Kasese airstrip, it is reliable and quite safe.