Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park located in western Uganda is the smallest savannah national park in the country sitting on 370 square kilometers of land.

This park is home to the famous lake Mburo and is named after the lake is Between 1,220 to 1,828 meters above sea level. Apart from Lake Mburo, the park is home to other 13 lakes that are in the same area.

When we talk about wildlife lake Mburo National Park has about 35 animal species, zebras topping that list. The park is a habitat for the largest number of zebras in Uganda about 5000 individuals. Other animals in the park are Topis, antelopes, water bucks, Rothschild’s giraffe and others.

When it comes to birds, the park is home to up to 350 bird species, some birds being wetland birds. The wetlands make up to 20% of the park’s surface area.

Outside the fauna, the park is a good nature park having a number of walking trails that can be trekked including Kazuma Trail and Ruroko Trail.

Lake Mburo National Park
Lake Mburo National Park

So, you can say that trail walking is an activity to be done in this park.

The other activities in this park are the

  • game drives that take you into the park to see the numerous animals in the park.
  • Bird watching, which is done with the game drives, but with a focus on just the birds.
  • Boat rides on Lake Mburo, where you enjoy the scenery of the park and the wildlife while on the water. Lake Mburo offers some of the most exciting boat rides in the nation. In fact, if you are looking for game drives. Lake Mburo is the place for you.
  • Nature walks to refresh and just enjoy the park. This is a small park so a walk in and around the park is just refreshing.
  • This park also has horses for fun, so you can also have horseback riding experiences while there.
  • guided night walks that give you a chance to see nocturnal creatures in the park. They are not many but the walks are worth it.
  • Some people take educational walks in the park to learn about the park’s vegetation and other features. Lake Mburo National Park has unique vegetation, medicinal plants, and assorted tree species among others.

All these activities are done while year in the park, as it is open to the public all year round with the best time to visit always the dry season between June and August, and between December and February.

Like all the other parks in Uganda, Lake Mburo National Park is managed and maintained by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). This means to visit it you have to go through the USA or a tour operator.

On top of being a safari destination, Lake Mburo National Park is a wildlife

conservation hub that does a lot of conservation work like protecting endangered species, community sensation on animal protection and rights, and the restoration of animal habitats.

When people visit the park, they like to explore the different entries that include but are not limited to the Nshara Gate and the Sanga Gate. These entrances both offer unique experiences for the park visitors.

To enter this park, you have to pay park fees either online or physically at the entrance or through the tour operator.

When you pay the park fees, you are also supporting the local communities around as 20% of the park’s entrance fee is used to fund local community projects in the surrounding area.