Kidepo valley national park

kidepo valley national park is one of the most famous national parks in Uganda with a wide range of fauna and flora to sight while on its venture, kidepo valley national park is of a landscape that extends to 1442km squared.

Kidepo valley national parks altitude ranges from 914m above the sea level on the valley floor about 2750m of mountain morungole, as know kidepo valley is situated in the north east of Uganda, close by the borders of south Sudan and Kenya.

Coming to the realization that kidepo valley national park is an enthralling place of semi-arid savanna with seasonal rivers and low mountains. Sightseers accept of the beauty that was created within it.

Kidepo valley national park being in a remote area makes it’s the most isolated national park in the country but this does not mean that the park is not one of the most famous national parks.

The Kidepo valley and Narus Rivers glide through the savannah landscape in the rainy season and disappear in the dry season and this comes in as a fact that the area is best visited during the dry season In contrast, animals are more difficult to locate during the wet season since they leave the valleys for higher ground, where sightings are lower though kidepo valley national park can still be visited at any time of the year.

There are facts that kidepo valley national park is the third largest national park and contains greater biodiversity, kidepo valley national park has got a number of fauna to sight.

Kidepo valley national park has some of the loveliest fauna to sight and some of these carry different people to come and venture the park in its fullness.

Kidepo is home to over 77 mammal species and the park offers great occasions for game viewing. 20 species of predator are current, including lion, leopard, and spotted hyena and if you want to sight black-backed jackal, bat-eared fox, aardwolf, cheetah, and caracal just have a visit at kidepo valley national park.

Inside kidepo valley national park the elephant population is over 650 buffalo are estimated to exceed 10,000, and there are over 50 Rothschild’s giraffes, an internationally important population.

In case you are a bird lover is certain that there are over 470 species. 60 of these are recorded in no other national park in Uganda apart from inside kidepo valley national park.

What is most fascinating about the birds in the park is that East Africa’s population of Clapper ton’s francolin and the rose-ringed parakeet are found only in Kidepo valley national park.

Kidepo valley national park is also the only place in Uganda where bird enthusiasts can encounter the majestic Common Ostrich, there are 56 species of raptor, and the park’s vultures are thriving and all these are basic reasons for all bird lovers to have venture in kidepo valley national park.

With more fascinating creatures in kidepo valley national are the zebras that graze on the plains and both greater and lesser kudu roam around the thick bush. Prosperous voyagers may even grasp a white-eared kob, more usually grasped in South Sudan and Ethiopia.

There are various ways to get to kidepo valley national park and some of the way could be you going through a Safari tour company which will arrange each and every thing for you to have a good and safe adventure in the area and this is most possible.

kidepo valley can in other wards be located by road and in this case this comes in when on a sole venture, drive from Murchison Falls which takes 7 hours or less on the sealed road. Some visitors choose to break up the journey by spending a night near Sipi Falls. Kampala is located 571km from Kidepo. The 10-hour drive from Kampala via Gulu and Kitgum is a demanding journey and few people choose this route.

Kidepo valley national park
Kidepo valley national park

Other ventures choose the use of air transport; kidepo valley national park can be got to through the help of light aircraft companies flying into the airstrip close to Apoka and from there you can continue to the park.

But in order to avoid these entire one can go through tour Operator for a best and marvel adventures they can help arrange for you all the necessary items and accommodations due to the fact that here are only two lodges and a government rest camp available. These two factors, along with the relatively high cost of reaching the park, have combined to keep visitor numbers low.

But these can be budgeted for you according to your own budget of the adventure and can easily do this for you anytime you make a booking for the adventure with the tour company.