Zanzibar Wildlife

Zanzibar wildlife is one of the different attractions in Zanzibar which travelers can enjoy when visiting on Zanzibar holidays. Zanzibar wildlife includes the endangered Pemba flying fox considered as the largest bat species in the world, among so many other animals in Zanzibar. Zanzibar Island is a beautiful archipelago with so much to offer to tourists who visit on Zanzibar holidays, asides the Zanzibar beaches and fine white sand beaches. Zanzibar Island is beyond the turquoise blue waters and magnificent Indian Ocean views. There are a number of attractions and activities in Zanzibar Island which you get to enjoy.

Zanzibar wildlife includes vervet monkeys, tortoises, bush crabs, vervet monkeys, among so many others. The various wildlife in Zanzibar wildlife consists of terrestrial and marine flora and fauna, found all throughout the Zanzibar Island. The Zanzibar Island has a diversity of vegetation, including coastal forests, ocean and so much more all of which inhabit a variety of wildlife in Zanzibar. Zanzibar wildlife is often small species like small animals, birds, reptiles and butterflies. Below are some of the Zanzibar wildlife you shall see while o Zanzibar holidays;

Zanzibar Leopard

Zanzibar leopards are one of the various Zanzibar wildlife that travelers would see while on Zanzibar holidays. Since 1995 however, Zanzibar leopards have not been sighted that they have been declared extinct. Zanzibar leopards are believed to have evolved from the African leopards, which are still a common sight n mot protected Tanzania national parks. Zanzibar leopards got extinct due to the poaching and hunting down of the Zanzibar leopard by locals who found them troublesome and dangerous.

Zanzibar Wildlife
Zanzibar Leopard

Red Colobus Monkeys

Red colobus monkeys are one of the most seen Zanzibar wildlife species, especially seen in Unguja Island of Zanzibar. Red colobus monkeys are endangered species, and are thus one of the conservation priorities in Zanzibar.

Pemba Flying Fox

Pemba flying fox is one of the wildlife in Zanzibar, considered a threatened species found in the subtropical mangrove forests in various areas of Zanzibar Island. Pemba flying foxes are a type of fruit bats, considered as the largest of all fruit bats.

Blue Syke’s Monkey

One of primates in Zanzibar that you may see while on your Zanzibar holiday is the Blue Sykes’s monkey. The Blue Skye’s monkey is also referred to as the White throated monkey, only found in Zanzibar Island, South Africa, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Blue Skye’s monkey can easily be seen in mangrove forests in Zanzibar, grasslands, as they get a variety of food. Blue Skye’s monkeys feed on plans and animals.

Aders’ Duiker

The Aders’ duiker is a forest dwelling animal, almost similar to a moll deer. Aders’ duiker can be found all throughout the Zanzibar Island, as well as along the coast pf Kenya. Aders’ duikers feed on fruits, flowers. Given they are land dwelling animals, their main predators are the Feral dogs.

Zanzibar Wildlife
Aders’ Duiker


Chameleon’s are a common sight in Zanzibar. Chameleons like the Meller chameleon also known as giant one-horned chameleon.

Coconut Crab

Coconut crabs are large hermit crabs. Coconut crab are also known as palm seeds and robber crabs. Coconut crabs are the largest arthropods living on land. Coconut crabs have lungs and not gills, thus able to live on land. Coconut crabs have a very strong sense of smell helping them detect food very large acres of land. Coconut crabs live for 40-60 years.

Other Zanzibar wildlife that you can see while on Zanzibar holidays include tortoises, dik-dik, green turtles, humpback, lobsters, manta rays, marsh mongoose, feral pigs, hyrax, bush baby, moray eels, dolphins, red-knobbed starfish, among so many others.

Zanzibar Island is more than the white sand beaches, turquoise blue waters, beautiful oceanic views, with a number of marine parks and forests from which travelers can see a variety of wildlife in Zanzibar. Chumbe Marine Park, Ngezi Forest Reserve, Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, Menai Marine Park, among so many others.

Zanzibar Wildlife
Touring the Jozani Forest

Zanzibar Island is a beautiful Tanzania destination, perfect for beach holidays. You can visit Zanzibar Island for Zanzibar holidays, with possibilities of combining your Zanzibar holiday with classic Tanzania safaris. There are a number of Zanzibar activities that you can enjoy including snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming with turtles, among so many others.

Get in touch with a reputable tour operator to help you pitch together an amazing Zanzibar holiday tour, for an opportunity to see the various Zanzibar wildlife and so much more. A Tanzania safari and Zanzibar holiday is a great way to enjoy both classic safari experiences and Zanzibar beach holidays.