Zanzibar—What Should I Pack?

Zanzibar—What Should I Pack? A general guideline for what to bring with you when you visit Zanzibar: Zanzibar is an intriguing place to travel to for a beach vacation or as the last stop on a wildlife safari through Tanzania’s national parks. Zanzibar offers a variety of locations to see and enjoy, including beautiful beaches that will enhance your vacation. Yet, to get the most out of your trip, make sure you pack sensibly. Due to the sizeable Muslim populations of Pemba and Zanzibar’s coastal areas, it is crucial to observe cultural clothing rules. We encourage you to cover your shoulders and knees when visiting villages or towns, especially if you are in less touristy areas and visiting towns and historical sites.

The best fabrics are those that are easy to dry. To avoid too much sun and sunstrokes, you should pack a sun hat or cap. Never undervalue the region’s hot and muggy weather, particularly if you are traveling there from a colder area. In Africa, the heat is harsh and dehydration is frequent. We suggest our visitors consume at least 2 liters of water every day, but ideally more. To stay cool, wet wipes are also a good idea. To avoid sunburn and sunstroke, please bring sunscreen that has a factor of at least 20 to 30. A good hat or cap that covers the face as well as dark glasses are necessary.

The clothing and essentials you should pack for your trip to Zanzibar are:

  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Clothing that covers the knees and shoulders
  • Ear plugs
  • First aid kit
  • Flip flops
  • Hat
  • Lightweight fabrics
  • Medication
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Rain jacket
  • Sneakers
  • Snorkeling mask
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Swim shoes
  • Universal adapter
  • Waterproof bag


  1. Snorkeling mask

A snorkeling mask is a must-pack item for those planning to go snorkeling while visiting Zanzibar. The good news is that the equipment is cleaned after each use. If you don’t bring your own, you will have to wear used goggles and a breathing tube.

 You can embark on your own snorkeling expedition and go snorkeling from the southeast and southwest of Zanzibar as well as close to Kizimkazi if you carry your own snorkeling mask. These regions are worth snorkeling in because they are teeming with fish, colorful sea urchins, and stunningly vibrant coral reefs.

  1. Swimming shoes

The Zanzibar beaches are a must-see while visiting this lovely island, and while there, you might see seaweed, sea cucumbers, or sea urchins. If you’re not comfortable standing in the seaweed, though, you should pack swimming shoes. In general, you should avoid going barefoot on beaches to protect your feet from any illnesses; instead, you should bring flip flops or swimming shoes.

  1. Waterproof bag

While visiting Zanzibar for a leisurely beach day or an adventure, it is very necessary to bring a waterproof bag. A waterproof bag is a reliable way to keep your valuables dry while traveling. The size of a waterproof bag depends on your preferences when traveling. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Nonetheless, if you are carrying one, it is necessary to have a bag that can hold items like 2-liters of water, sunscreen, a book, and a camera.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel
Zanzibar—What Should I Pack?
Zanzibar—What Should I Pack?

As a tropical location, Zanzibar should be expected to have intense African sun exposure throughout your vacation. This sun can easily cause your skin to burn or become dry. You should include Aloe Vera gel in your suite case if you are prone to sunburns. Because of its calming and restorative qualities, aloe Vera nourishes our skin and hair.  Aloe Vera is also a popular remedy among Zanzibar’s residents.

  1. Ear plugs

While visiting Zanzibar, you must pack earplugs because they are incredibly helpful, especially if you are a light sleeper. You may hear the sounds of nature all around you in some areas of Zanzibar, such as Kizimkazi, where you can wear earplugs to block out the nighttime sounds of insects and birds.

 Depending on where you stay in Stone Town, you can hear the town come to life in the early morning hours. If you don’t want to be up earlier than you want to be, earplugs will come to your rescue.

  1. First Aid Kit

While packing for a trip to Zanzibar, the majority of tourists may not think to include a first aid kit, despite the fact that it is crucial to do so. You can treat cuts, scrapes, rashes, minor burns, and insect bites with the aid of a first aid kit.  Band-Aids, gauze, itch relief lotion, antibiotic ointment, and painkillers are all essential components of your first aid kit.

  1. Medicine

Various visitors’ bodies respond differently to unfamiliar locations and dietary kinds, whether it be meat, dairy, or fruits and vegetables. You will be prepared for any disease, such as nausea, constipation, or diarrhea, which could arise from the new surroundings, food, and water if you bring some medication with you.

Constipation: When visiting Zanzibar, it is advised to consume a daily serving of fiber because it is the greatest remedy for constipation. Fiber that can dissolve and combine with water is particularly beneficial to carry.

Diarrhea and nausea: The best medication for traveler’s diarrhea and motion sickness depends on what is available in your country; in the US, Pepto-Bismol, which comes in pill form, is the best option. The finest alternative in Europe is Smecta, which is available as a powder.

Pain reliever: Pain relievers will help you fight a headache, mild fever, or hangover.

 Malaria: You should see your doctor a few weeks before your travel to Zanzibar because the island of Zanzibar is one of the places where malaria is known to occur. The majority of the time, your physician will give you malaria medication to take before, during, and after your vacation.

Note: Because malaria medications typically come with a strong prescription, it’s important to talk to your doctor about any potential side effects in order to make the best choice for you.

  1. Mosquito repellent

You should bring insect repellent with you on your trip to the island of Zanzibar in order to protect yourself from mosquito bites. The most highly recommended mosquito repellent is Deep Woods. It not only keeps you from getting bitten, but it also calms the bites you already have and stops you from wanting to scratch them more. Because mosquito repellents are so effective, you should always use them outside. It’s also a good idea to hold your breath when applying the spray (the smell is a bit strong, and other people find it mild).

  1. Sun glasses

Don’t forget your sunglasses when preparing for a trip to Zanzibar Island. Sunglasses not only shield your eyes from the sun but also from dust, sand, and sea water. Sunglasses provide excellent protection for your eyes from the weather, which can dry out your contacts if you wear them.

  1. Sunscreen

Zanzibar’s heat is largely a result of the African sun. Avoid putting your skin’s health in danger by forgoing sunscreen. You will need to reapply sunscreen multiple times per day due to how powerful the sun is. This is particularly valid if you plan to swim. While purchasing sunscreen, keep the SPF in mind. This type of sunscreen will shield you from UVA and UVB rays.

  1. Universal adapter

While visiting Zanzibar, it is crucial to have a universal converter.  Before gaining independence, Tanzania was a colony of the British, so Zanzibar Island is likely to have electrical outlets that accept Type G plugs.

  1. Breathable, lightweight fabric

Zanzibar has a tropical environment, so you can anticipate it to be hot while you’re there. To combat the heat, bring breathable clothing that will keep you cool. Using light-weight materials like bamboo, cotton, linen, and rayon is a good idea. In Tanzania, you may also buy some clothing items like kanga, which are crafted from conventional cotton materials.

  1. Knee-length shorts, skirts, or dresses

Being comfortable while traveling is really important, and it typically depends on the fabric of the clothing worn. It’s also crucial to dress in a way that respects the local Zanzibar culture. Zanzibar has a Muslim majority, unlike other parts of Tanzania. In accordance with their native customs, most island residents dress in a way that covers the majority of their bodies,Zanzibar—What Should I Pack?

In respect to the local way of life,

  • Ladies should think about donning skirts, knee-length dresses, and maxi dresses.
  • Particularly when walking through the streets or going to the nearby villages, men should refrain from wearing shorts or shorts that are excessively short.
  • If you intend to stay at the resort, you may wear tank tops and swimsuit cover-ups, but both men and women should wear shirts that cover the shoulders. Pack numerous short-sleeve t-shirts, pants, and airy, loose-fitting clothing items.
  1. light rain jacket

When visiting Zanzibar island, especially during the rainy seasons (March through May and November through December), a lightweight rain jacket is a necessity because it will keep you dry if it rains.

  1. Sneakers and flip-flops

Whatever Zanzibar activity you choose, having a pair of footwear and flip-flops will come in handy while you’re there. You might decide to go on a trek, go cycling, meet the locals, or visit the Jozani Forest while you’re on the island. For these activities, you’ll need to wear something that is incredibly comfortable and can withstand the strain on your feet. These shoes offer excellent ankle support as well as quick foot bottom absorption. A pair of flip flops, also referred to as sandals, are ideal for a day at the pool, relaxing at the resort, or walking on the sand.


Your trip to Zanzibar Island will be fantastic if you bring the aforementioned stuff. Spend a few of your clumsiest days on the Zanzibar beaches, go on a blue safari in Zanzibar, and learn about snorkeling, diving, spice tours, and other activities. Zanzibar Beach Vacations can transport you to an unexpected dreamland while reviving your senses.

Our crew and the procedures we use to help our visitors, however, are constants. We look forward to helping you arrange the trip of a lifetime to Zanzibar and Tanzania with our destination knowledge and round-the-clock support available. With Focus East Africa Tours, the top tour company in Tanzania, you can experience this serene region of the world at its best.