Zanzibar Spice Tours

Zanzibar spice tours is one of the most done activities in Zanzibar Island by travelers who go on Zanzibar holidays. Zanzibar Island was the spice capital of the world in the years past thanks to the trade merchants including Arabs, Persians and Indians. To date, Zanzibar Island is a still famous for the diversity of spices there are, that it is called the ‘Spice Island’.

What is a Spice Tour?

A spice tour is simply, a spice tour that takes you through the farms of different spices in Zanzibar. A spice tour in Zanzibar is one of the most popular activities in Zanzibar, taking you through the different spice farms in the island. A Zanzibar spice tour can take about 3 hours only, through the spice plantations in Masingini forest and other places that you can visit.

During your Zanzibar spice tour, you shall walk in the spice farms learning about the different spices and fruits grown in Zanzibar Island. The Zanzibar spice tour ends with travelers tasting a variety of spices and fruits, with a chance to purchase some for your use if need be.

Zanzibar Spice Tour
Zanzibar Spice Tour

Where are the Zanzibar Spice Farms?

Zanzibar Island is a fertile ground for spices, that there are a variety of Zanzibar spice farms that you can visit. Most Zanzibar spice farms are in Masingini Forest which is just outside Stone Town. With the fact that the Zanzibar spice farms are near the Stone Town, even half day tours of the Zanzibar spice farms can be arranged.

Booking a Spice Tour

Wondering on how to book a Zanzibar spice tour? There are a number of companies that organise Zanzibar holidays, and thus can book you into a Zanzibar spice tour. Simply reach out to a reputable tour operator or agency like Focus East Africa Tours and you shall be able to enjoy a number of activities in Zanzibar including the spice tour.

Is the Zanzibar Spice Tour Worth it?

Yes, a Zanzibar spice tour is worth it. Travelers who find nature and geography captivating shall absolutely love the Zanzibar spice tour. What makes Zanzibar spice farms all the more interesting is their history and nature that surrounds them.

At any given Zanzibar spice farm, over 50 different spices in Zanzibar can be grown, as well as over 20 different fruits. While on a Zanzibar spice tour, your guide shall show you the different Zanzibar spices and fruits in the Zanzibar farms, as well as the process and history attached to each. Vanilla for example came from Madagascar, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, among so many other fruits and spices.

Zanzibar spices that you shall get to see while on a Zanzibar spice tour include turmeric, nutmeg, pepper of different colors, cinnamon, mint, liquorice, breadfruit, saffron, lemongrass, soursops, bananas, ginger root, cardamom, cloves, vanilla, chili, cocoa, pineapples. Avocados, among so many others.

At the end of the spice tour in Zanzibar, you usually get to taste the different spices and tropical fruits in the farms, followed by lunch at the spice farm. The lunch at the end of the spice tour in Zanzibar is made using the different spices you shall have learnt and seen. Pilau rice, grilled chicken, fish, chapattis, various vegetables and others is what your lunch at the spice farm usually consists of.

Zanzibar Spice Tour
Zanzibar Spice Tour

How much is a Zanzibar Spice Tour?

A Zanzibar spice tour costs from 15usd per person and above, depending on what other costs are incurred say transportation, meal and the like.

At the end of your spice tour in Zanzibar, be prepared to part with some of money as you shall be subjected to buying different spices as you leave the spice farms, sometimes t higher prices than in the markets in Stone Town.

Apart from a Zanzibar spice tour, there are a number of other Zanzibar activities that you can enjoy while on your Zanzibar beach holiday. Other Zanzibar holiday activities include snorkelling and scuba diving, prison Island visit to see the oldest tortoises, kite surfing, and dhow riding, among so many others.

Zanzibar spice tours, and Zanzibar holidays generally can be combined with classic Tanzania safari tours to some of the top Tanzania national parks in both the northern and southern safari circuits in Tanzania. Most Zanzibar holidays are combined by classic Tanzania safari tours to Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Lake Manyara National Park in the northern part of Tanzania, or even Selous Game Reserve (Nyerere National Park), Katavi National Park among so many others.

Looking to enjoy a spice tour in Zanzibar whilst on your Zanzibar beach holiday? Get in touch with us or your trusted tour operator to have you create a tailored Zanzibar spice tour and beyond, including possibilities of incorporating your Zanzibar beach holiday with classic Tanzania safari tours, all throughout the year.