Zanzibar Nightlife

Zanzibar nightlife is one of the best things to do and enjoy while on a Zanzibar holiday. Away from the fine white sand beaches and amazingly beautiful scenic view, Zanzibar nightlife is one of the activities that travelers can enjoy. Zanzibar Island is a beautiful archipelago, with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world that more and more travelers get to discover and visit, every single year. Zanzibar Island also has a number of Zanzibar resorts and hotels which travels get to stay at as they enjoy an amazing Zanzibar beach holiday.

Zanzibar Island is a great honeymoon destination, a great family beach holiday destination, and can literally be just about any destination or holiday destination as you may want it. Apart from the usual Zanzibar activities like water activities including snorkeling and scuba diving, among others, a Zanzibar nightlife is one of the things that you can get to enjoy. Below are some of the places you would visit and get to enjoy and experience a Zanzibar nightlife;

Sunset Dhow Cruise

Taking a sunset dhow cruise while on your Zanzibar holiday is a great way to experience the Zanzibar nightlife, as early as in the evening. A sunset dhow cruise has travelers getting on a traditional dhow, in the evening hours along the shores of the Indian Ocean. You get to sail in the calm waters, whilst enjoying amazing sunset views, all the while sipping a wine, beer or simply appreciating nature uninterrupted.

Zanzibar Nightlife
Sunset Dhow Cruise

Happy Hour Sundowner Spots

There are a number of happy hour sundowner spots in Zanzibar Island which you can get to visit and enjoy music and barbeque, snacks and cocktails with other travelers visiting. Get to watch the Indian Ocean as it goes to sleep, palm trees swaying thematically almost. Some of the best sundowner spots in Zanzibar Island include Gerry’s Bar and Restaurant, Kendwa Rocks Beach Hotel, 6 Degrees South, among so many others as you may discover while out on your Zanzibar holiday.

The Kendwa Rocks Full Moon Party

The full moon party of the Kendwa Rocks is one of the most amazing Zanzibar nightlife experiences that travelers get to enjoy while on their Zanzibar beach holiday. The Kendwa rocks full moon party takes place at the beachfront of the hotel, with cultural performances, local artists, acrobats and so much more, all in the bid to have the party enjoyable.

Sauti za Busara Festival

The Sauti za Busara festival is one of the East African cultural festivals, which run for a couple of days usually 3 days. The Sauti za Busara festival has travelers enjoying jazz music, fro-pop and so much more, as well as get to see some local artists performing, not just from Tanzania but all throughout Africa depending on the organisation at the helm.


While out on your Zanzibar holiday, you may get the urge to watch a movie t the cinema. Zanzibar Island has the Zancinem, a great place to catch a full HD movie at a subsided rate.

Visit the Forodhani Market

The Forodhani market of Zanzibar becomes a night market and playground every single evening after nightfall. Get to dine at the Forodhani market, enjoying various cuisines including local dishes. Some of the delicacies that you can enjoy while visiting the Forodhani market include octopus, shrimp, plantain, pilau, among so many others.

Zanzibar Nightlife
Forodhani Market

Looking to enjoy clubbing in Zanzibar? Below are some of the places you can visit;

Garage Club. The Garage club in Zanzibar Island is found in Stone Town. The Garage club plays urban fusion music with guest DJs visiting every other time, from all over the world.

Red Monkey Lodge. Red monkey lodge in Jambiani, as well as Coccobello in Nungwi are some of the other popular Zanzibar clubs that you can get to visit for an opportunity to enjoy the Zanzibar nightlife. Get to jam to a different kind of music, especially at the Coccobello where local and reggae music is played.

Away from the Zanzibar adventure activities and others that travelers get to enjoy while on Zanzibar holidays any time of the year, the Zanzibar nightlife is something that travelers should look to experience. The above are some of the places you may visit for an opportunity to enjoy the Zanzibar nightlife.

While you can enjoy Zanzibar Island alone, there is an opportunity to also get to enjoy a classic Tanzania safari tour in mainland Tanzania. You can combine your Zanzibar holiday with a Tanzania safari, visiting any of the various Tanzania safari destinations including Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Selous Game Reserve, among so many others. Get in touch with a reputable tour operator to help you create one of the most memorable Zanzibar holidays, for an opportunity to also enjoy the Zanzibar nightlife. Important to note is your need to exercise caution while out in the night. Going with a companion would be recommended, or even a trusted local say your guide.