Zanzibar Honeymoon Activities

Zanzibar honeymoon activities are the various things to do in Zanzibar that travelers on honeymoon Zanzibar holidays can enjoy. After long months of wedding planning and the day itself, a long honeymoon is what most couples look to enjoy, to relax and enjoy their start in marriage. Zanzibar is a beautiful archipelago with some of the most beautiful beaches and resorts in the world, most sought after by a number coastal travelers. Zanzibar Island is your best honeymoon destination, rewarding travelers with some of the most beautiful beaches, scenic views, turquoise blue waters and a wide variety of activities should honeymooners decide on taking time away from the resort.

What is Zanzibar famous for? You may wonder. Well Zanzibar is famous for her picture-perfect Zanzibar beaches, clear warm turquoise blue waters perfect for a dip and swim as well as a number of other water activities; balmy weather with tropical climate which all together make Zanzibar a perfect beach holiday destination, especially for honeymoon holidays.

Zanzibar Honeymoon Activities
Dhow Boat ride

There are a variety of Zanzibar honeymoon activities which travelers can enjoy while on their Zanzibar honeymoon. The following are some of the best Zanzibar honeymoon activities that couples would enjoy on their Zanzibar honeymoon trip;

Dhow Ride

A Zanzibar dhow ride, especially a sunset dhow ride is one of the most romantic and sweet Zanzibar honeymoon activities that travelers can enjoy whilst on their honeymoon in Zanzibar. A dhow ride has you hoping onto one of the ancient dhows for a dhow ride on the vast Indian Ocean, with perfect clear turquoise blue waters. Gaze at the stunning hues of colors that the sunset brings, moments captured on a camera then are some of the best you would ever have. Longer dhow rides through different islands with meals on-board are also available, returning you to your Zanzibar resort or hotel in the evening.

Walk on fine white sand beaches

Zanzibar beaches are among the finest that you would ever walk on. Voted as one of the beast beach holiday destinations, Zanzibar Island has some of the most beautiful beaches. One of the Zanzibar honeymoon activities that travelers can enjoy while on their honeymoon in Zanzibar is walking on these fine white sand beaches.

Watch the Sunset

Watching the sunset in Zanzibar is something not miss while on your Zanzibar beach holiday. Every day is a beautiful day with amazing sunsets that shall literally blow your mind. Enjoy watching a sunset on a beach shore sipping a wonderful wine brand, over an early dinner, or simply stare at it whilst on the beach doing literally nothing but appreciating the amazing beauty.

Explore Stone Town

Stone town is one of the must visit areas while on your Zanzibar holiday. Stone town is rich in history and culture, with a variety of markets, long alleyways and so much more that you shall amaze at.

Zanzibar Honeymoon Activities
Stone town

Zanzibar Spice Tour

Zanzibar spice tour should not be missed while on your Zanzibar honeymoon holiday; Zanzibar spies are a signature of Zanzibar that irrespective of what you are here for you ought to consider to visit. There are quite a variety of spices grown here, brought to the island during the old years of slave trade and merchant trade, brought by Arabs, Portuguese and Persians who mostly traded here.

Adventure Zanzibar Activities

If you are a couple after a bit of adventure, then rest assured there are a variety of Zanzibar adventure activities that you can enjoy while on your Zanzibar honeymoon. Some of the adventure Zanzibar activities include scuba diving, snorkelling, kitesurfing and so much more.

Visit Zanzibar butterfly centre

Get to chase after butterflies while on your Zanzibar honeymoon. Get into a whole different world with a variety of colors with different butterfly species. The Zanzibar butterfly Centre is beautiful place with tropical gardens and thousands of butterflies most of which are native to Zanzibar. Be sure to take some of the most beautiful pictures here.

Zanzibar Honeymoon Activities
Zanzibar butterfly centre

With so many Zanzibar honeymoon activities that you can enjoy while in Zanzibar, reach out to your trusted tour operator to help you pitch together an amazing Zanzibar honeymoon holiday. You could also opt to combine your Zanzibar honeymoon holiday with a classic Tanzania safari tour in mainland Tanzania for amazing wildlife safari experiences. Get in touch with a reputable tour operator or travel agent to help you pitch an amazing Zanzibar honeymoon holiday and enjoy the various Zanzibar honeymoon activities there are, among so many others.