Zanzibar Full Day City Tour

Zanzibar Full Day City Tour : Zanzibar Island is one of the best places to visit in the world. It is one of the hilarious sites that are worth of visiting. Many people in the world prefer visiting it and it is worth a modern city and most attractive. Having a full day tour in Zanzibar exposes the tourists to the capital city of the island. The capital city of Zanzibar Island is located on the western- coast of Unguja. The capital city mainly boasts the historical architecture, a unique culinary scene, the tropical culture as well as the convenient links that are widening to the island. Having a full day visit to the city of Zanzibar Island involves some prior planning that makes visitors to experience various highlights of the city just in a day. Here are just some of the activities that can enable your tour to be impressive when visiting the city of Zanzibar.

After having the breakfast in the city, visitors can start their day by visiting the popular place known as the stone town. In the stone town, they can explore a lot of things and learn a lot as one of their options in exploring the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as one of the listed places and the big trading areas having the deep guide insights towards its diverse richness and heritage. The city’s heritage includes cultural heritage that has been impressing a lot by visiting this city. This stone town involves trading activities connecting people from various continents such as the Arabic, European, Asian and African continents.

The stone town have great influences in economic spheres of the city and usually people enjoy a lot having spent their time in the city. The visitors can walk in the streets so that they can experience a lot of cultural and architectural heritage. They can also explore the historical streets of the place by using bikes. They can also get a chance to check off the landmarks involving the historical sites such as the mosque of Malindi, House of Wonders and the Old Fort. The exploration of these landmarks can be easily done early in the morning before arriving of the crowds in the city for socio-economic activities.

Zanzibar Full Day City Tour
Zanzibar Island

Then after having the great exposure of the great overview involving the old town and its historical background in the stone town, visitors can have decided to widen up their perspective in the island by visiting the great markets of the city by visiting resources like coals. They can also decide to visit the coastal village in the capital like the Uroa village. It is only in this village where the tides especially the lower tides offering the calm experience and conditions. The calm experience and conditions usually makes the environment favorable for swimming and snorkeling activities around the place.

At the capital villages, the visitors may decide to have meals such as lunch and having some round trip transport.

After having the great day of experience, enjoyment and relaxation, visitors may decide to unwind themselves on one of the waterfront bars especially during the sunset. Then, the visitors may take their stroll up to the night market in the modern and classic gardens of Forodhani. It is around the Forodhani garden where popular food vendors are selling various Zanzibar specialties including Zanzibar pizza and the urojo soup.

If the visitors have decided to fly out on the same evening, they may decide to take private drive services that may take them back to the capital city to allow them to spend their last hours in the capital city of Zanzibar.