Zanzibar Airport

Zanzibar Airport: All you need to know about Zanzibar Airport before landing there: Zanzibar, an archipelago made up of more than 47 islands off the coast of Tanzania, has a long history that dates back thousands of years and includes slavery, battles, trade, and other atrocities. The principal islands are Unguja, Pemba, and Mafia, which draw tourists from all over the world.

Zanzibar, an island with a limited degree of autonomy, has its own elected government. Zanzibar and Tanganyika were combined to form Tanzania 55 years ago. This island is a haven of sun, sand, sea, and spices, earning it the nickname “Spice Island” because it has been cultivating and trading fresh spices for generations.


Zanzibar has a tropical climate because it is situated on the Indian Ocean. There are constant temperatures and rain throughout the year, with a wet season from March to May. The island is home to a number of different ethnic groups. Swahili and English are the two main languages. The island is home to a large number of luxurious boutique hotels that are situated near the airport, on the beaches, and in other prime locations. As a result, you may argue that Zanzibar is a well-liked tourist destination.

The most popular pursuits include sunbathing, jungle exploration, strolling around Stone Town’s historic and bustling streets, scuba diving, snorkeling, dolphin tours, spice tours, sailing, windsurfing, and other water sports.


Abeid Amani Karume, the island’s first president, is honored with the name Zanzibar International Airport (IACO HTZA; IATA ZNZ), which is situated about 6 kilometers south of Stone Town. Due to its role as one of Tanzania’s primary international airports, this airport sees a fair amount of traffic.

Domestic departures and arrivals use a separate passenger entry, exit, and waiting area, whereas local, regional, and international flights are all serviced from the airport. All of the major East African towns, including Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Kampala, Nairobi, and Mombasa, have regular flights to and from Zanzibar Airport. Also, a lot of international airlines have direct flights to the island, making it quite simple to go to Europe, Asia, and North America.

More than two million people use the airport annually. Business people, honeymooners, and adventure seekers are all among the passengers. Both domestic and foreign tourists are drawn to the abundance of adventures and experiences on the island of Zanzibar.  As Salaam Air, Coastal Aviation, Ethiopian Airlines, Fly 540, FlyDubai, Flightlink Limited, Kenya Airways, Malawian Airlines, Mango, Oman Air, Precision Air, Qatar Airways, Regional Airline Services, Tropical Air, Turkish Airlines, and ZanAir are some of the airlines that fly to and from Zanzibar airport. There are numerous scheduled flights from the aforementioned airlines to Zanzibar.


On a fantastic tarmac road that leads to the island’s southeast coast, you can get to the majority of the hotels in one hour. For everyone who travels through the airport, there are essential amenities to provide a comfortable departure and arrival process. The Zanzibar International Airport offers a wide range of amenities and services. ATDs, financial services, duty-free shopping areas, currency exchange services, and much more are available there.

Zanzibar Airport
Zanzibar Airport

There are enough taxis and other airport transportation options. The majority of hotels and resorts provide their patrons with airport transportation services. Nonetheless, customers must make an advance request for airport pickup at the majority of hotels and resorts. For longer waits, there are a number of Wi-Fi-enabled cafes and eateries outside the terminal buildings.

Before landing at Zanzibar Airport, you can see the Blue Ocean and possibly Stone Town from the air! Most of the time, it is wise to take in the beauty of the islands before dealing with the realities of the airport. The airport is easily accessible for travelers from the mainland and Pemba; no visa is required; and luggage is delivered in about five minutes.

You should be aware of the heavy traffic to Zanzibar if you arrive on a “large” plane! It’s possible for your plane to land at the same moment as numerous other large ones. The arrival area is cramped and rather perplexing.


You cannot carry plastic bags to Zanzibar since Tanzania has prohibited them along with many other plastic products, most notably plastic bags.


If you were given an arrival form while flying, fill it out ahead of time and bring it with you when you get off the plane. If not, be prepared with a pen to write this down right away. If you are a citizen or a resident, you do not need to do anything.


When arriving from within Africa, you’ll probably be asked for the yellow fever card as soon as you enter the terminal. Display it if you have one. Explain that you recently transferred to Kenya, Addis Ababa, or another location and that you do not require a yellow fever certificate if you do not have one. If you arrive from a continent other than Africa, you shouldn’t be required to present a yellow fever certificate.


If you already have your visa or residency stamp in your passport after entering the arrivals hall, you can skip the passport control line. If you don’t have one, you must fill out the visa form before going to the payment counter. Although a credit card can be used to pay for the visa, it is best to have some cash on hand in case the system fails. You must proceed to the immigration window and stand in line with your payment receipt and passport. Once your visa has been stamped, you can move on to the next step, which is obtaining your bags.


The first luggage belt has now been built, which is fantastic news, but keep in mind that even after you take your luggage off the belt, it will still be scanned because it is standard protocol in Zanzibar for all bags. They typically ask you to leave your laptops and other belongings inside, and the procedure is fairly quick.

The previous instructions are still valid for the domestic terminal, and if the belt is not operational by then: Just outside the hall, luggage is brought from the plane and checked by a police dog. Next, the baggage workers begin bringing bags inside, either manually or using trolleys of various sizes. An employee may ask you how your luggage looks and then promise to bring it to you as you search for it. The reason this is a bad idea is that payment might then be required, which is against the law!

You only need to wait patiently. There will be luggage. If it doesn’t, it hasn’t been lost in Zanzibar but elsewhere; you can easily report that as a separate issue at the airport. Although getting bags at the airport in Zanzibar is extremely simple, occasionally it takes longer. As someone brings your luggage in, keep an eye on it and take it like you would a belt.


Keep your cool and seek assistance at the airport’s Lost and Found Office if you misplace something while staying at ZNZ. You can also ask for assistance from Customer Service agents who are posted at key airport locations. You must speak with airline officials about misplaced items while the plane is in flight.


What is the best way to change terminals? Transfer counters are positioned in key areas of the airports; kindly ask airline or airport ground staff for directions as soon as you land.

When trying to leave the airport, many people feel overwhelmed. Hotels in the area provide shuttle services to and from the airport. For details and availability, you might need to get in touch with your hotel. The driver may be waiting for you outside the exit area with your name, the name of the hotel, or the name of the business written on a piece of paper or a signboard, depending on the circumstances. There will be a ton of drivers and signboards to read if there are lots of tourists arriving at once. Take your time reading them slowly and calmly without rushing. It can appear that there are too many people around and that some of the taxi drivers are trying to woo you into taking their ride. It simply adds, “I’m sorry, I already set up a pickup,” and everything is secure.

Although it appears that this airport is open every day of the week, travelers claim that the doors are locked at night, so if you intend to spend the night there, you should have a backup plan. The shuttle service from a nearby hotel allows for uninterrupted slumber. For people who want to stay in hotels close to Zanzibar Airport, there are several possibilities, including hotels, resorts, residences, and villas. The two best lodging options close to the airport are Zanzibar Beach Resort and Zanzibar Serena Hotel.

You should not worry about who you travel with because all independent drivers at the airport are safe and are identified by airport taxi identity cards. However, before boarding the cab, you should reach an agreement on the fare. If you haven’t made a reservation yet, this is where you can utilize your negotiating abilities to get a better deal!


You can also ride a dala-dala (local bus) to the city if you’re on a tight budget. They don’t run out of the airport, but you may walk to the main road right outside the airport gates and get one from there. Despite being quite packed, this is simple and affordable.

Need a moment before heading to the hotel or the city? Passengers arriving and departing have access to restaurants. There are some beautiful cafes right near the terminal on the airport grounds if you feel like you just need a moment or, for other reasons, need to wait a little while. You may stroll up to the parking lot, turn right into one of the cafés, settle down, and get yourself a drink.


No matter what type of service you are flying, there are airport lounges that you may access by purchasing a lounge pass or through a lounge membership program. Visit the specific lounge page for additional information on the lounge and to learn how to enter the lounge using only an economy class ticket! From there, you can take advantage of amenities like air conditioning, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, disability access, fax, Internet/Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines, telephones, and television. There is also a private, non-smoking prayer room available.


For travelers with disabilities, the terminal is accessible. In advance of their trip, passengers who want wheelchair assistance must inform the airline. There is a burgundy smoking lounge at gate 6, if you must. You may take your kids to the playground at gate 11 if you want to make sure they burn off all their energy before the flight or before leaving the airport.


Exchange counters are available. To keep customers entertained while waiting at the airport, there is at least one duty-free store and boutique. There are no lockers or places to store luggage. Also, there are no designated sleeping places, quiet spaces, rest areas, or showers.