Why Visit Jambiani?

Why Visit Jambiani? Well, aside from the island’s stellar reputation, this area has a lot to offer for your kite vacation or trip. A location with excellent waves and buttery flat water, a location with constant, dependable side shore breeze, plenty of room, and remarkably sparsely populated! This relatively undiscovered fishing resort with the same circumstances is located about 7 kilometers from the overcrowded Paje location. Why wouldn’t you go when there are so many dining and entertainment alternatives, as well as a generally relaxed mood everywhere you go? to thrill while on Zanzibar Safaris


Mid-June to mid-September and again from December to mid-March are when the wind blows. But aim for July, August, and January or February for the most reliable arrivals. Every season, the wind shifts its direction, but it always blows from the shore, creating fantastic flat water at low tide in all locations and fantastic waves at high tide. In the winter, anticipate an air temperature of about 30 degrees, and in the summer, expect it to be over 35 degrees. With water that is always between 27 and 29 degrees in the summer and 25 to 26 degrees in the winter!


On the island, it’s simple to hire a car or bike for about $20 per day for a car and $15 for a bike. Taxis are moderately priced and all drive gently and carefully if you don’t need to travel far. Bicycles may be rented practically anywhere, and local buses called Dala-Dallas frequently arrive out of nowhere and cost a quarter of what a taxi would!


Food choices are many and range from the typical fare of rice, peas, beans, lentils, grilled beef skewers, chicken (typically curry-flavored), and native flatbreads called chapatti to international cuisine that offers a wonderful dining experience. Despite the wide variety, the best option is to indulge in the plentiful fresh seafood available at practically every business you come across. When native skills and spices are combined with just-caught produce, amazing meals are produced.

 In hotels and upscale restaurants, a main course should cost between $8 and $10 per person. In local eateries, a main course should cost between $5 and $8, while local street food should cost between $2 and $5. (Also delicious).

Why Visit Jambiani?
Why Visit Jambiani?


It seems strange to have both a calm, relaxed ambiance and a vibrant nightlife in the same place, but Zanzibar manages to do it. From Monday live music jam sessions with international live performances to Saturday mega club nights with international DJs, there are fantastic parties every day of the week. There are plenty of fantastic venues for a chill night with friends wherever you look if going out to parties is not your thing, Why Visit Jambiani?


Zanzibar, once more, doesn’t let you down with its abundance of great reef diving, SUP tours through the mangroves, and surfing excursions to the reef. For less strenuous activities, you might go out on the neighborhood “Ngalawa,” watch the skipper sail it Zanzibar-style, and take your time independently exploring the reefs for about $15. Great trips easily bookable on short notice include the following:

  • Jozani Forest Walk to see the Red Colobus Monkeys
  • Bicycle tours to various old heritage sites of interest
  • Beach Volleyball


In Zanzibar, internet access can be a problem. Wi-Fi is almost always available at hotels and pubs, but it’s typically slow and mainly good for viewing emails and social media. (Avg. size is about 1 MB.)

You can get a high-speed modem from the town for about $60 if you need a quicker connection for work or other reasons. This will last you and all of your pals the whole vacation and allow you to download, upload, watch, or do anything else you like. (Average size is 7/8 MB.)


Again, there are several options here; standard beachside lodging costs between $15 and $120 per night, and for those looking for luxury, there are also accommodations priced between $300 and $3000 per night! All hotels can assist you with planning trips, excursions, and transportation to and from the airport. They can also lead you to the nearest car and bike rental agencies and diving and kiteboarding schools.