Travel Guide To Kizimkazi

Travel Guide To Kizimkazi : If you are wondering where to spend your holiday, Zanzibar maybe a finest island for you. This idyllic island is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in the world. It is the best attractive island in the world found on the eastern coast of Indian Ocean in East Africa.

This splendid island is accessible through two means of transport; air and water transport. Zanzibar has one international airport, Kisauni Airport (ZNZ) which receives direct flights from all over the world. Julius Nyerere International Airport Dar es Salaam’s airport (DAR) is an alternative if there are no direct flights from the region you are coming. From Dar es Salaam you can book a ferry to Zanzibar. The best time to visit Zanzibar is between September and October.

Zanzibar hosts many spectacular attractions for you to visit and enjoy like the Stone Town, magnificent beaches, marine parks, Mafia island, House of Wonders and Kizimkazi to name a few. The Stone Town is a medieval town built by Arabs, Portuguese and Swahili people. Visiting Zanzibar will enable you to do watersports like snorkeling, canoeing, dhow safaris, boat safaris, catch-and-release fishing and swimming in clean white sand beaches.

Let’s dig dipper to know more about Kizimkazi so we can know a lot about Kizimkazi. These include everything you need to know about Kizimkazi (which is present there), how to get there, what to do, what to expect, where to stay (the real situation of accommodation present there).

Kizimkazi is an off the beaten track region in Zanzibar where you will enjoy a lot of things. Before you travel to Kizimkazi, there are few things you need to know about Kizimkazi. Kizimkazi is a fishing village situated on the southern coast of Zanzibar. This village was once a walled city in Zanzibar. it is about 3 miles from the Kizimkazi Dimbani where the Kizimkazi Mosque is found. Kizimkazi is one of some overcrowded destinations. Visitors go there to see the humpback dolphins and swim with them. Kizimkazi is one among of the spectacular attractive site in Zanzibar that you are supposed to visit in order to experience many things. Kizimkazi is located in Unguja South region in Zanzibar. Kizimkazi is home to some wonderful attractions enough to make you fill better. Kizimkazi beach is a good place to take rest and feel better as it is an open place. Therefore, it allows you to enjoy and inhale the best fresh air of the majestic Indian Ocean,Travel Guide To Kizimkazi

What to expect from a Kizimkazi? Kizimkazi is endowed with fine white sand beach, Kizimkazi Beach one of the top 10 best beaches in Zanzibar. Swimming is very impressive at this unique beach. You have a meal or tea while enjoying the cooler sea breezes from the mighty Indian Ocean. Kizimkazi hosts the oldest Shiraz Mosque, a historical significance of this area.

Things to do in Kizimkazi. There are dozens of things to do in Zanzibar. These include scuba diving, snorkeling, visiting Shiraz Mosque, chilling on Aya Beach, blue safari and many other activities, Travel Guide To Kizimkazi

Relax on Aya Beach. Chilling on dry white sandy beach would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience since this beach has very soft sand. Many games can be played here including swimming among others.

Swimming with the wild dolphins. Kizimkazi is well-known for its unique dolphin tours. Guests gather there to observe these beautiful marine species and compete swimming with them.

Snorkeling. Kizimkazi is a nice place for snorkeling and scuba diving. Remember to carry with you a water-proof camera for picturing and recording the underwater world.

Explore the marine species. Blue safaris are conducted at Kizimkazi. Marine species like green turtles and others are most target species.

Kizimkazi dolphin tour. This is a wild tour that enable you to spot the dolphins lifestyle in the ocean. This tour is always conducted in the day time for clear vision of these wonderful inhabitants of the Indian Ocean. A boat trip to Kizimkazi will enable you to enjoy the marvelous vision of dolphins. Boats are available along the Kizimkazi coastline. Good news is that, these boats for dolphin day tour offer you an experienced tour guide who will guide you to spectacular views of dolphins. Therefore, you will receive knowledge and enjoy more about the marine life. Viewing dolphins is not enough for you, but swimming or diving with them is incredible. Therefore, you have to experience a sensational dive through crystal water in order to observe these fellows and other aquatic species like fishes in a very close distance. Special diving gears are required to enable you dive inside the water because of your safety. This special snorkel gears such as life jacket, mask and flippers will be provided immediately before diving through water.

Where to stay at Kizimkazi? This is the most important thing to know about is accommodation facilities at Kizimkazi. Where will you stay? Kizimkazi have been surrounded by well affordable accommodations depending of your budget and requirements.  There are varieties of accommodations found in Kizimkazi which are hotels, lodges, lounges, camps and resorts. All of these places are capable to hold more than five tourists,Travel Guide To Kizimkazi

In Kizimkazi there are so many low price hotels thus it is well affordable area. There is also Mnana Lodge, in Kizimkazi this is a favorite restaurant to most of tourists as it offers quality services but under very low cost. Specifically, on food service, they prepared very fantastic and quality food using different food resources. Since Zanzibar is an island, so you will found seafood like lobster, fish and prawns.  Not only those mentioned but Kizimkazi has also other lodges and hotels like, Aya Beach Bungalows, Karamba Zanzibar famous also for quality food but with high price. Some of these include;

Promised Land Lodge; this is a superb lodge owned by a Zanzibarian. This is among of most affordable lodge. Its famous name is Hakuna Matata. Although, it is a low-priced lodge, but it is very attractive. It is decorated with the beautiful colors and paintings of Rastafarians. Promised Land lodge offers a resting open place with swinging beds, cushioned benches and sun beds for chilling. It also offers traditional rooms for staying during night but only for guests. For great leisure they also have bar and restaurant for having lunch and dinner.

Aya Beach Bungalows. This bungalow is located close to the Aya Beach. This hotel is located to the Aya Beach where you can go for a swimming and other watersports. Other activities include catching lobsters, catching octopus, mangrove tours, Kiwengwa Caves tours, dolphin tour, blue safari and sun set sailing.

Travel Guide To Kizimkazi
Travel Guide To Kizimkazi

Lala Land Lodge. This an impressive lodge in Kizimkazi. It offers walking safaris and swimming on the beach. The average price is $61 per night. You will enjoy free Wi-Fi in your room, massage and snorkeling.

Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort Zanzibar. This is a luxurious resort situated in Kizimkazi in Zanzibar. An average price is $413 per night. This resort has many villas including Honeymoon villa, Luxury villa and Jungle villa. It also offers services like diving, fishing, free Wi-Fi, canoeing and boat safaris.

Most of these accommodation facilities offer fascinating services like well-prepared delicious food and drinks. Traditional, Italian and other dishes are cooked in these hotels. These hotels offer also settled open area for resting when you need especially at mid-day time to escape for sun rays, bars dance halls for dancing. Some hotels also offer tour guides who will give you direction to all places in this beautiful land. The provided tour guides are well educated and highly experienced about the different areas that help tourist to learn so many things within the island.

Am so glad that you have enough knowledge about Kizimkazi in details. If you’re interested in visiting this striking destination you have all the guts to do so. You will experience the services I told you by yourselves and learn practically what you have read or heard about Kizimkazi. You can now plan your safari to Kizimkazi for enjoying the scenic views of dolphins, marine turtles as well as enjoying vibrant activities like snorkeling, boat safari, canoeing, camping and visiting nearby attractions in Zanzibar. In terms accommodations, Kizimkazi is home to award-wining lodges, resorts and hotels which will make your safari wonderful. Your safari would be unforgettable and you won’t regret taking it.