Top Mafia Island Attractions

Top Mafia Island Attractions  : Mafia Island is located 20 kilometers from the Rufiji River Delta, off the coast of central Tanzania. The entire island is encircled by an uninterrupted barrier reef, and it offers diving and snorkeling. The diving around here is among the best in the world. Mafia is a wonderfully magical spot to explore with its game fishing, forest treks, bird watching (with over 120 bird species), and secluded beaches.

Mafia is the largest island in this archipelago, which is made up of numerous smaller islands, atolls, and tidal sandbars. The entire island is stuck in a time warp and has no tar roads. The Mafia is your heaven if you want to unwind away from the bustling world and get away from the maddening mob.

The island’s length and width are each 50 kilometers. Marine life is abundant along the barrier reef that encircles the island. These reefs are home to five different types of turtles and more than 400 different tropical fish species. PADI training is given in some of the hotels. The coral gardens and coral heads are magnificent, and with walls at various heights, they offer the diver, whether beginner or more experienced, a cornucopia of underwater habitats to explore.

Top Mafia Island Attractions
Mafia Island

The island is home to lush lowland rainforest, tidal mangroves, palm-covered grassland, and the enormous Baobab. There are four endemic butterfly species in the Chunguruma Forest, which has a deep canopy studded with palm trees and ferns covering the forest floor. Many small hippopotami can be found living in the reed-lined lakes that dot the island’s middle. It is believed that these lakes were formerly lagoons that were trapped on land thousands of years ago. Flying foxes, bush babies, monkeys, squirrels, and monitor lizards live in colonies on the island.

Enjoy some of the best snorkeling in the world and discover a variety of coral reefs that are teeming with tropical marine life. The park is a haven for island-hopping in traditional boats as well. Large palm groves predominate in the vast range of plants found on land. In some places, the typical African savannah is dotted with baobab trees. Many places also have fruit trees, primarily mango and cashew trees.

There are numerous tourist activities available for you to partake in during your vacation safari to Mafia Island. Here are some ideas we have for you.

Scuba Diving: The most popular activity on Mafia is scuba diving. The Mafia Island Marine Park oversees the protection of over half of the shoreline, and there is an abundance of aquatic life there. Highlights include the elusive dugong, more than 460 different species of tropical fish, five different species of turtles, and an abundance of both hard and soft corals. Whale sharks make their annual journey into Mafia’s seas between September and March, where they are frequently spotted in huge groups feasting on plankton upwellings, Top Mafia Island Attractions .

Fishing and Other Watersports: Deep-water fishers are drawn to Mafia because of its abundant marine life. Charter trips offer the chance to catch a variety of species, including sailfish, wahoo, tuna, and big trevallies, beyond the marine park on the reefs, atolls, and seamounts. Numerous more watersports are also available for your enjoyment. While the island’s tidal mangrove woods are best explored by sea kayak, shallow reef locations are excellent for snorkeling. Dhow cruises and visits to the archipelago’s deserted islands and sandbanks are another popular service provided by Mafia’s lodges and resorts.

 Wildlife Viewing: The lush interior of the island is home to a variety of habitats, including stretches of lowland rainforest and coastal high forest. With over 120 different bird species to see, as well as local monkeys, squirrels, flying foxes, and reptiles, this untamed wilderness can be explored on foot. The majority of the birds in Mafia live near the coast, where they hunt for food on the tidal flats. Humpback whales can be seen passing the island in August and September as they migrate, and between June and September, baby turtles hatch on Juani Island’s eastern shore.

Whale Sharks watching:  In order to ensure that best practices for sustainable swimming with whale sharks are followed with the least possible impact on their behavior, most accommodations at Mafia are happy to organize your own whale shark excursions for their clients.

This is not always simple because of the eager tourists who are taking part in this incredible trip for the first time and the boat captains who want to win their favor. This has in the past caused situations where there are too many swimmers in the water at once (especially when there are a few sharks around and there are several boat-loads of people from different operators in the water).

Witness hatching turtles: A particularly unique location to witness little green and hawksbill turtles sprint toward the water is Juani Island, which is located just off the coast of Mafia. Environmentally conscious trips can be scheduled between June and September through a passionate NGO that is actively contributing to the local turtle population’s conservation.

Historic Ruins and Culture Tours: Ruined communities all around the archipelago include traces of the Mafia’s former trading activities. A prosperous medieval trading port with Swahili homes, mosques, and a sultan’s palace once stood at Kua Ruins on Juani Island. You get the impression that you have stumbled upon a long-lost civilization because many of the ruins are now being overtaken by fig roots. Additionally, Chole Island features German ruins from colonial occupation during World War I and Arabic ruins from the 12th century. Visit the modern boat-building villages on the island in addition to the remains of Chole. 17,000 people live on Mafia Island in ten different settlements and are dependent on the maritime environment for their livelihood. So that local populations are motivated to adopt sustainable practices, resources, and conservation, the park is designated as a multi-use area, Top Mafia Island Attractions .

Fishing: Because it has vast populations of tuna, sailfish, marlin, and other big game fish, the Mafia region is also well-known for its deep-sea fishing. The months of September through March are ideal for fishing trips. Furthermore, bottom fishing excursions during the day and at night as well as excursions riding along with local fishermen on their boats can be planned. All fishing is catch-and-release, with one fish permitted for consumption.


One of the island’s oldest hotels and one of the only ones with a pool, unassuming good cuisine and service are available at Kinasi, together with beautifully designed (if rather antiquated) décor and one of the island’s most knowledgeable diving masters. It has 15 stone-built chambers. Kinasi’s neighbor, Pole Pole, which means “slowly, slowly” in Swahili, is even more laid back than Kinasi and has nice bungalows and a lovely ambience. This location is excellent for escaping crowds completely because there are only seven rooms here.

On Chole Island, Chole Mjini is a small tree-house eco-lodge with an emphasis on sustainability and eco-credentials, across the bay from Kinasi and Pole-Pole. While the originality and distinctive attractiveness of this lodge cannot be denied, you must be prepared for the long drop compost toilets that are present. Mafia Island Lodge and Ras Mbisi are the final two lodges to mention, but whenever possible, we would choose one of the other three lodges.

Top Mafia Island Attractions
Top Mafia Island Attractions

Various other islands in the Mafia archipelago

There are two picturesque islands, including Thanda Island Lodge, which is only reserved for exclusive use but is unquestionably among the nicest spots in the entire Indian Ocean. The flight from Dar to Mafia continues to Songa-Songa (approximately 15 minutes), which is the nearest location to Fanjove Island, which is once again a paradisiacal island and doesn’t have to be hired exclusively for those who don’t have unlimited funds.