Top 7 Spots To Kitesurf In Zanzibar

Top 7 Spots To Kitesurf In Zanzibar : Where to kitesurf In Zanzibar? Tanzania’s east coast is extended by Spice Island (also known as Zanzibar or Unguja), a little island in the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar, which is only 90 miles long and 40 miles wide, is well known for its native spices (hence the nickname, Spice Island). Although Zanzibar is technically a part of Tanzania, the mainland’s safari game drives, volcanoes, and barren landscapes are nothing like those on the island. Therefore, disregard all you’ve learned so far about this African location. Think of the complete opposite and block off the Serengeti and Kilimanjaro from your thoughts. Yup! Kitesurfing on the island of Zanzibar is a mind-blowing tropical experience with beautiful beaches, clear water, thick, lush trees, and infinite down winders.

Five ideal spots for kiteboarding are available in Zanzibar: Nungwi, Bwejuu, Jambiani Beach, Paje, and Pwani Mchangani. Both spots are right on smooth, white-sand beaches that overlook the stunning Indian Ocean. The uncrowded, roomy lagoons around our destinations are a kite surfer’s paradise. For kite boarders of all skill levels, from beginners looking to ride the flat waters to intermediate and advanced riders looking to play with the waves along the reef, low and high tides produce excellent conditions. The latest models of Cabrinha kites, Dakine surfboards, and Neil Pryde accessories are constantly available to customers of Kiteboarding Zanzibar, who take satisfaction in doing so. If kitesurfing appeals to you, keep reading to find out the ideal times of year and the top seven locations to practice.


Zanzibar has become a favorite kitesurfing destination for a variety of reasons, including the Indian Ocean’s warm waters (which can reach 27 °C), a variety of winds suitable for both novice and expert surfers, and its memorable surroundings.

The ideal location for kiters is on the east side of the island. You have a peaceful heaven inside, immediately guarded by a sandy base lagoon flowing south to north. Just outside the lagoon, a small to medium wave creates some bumps and hops at the reef. The lagoon is wide at the island’s southernmost point and gets smaller as you travel further north. There is a lengthy, green coastline to explore, which is wonderful news. Heading north into the busier but more advanced regions after starting in the south (freeride and beginning zone),


The two finest times of year to go kitesurfing in Zanzibar are between December and March (when the Kaskazi winds are gentle in the mornings and strong after noon, making it perfect for both novice and experienced surfers) and June to September (the season of the Kuzi winds, up to 20 knots in the morning and even 28 knots in the afternoon, loved by kite surfers of the entire world). Although the entire island is filled with beautiful beaches, there are always a few special, ideal locations that locals point out.


Visitors are enchanted by the open beaches on the southeast of the island, not only because of the breezes but also because of the sense of seclusion they can experience. Also, since the Michamvi Peninsula is only south of you, you may end a great day with dinner at the renowned “Rock.”


Jambiani offers kitesurfers not only great winds and ideal waters but also a picturesque setting with dhows and boats on the beach. It is situated halfway between our next featured location, Paje Beach, and Bwejuu Beach to the south.

Top 7 Spots To Kitesurf In Zanzibar
Top 7 Spots To Kitesurf In Zanzibar
  1. PAJE

The hotspot is Paje beach, which is north of Jambiani but still in the southeast of Zanzibar (the greatest side for kitesurfers). The best winds and the nicest seas are together in this shallow sea extension, where you can easily slide your table while controlling the breeze. Veterans frequently visit Paje on multiple occasions. But if you’re just starting out, Paje Beach is without a doubt the nicest location on the entire island!


Breezes Kite Beach can be found just south of Pingwe as you travel further north along the island. Here, more travelers and a few all-inclusive hotel resorts are making the beaches a little bit busier once more. At the base of an island spit, though, it does provide a bit less protection, so the winds can pick up and reach 30 mph here.


We arrive at Kiwengwa after continuing up Zanzibar’s east coast. Although there are a few kite clubs here and some gorgeous beaches, this is a bar and beach vacation area. This location may be ideal if you want to experience kitesurfing with your family or on a romantic getaway. There are luxurious resorts, exclusive beaches, and one-on-one instructors available to help you improve your kiteboarding skills, Top 7 Spots To Kitesurf In Zanzibar


Compared to its neighbors to the north, this region is much more peaceful. The reason for this is that you can only kite around mid-to-high tide due to the extensive maritime agriculture in the area. Keep a lookout for clubs that might be exploring the reefs while diving or snorkeling.


Tourist hub Nungwi Beach is located right at the northernmost point of the island. This location is well-liked by partygoers, drinkers, and socialites who prefer to kiteboard after going to the beach. There are many hotels in the kiting zone, which is southeast of the popular tourist destination.


So pack your bag with everything you own and come enjoy the exhilarating sport of kitesurfing. Remember that at different schools such as Kite Dream Zanzibar, you can be assisted with the classes and even the equipment.