The Top 10 Best Dive Resorts In Unguja

The Top 10 Best Dive Resorts In Unguja , Tanzania : Unguja is the largest and the most beautiful island in Zanzibar. It comes as no surprise that it is well known for its stunning beaches, like Uroa Public Beach, and lush surroundings. During your visit, you can experiment with a variety of outdoor and underwater activities. Take pleasure in viewing wildlife, especially in Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park. Another activity you might enjoy is birdwatching, especially in the afternoon. Kingfishers and hornbills are among the local species. Of course, there is a lot of marine life on this beautiful. When you snorkel, you’ll see colorful coral reefs, dolphins, sea turtles, and many other creatures. To make the most of your holiday and explore Zanzibar’s finest diving spots, check out the best dive resorts in Unguja, Tanzania, below.

  1. Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa, Relais & Chateaux, Paje

The idyllic Paje location of Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa at Relais & Chateaux is unmatched. It has a lot of recreational amenities, like a pool and sun loungers by the beach. There is a paddling pool available for children. Throughout your stay, you can partake in a number of activities, such as scuba diving and snorkeling, for an additional fee. You will encounter a variety of marine life and gorgeous corals as you explore the ocean floor. Additionally, certification is an option. In addition, free yoga classes are offered to assist you in finding your inner equilibrium after a swim.

  1. Geo Zanzibar Resort, Jambiani

The small Geo Zanzibar Resort in Jambiani offers attentive beachfront hospitality. 24 hours a day, it offers airport shuttle services to get you to and from the location quickly. You can have a free breakfast every day from 8 to 9:30 a.m. before exploring the island and participating in various activities. If you enjoy diving, you can do it away from the site. Please be aware that there is a separate charge for this amenity. Additionally, the reception is available to help you whenever you have questions because it is open around the clock.

  1. Hakuna Majiwe Beach Lodge, Paje

With its picturesque coastal setting, Hakuna Majiwe Beach Lodge will offer a peaceful haven in Paje. It guarantees privacy throughout your stay, with only 20 bungalows. One of the most popular activities here is diving. Indeed, Zanzibar offers more than 20 dive sites that are suitable for both novice and expert divers. Diverse species, including angelfish, clownfish, crayfish, lionfish, and parrotfish, can be found when you dive. If you’re underwater, you might even see dolphins, which would make the experience truly magical. You don’t need to worry about finding a place to eat because this resort has a restaurant on site that serves food made with regional ingredients.

  1. Villa Serenity; Paje

Villa Serenity in Paje provides upscale oceanfront lodging, making it a great starting point for leisure travelers. There are five tastefully furnished villas there, each with a private pool. You can take a private swim whenever you need to unwind or simply relax on the sun loungers.

 During your visit, a number of excursions are waiting for you. Diving is one of the most popular activities, but it costs extra. You can take part in the half-day excursion exploring the island’s southern region if you want to swim and interact with dolphins.

  1. Pearl Beach by Sansi; Michamvi

Michamvi, where Pearl Beach by Sansi is located, is only 90 minutes by car from Stone Town. For easy access to the sea, the establishment offers direct access to three private beaches. For an additional fee, this resort can assist you in planning excursions that include sports like scuba diving and snorkeling. The kids can play in the kid’s corner while you are busy exploring the ocean. In addition, qualified instructors lead yoga classes in the yoga pavilion on Mondays and Wednesdays.

  1. Zanzibar Bay Resort & Spa, Uroa

Zanzibar Bay Resort & Spa will work for you if you’re looking for a home away from home in Uroa. It has a restaurant, a wellness center, and 104 contemporary guest rooms. Additionally, there is an infinity pool where you can practice diving. You can easily book excursions whenever you want thanks to the location’s 24-hour reception. Make sure you dive and snorkel while visiting Zanzibar because of the island’s rich underwater scenery. Please be aware that diving activities will cost extra money.

  1. Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort Zanzibar, Kizimkazi

For vacationers and outdoor enthusiasts staying in Kizimkazi for a few days, Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort Zanzibar makes a great base. Along with tastefully furnished guest rooms, it has a jungle spa with a variety of body and beauty services.

You can also schedule a variety of activities through this resort, especially if you want to explore the ocean. No matter your level of experience, you can go diving thanks to a partnership with Eagle Ray Diving Center. Go on a diving trip that includes two dives and a light meal in between if you are more experienced. Join a fun dive with trained professionals watching over you if you’re a beginner. There are also longer excursions available here that last several days.

  1. Karafuu Beach Resort & Spa, Pingwe

The Karafuu Beach Resort & Spa is tucked away on a quiet beach in Pingwe, just 0.12 miles (0.2 km) from a sizable natural swimming pool. It has a diving center on site with knowledgeable instructors who can instruct you in all the fundamentals of diving. You can explore the sea with ease using the available professional diving equipment. You will come across a variety of species during your dive, including lionfish, lobsters, and anemones. The diving center specifically offers 15 complete sets of diving gear for rent. There are also two diving boats available to transport you to various dive sites.

The Top 10 Best Dive Resorts In Unguja
Karafuu Beach Resort & Spa, Pingwe
  1. Zanziblue; Matemwe

With its picturesque Matemwe beachfront setting, Zanziblue will provide you with the tranquil change of scenery you need. It can also set up particular activities for you to make the  most of your beach vacation. You can get to Mnemba Island, one of the most popular scuba diving spots in the area, after a brief drive and boat ride. At 7:30 a.m., a half-day trip departs. You can get up close and personal with a lot of fish and coral reefs when you dive here. This resort can arrange for you to have a professional diver if you require their assistance.

  1. Waikiki Resort Zanzibar; Pwani Mchangani

Waikiki Resort Zanzibar is committed to assisting you in Pwani Mchangani by offering well-appointed guest rooms and a variety of activities. It has a diving center where you can pay extra to arrange diving and snorkeling excursions. You can learn about the island’s wonderful underwater world through these excursions. You can wind down a long week every Friday at the Beach Club’s renowned Friday Night Party. The event, which typically lasts from 10:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., features dancing to the beats, tasty drinks, and socializing with other guests.


Unguja is renowned for its stunning coastal views and variety of marine life. As you get ready for your adventure, check out the top dive resorts in Unguja, Tanzania, listed above!