The Manta Resort

The Manta Resort : Tanzania’s First Hotel With A World-Class Underwater Room : The different world that The Manta Resort Hotel in Pemba Island, Tanzania, offers with an underwater room is unlike anything else. It is one of the few locations on earth where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of a traditional Swahili island culture that has been passed down through the generations.

On a gorgeous white beach with a view of the Pemba Channel’s crystal-clear waters, Manta Resort is located on the remote northwest tip of Pemba Island. Manta Resort is a romantic and extremely relaxing place, and it has one of the best swimming beaches in the entire Zanzibar Archipelago, as well as world-class diving.

This one-of-a-kind underwater room at The Manta Resort on the Zanzibari island of Pemba is undoubtedly making its way onto the proverbial “bucket list” of places to visit and stay if you are not afraid of having tropical fish and possibly even sharks peer through your bedroom window, 4 meters beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean.

Guests who are fortunate enough to stay for a night or longer will be treated to the spectacle of marine life on the reef below, which is accessible by boat from the shore of the main resort. During the day, the reef is illuminated by sunlight shining through the water, and at night, spotlights show the guests who and what is lurking out there in the waters around them.

The unusual space was created by Swedish architect Mikael Genberg, who in 2000 unveiled the first of these experimental rooms on a lake outside of Stockholm. Pemba can legitimately claim an African first for the introduction of such a novel idea because, despite being implemented in other parts of the world like Florida and the Maldives, the concept has never been seen anywhere on the African continent.

Pemba is known for some of Tanzania’s top diving locations, and despite being generally quieter than the main Zanzibari island of Unguja, it is also a destination with significantly fewer tourists. This is likely because getting there requires more time and money in terms of travel, either by flying to Pemba or taking a boat from Unguja or the mainland. However, visitors have left positive TripAdvisor reviews, indicating that this spot, along with the similarly remote Mafia Island, is a hidden gem for a tropical island getaway of a lifetime.


The Manta Resort is a serene, charming place with impressive architectural structures towering over the renowned Pemba Island. In East Africa, it is a unique establishment.

In the twenty-first century, Manta has no idea what noise or air pollution are. Just to be here, with the most basic of human needs, is phenomenal.

On this secret island, which is rich in Swahili culture, you will receive lovely sunrays that will cover your entire body and some fragrant fresh air from Mother Nature.

 A virtual representation of the Manta Resort shows a cutting-edge facility with a strong undercurrent of Swahili culture melded with modern designs set up in the middle of the forest.

Additionally, it overlooks the Indian Ocean’s pristine waters and boasts stunning views of pristine coral reefs despite being situated on a raised area of land.

 Since the introduction of its additional underwater room, The Manta Resort has continued to be a force to be reckoned with in the provision of pleasurable vacations. The dig expands on the 16 underwater rooms that already set this resort apart from others in East Africa.


Manta Resort offers 17 stylish and comfortable rooms in various price categories:

 Seafront Villas

The six newly constructed seafront villas are all air-conditioned, spacious, and private, with king-size beds and large en-suite bathrooms. A secluded sun terrace overlooks an amazing ocean sunset.

Superior Garden Rooms

Views of the sea can be found between the trees in the 4 Superior Garden Rooms. One set of rooms has a door that connects them, making it a great option for families or larger groups. The Superior Garden Rooms all have air conditioning, a king-sized four-poster bed, and a private terrace with makuti thatch.

Garden Rooms

The seven recently constructed garden rooms are makuti-thatched open-plan rooms located in the gardens. They all have king-sized beds with mosquito nets, an open-concept bathroom, and a welcoming verandah. There is no air conditioning in these rooms.

The Manta Resort
The Manta Resort


As you watch shoals of reef fish swim by, sometimes in three or four layers of different species above the reef floor, picture yourself enclosed within a turquoise blue bubble. You will have this breath-taking experience in the underwater room!  The three levels of the floating structure, which was designed in Sweden, are each an experience in and of themselves. The levels above the water are covered in local hardwood.

At sea level, the landing deck has a lounge area and a bathroom. A ladder ascends to the roof, where there is a seating area for sunbathing during the day and a place to lie back in the darkness and marvel at the extraordinary clarity of the stars and planets—all of which can be seen without any light pollution—at night. Sleep while listening to the gentle sound of the ocean.

Another option is an underwater bedroom, which offers the magical experience of lying on a plush double bed while being virtually completely surrounded by glass and watching shoals of reef fish and other exquisite, infrequently seen creatures pass by your windows. Some have settled in the area surrounding the room, giving them some measure of protection from predators. For instance, there are three bat fish and Nick the trumpet fish, who is constantly swimming and seems to be peering inside!

At night, the underwater spotlights placed beneath each window in the room draw the more elusive and unusual creatures, like squid. The reef’s inhabitants simply can’t resist the attraction, which makes for exciting viewing and a truly unique experience. Octopuses and even Spanish dancers have been seen attaching themselves to the glass panes.

 The Blue Hole, an anomaly in the coral reef that can be seen from the Manta Resort terrace, is where the Underwater Room is situated. It is about 50 meters wide and drops to a depth of 12 meters at high tide, about 250 meters offshore. A spherical gap filled with a lot of big coral heads and a lot of marine life. The ideal location for your submerged floating room

Restaurant and beach bar

Fresh, locally caught seafood and a variety of beef, chicken, and vegetable dishes, some of which have a distinctly Pemba touch, will be served to you by the Manta Resort staff. The main verandah overlooking the ocean is where most meals are served, but whenever possible, the pool deck and beach are also used for a change of scenery.

 Drinks are available all day on the beach and throughout the resort at the fully-stocked bar. Additionally, whenever you get hungry, you can indulge in delicious fruit platters and snacks!

With your toes in the warm sand and a gentle breeze cooling your skin, enjoy a “Lemongrass Ginger Sling” while watching the tide come and go. One of the calmest places on earth, with the sound of the waves breaking and a gorgeous sunset over the Pemba Channel!

 The bartenders at Manta Resort are experts in a wide range of sundowners and cocktails, and they will spoil you with fruit drinks and cocktails made with the finest, hand-picked island mango, lime, lemon, pineapple, and coconuts blended with a hint of rum to create distinctively smooth and refreshing drinks.


Dive sites all around Pemba Island are breathtaking. Pemba is one of the best dive sites in the world because of the pristine coral reefs that surround the entire island. With one of the healthiest coral reefs in the Indian Ocean, water that is an average of 26 degrees Celsius, and nearly daily visibility of 30 to 40 meters, Pemba is the ideal place to begin your diving adventure!

 Manta Resort’s Dive Center has everything you need, including a great training pool with two levels, qualified dive instructors, and guides to assist you with all your diving needs, in addition to the excellent natural water conditions.



Fantastic snorkeling can be found all around Pemba. The best locations are near the small islands at western Pemba’s entrance, like Njao and Fundo. The fish population is abundant, and the coral is excellent. At low tide, you can also go snorkeling in the lagoon,” right off the resort.


Utilize the various tours and excursions that Manta Resort provides to explore the isolated and fascinating island of Pemba. They are planned at the resort to suit your individual interests and can include visiting local villages on foot, taking a tour of the ancient Ngezi Forest, or looking for the Pemba Flying Fox.

All inclusive

Manta Resort has decided that everything at the resort, even your laundry, should be included in your stay because it is so far from practically everything. Your meals are personally served to you at your table on the verandah rather than placed on a buffet.

In addition to a free daily spa treatment per person at the Kipepeo Spa, there is free Wi-Fi in the main lounge and dining area. There will be no bill when you check out, excluding any excursions or scuba diving you choose. True to its word, the all-inclusive


It goes without saying that it will be expensive for you to stay in your own private, partially submerged hotel room.

A night for two people in the Manta Resort’s underwater room costs $1,500. Thus, one person would have to pay $750 per night.

In addition to the resort’s standard rates, which change depending on the time of year and how long you stay,

Visitors can now explore the underwater world more thoroughly than they ever could have imagined. They go scuba diving and get a close-up look at the distinctive beats and hues of the sea.