The Best Things To Do In Mwanza

The Best Things To Do In Mwanza, Tanzania : One of the largest lakes in Africa, Lake Victoria is well-known in some parts of the world as a result of the Mwanza-based “Darwin’s Nightmare” documentary. Even if you’ve never heard of the documentary, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Mwanza’s bustling port. Additionally, if that’s news to you, you may already be aware that it’s Tanzania’s second-largest city.

Even so, Mwanza has a few noteworthy locations despite not being a very popular tourist destination like Arusha, The stone town and Dar es Salaam. Additionally, the sizable lake gives the impression that you are by the sea. Mwanza is a fantastic location for historical learning and lakeside walks. It’s a great spot to unwind.


Mwanza, Tanzania’s second-largest city, has a population of about 1.2 million. It is characterized by highly dissected steep slopes, rocky hills, narrow interfluves, and river valleys, and is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Visitors are greeted by Mwanza City’s natural and refreshing weather, which comes from the River Nile’s source near the shore of Lake Victoria. Start your Mwanza adventure with wildlife safaris, boating and fishing on Lake Victoria or Rubondo Island. Tanzania’s fastest-growing city, Mwanza City, is a vibrant destination for culture and life. It serves as a hub for the African nations of the Great Lakes and as a transportation hub for many of Tanzania’s well-known tourist attractions, including the western and northern circuit wildlife safaris.

The Sukuma people live in Mwanza, and the Sukuma Museum is located at the Bujora Cultural Centre, about 16 kilometers outside of Mwanza City. You gain knowledge of the Wasukuma and their way of life. Their snake dances with rock pythons are well known. On Lake Victoria, boat cruises can be arranged so that you can experience a traditional boat while taking in the lake’s size. Mwanza City is only a two-hour drive from the Serengeti National Park, making a trip there fantastic. Here are the top 6 best things to do in Mwanza:

  1. Explore the lake by all means of transport: walk along the shore and take a trip on Lake Victoria.

Everyone visiting Mwanza should put taking a boat on Lake Victoria at the top of their list of things to do. You will have a better understanding of how life is around Lake Mwanza if you view the lake and the surrounding area from the boat. There are numerous paths that run along the shoreline as well.

Even if you don’t speak the same language, make an effort to engage with the locals. Tanzanians are friendly individuals who are interested in learning more about other nations. There are a few restaurants along the shore where you can have a drink and take in the scenery if you’re looking for a place to unwind.

  1. Big challenge: Count the rocks in Mwanza.

Mwanza is bordered by hills and boulders, which is unique among Tanzanian cities. It’s no accident that Mwanza is known as “Rock City.” Bismarck Rock is among the most well-known rocks in the area.

 Even without knowing any history, one can infer the German influences in this area simply from the names of the hills and rocks. If you want to plan a romantic picnic for the sunset, the small park next to Bismarck Rock is the best place to do it. Children may be bathing and playing in the water nearby during the day. If you’re brave enough, join them.

  1. Walk around monkeys and impalas in Saa Nane National Park.

Local Tanzanians are likely to recommend Saa Nane National Park if you ask them about attractions in Mwanza. Impalas and monkeys live on this rocky island. Even though the visit is ultimately quite expensive for non-citizens, many tourists still choose to go. It is accessible only by boat, and the entrance fee is not the most affordable for a national park. Locals enjoy it because it allows them to see some wildlife while still in the city and because the prices are significantly lower.

  1. Get a beaded bracelet at Maasai Market.
The Best Things To Do In Mwanza
bracelet at Maasai Market.

You can see Mwanza Maasai Market as you walk past the footbridge. Even though it’s not the biggest in the nation, there are some nice things being done locally. Locals handcraft the top-quality beaded jewelry. Additionally, you can buy some local medicine and other trinkets associated with Maasai culture here. Having a translator on hand is recommended because many people will only speak Swahili. Not only is this a place to shop, but it’s also a place to see Maasai art and crafts. It is vibrant and extremely varied.

  1. Go for a fun hike up Robert Koch Hill

The German mansion on Robert Kock Hill is what distinguishes it. A few Maasai now reside in the old mansion, which is in the heart of the city. With the exception of extremely hot weather, which may make it difficult to climb the hill, the trip up is fairly simple. Given that it’s not a well-known tourist destination, the path is not particularly clear. It’s an opportunity to meet locals. If you decide to visit Robert Koch Hill, be sure to return before sundown. Despite the fact that Tanzania is generally a safe country, you shouldn’t take any chances.

  1. Village life and cultural lessons at the Sukuma Museum in Bujora Village

Sukuma Museum, which is in the village of Bujora, is east of Mwanza and a good place to visit on clear, cool days. It is an outdoor museum where numerous traditional Sukuma homes are on display. The Royal Drum Pavilion and the 1958-built Round Church are also on the property. It is comparable to traveling across the nation using teleportation. A missionary priest founded the museum, and it is still connected to the church. As a result, the time of the service has an impact on the museum’s Sunday schedule.


Never miss out to explore the Mwanza city on your Tanzania safari. If you choose to stay in the city, you will pass the enormous Rock City Mall, which stands out from the neighborhood, on your approximately 30-minute taxi ride from the hotel. You could be dropped off at the main market and then explore the streets on foot, despite the fact that it was so large and only had a few shops in it.

You can walk past the train station and continue to the renowned Bismarck Rocks in the city center, which is bustling with activity from shoppers and businesspeople. These granite rocks, which are emblematic of Mwanza, are submerged in Lake Victoria. The busy Kamanga ferry station is not far from the Bismarck Rocks. From this point, ferry boats transport vehicles, people, and goods across the lake to various locations.

 You can eventually find Hotel Tilapia by walking around the Capri Point peninsula and stopping for a well-earned meal. Saanane Island National Park is directly across from the hotel, which is located on the lake’s edge. From the park’s administrative center, a quick boat ride will take you to this tiny national park. It is fantastic place for hiking, rock climbing, and bird watching.


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If Mwanza and Lake Victoria are not enough for you, continue your Tanzania exploration with a trip to Rubondo Island National Park starting from/in Mwanza. Since most visitors prefer to begin their Tanzania safari tours in Arusha, Mwanza is frequently linked to Serengeti and Ngorongoro tours as a finishing point. Make the most of your trip and schedule a few enjoyable weeks in Tanzania so that you can explore all of its wonders, regardless of the route you decide to take.