The Best Restaurants In Uroa

The Best Restaurants In Uroa , Zanzibar: The Top List! Uroa, one of the best Zanzibar beach destinations, is a small village on Zanzibar’s eastern coast, close to Chwaka Bay and Pongwe Beach. Despite being one of the best Zanzibar beach destination, it is less crowded when compared to other famous Zanzibar beach destinations such as Kendwa and Nungwi. Some of the best restaurants in Zanzibar are located in Uroa. Find the top eateries in Uroa, Tanzania, such as Ma Shaa Allah Cafe, Emerson Spice, Kambakocho Bar & Beach Restaurant, Tamu Italian Ice Cream, Tea House Restaurant, Puzzle Coffee Shop, and Zanzibar Coffee House Cafe. Here are some of the best Restaurants in Uroa:

Tea house restaurant

Emerson on Hurumzi is home to Zanzibar’s highest “tea house” restaurant, which offers breathtaking 360-degree views of Stone Town and the Indian Ocean. There is only one seating for dinner, and service starts promptly at 19.00. However, we welcome guests starting at 18.00 to take in the breathtaking sea and city sunsets. Due to limited seating, dinner at the Tea House restaurant at Emerson on Hurumzi requires a reservation and a deposit in order to be confirmed. The menu honors the pleasures of oriental Persian and Omani cuisine. The cuisine in the Tea House restaurant is designed to marry the culture and style of the building with the distinctive culinary heritage of the era.

Puzzle Coffee Shop

In Shangani, Stone Town, Zanzibar, there is a one-of-a-kind coffee shop called The Puzzle Coffee Shop. We brew the fantastic Tanzanian coffee in “Brazilian Style” because we simply adore the beverage. The Puzzle Coffee Shop is aptly named for the location where individuals can interact and form relationships. A pleasant setting where people can converse, mingle, and savor fantastic coffee, juices, and pastries. The service is concentrated on delivering the goods on schedule.

Kambakocho Beach Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Uroa Beach is Kambakocho Beach Restaurant, which is close to Palumbo Reef Resort. The Indian Ocean is beautifully visible from the restaurant. If you are a kitesurfer and stay at a hotel close to this restaurant, you won’t be let down because kitesurfing is a popular activity nearby.

There are many seafood dishes, as well as local and international cuisine, on the menu at Kambakocho Restaurant. Grilled lobsters, prawn curry, octopus curry, and seafood platters are some of the most popular seafood dishes. Additionally, thanks to the local fishermen, all seafood is fresh. Kambakocho Restaurant is a well-liked destination for vegetarians and vegans because it provides a variety of vegetarian dishes in addition to seafood. Therefore, it is still worthwhile for vegan visitors to go.

 Uroa Bay Restaurant

Uroa Bay Resort is one of the best restaurant in Uroa Beach. If you book a room here, you should eat at the hotel’s restaurant. The restaurant, known as Jua Restaurant, was built according to local custom using palm leaves and wood from the area. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served at the restaurant. You can also visit there solely for drinks.

Tuna Restaurant

Popular neighborhood eatery Tuna Restaurant is situated in Uroa village, right next to the beach. You can go to Tuna Restaurant if you’re in Uroa and looking for a cheap place to eat. A variety of seafood dishes, such as grilled lobster, octopus curry, and fish fillet served with rice and French fries, are available on the menu at Tuna Restaurant. The seafood is obtained from nearby fishermen, guaranteeing its quality and freshness. If you don’t like seafood, the restaurant also has a variety of vegetarian options.

Samaki Lodge Restaurant

Situated on Zanzibar’s Uroa Beach, it is one of the best small boutique hotel. One of the best restaurants is provided by the hotel and is well worth visiting. They offer a selection of dishes from both national and international cuisines, including Italian pizzas. You can walk on the beach and see this place; you are not required to be their guest to do so. Along with a restaurant, the boutique also has a spa that you can reserve even if you’re not staying there.

The Best Restaurants In Uroa
Samaki Lodge Restaurant


What Types of Cuisine Can I Order in Uroa Restaurants? Like other eateries in Zanzibar, restaurants on Uroa Beach serve local Zanzibar cuisine as well as fresh seafood, African, Indian, and Italian dishes.

Is Uroa Beach home to any vegetarian restaurants? Yes, we advise visiting Uroa Beach if you are a vegan to try any of the hotel’s restaurants. Like Uroa Bay Resort and Samaki Lodge, which cater to various travelers and offer a variety of dining options.

How Much Does a Meal Cost on Average in Uroa Beach? Depending on the kind of restaurant and the type of cuisine, a meal in a restaurant at Uroa can cost a variety of amounts. $7 to $50 on average

Do I need to make reservations before visiting restaurants in Uroa? At Uroa Beach, there is no need to make a reservation because, even during the busiest times of the year, the restaurants are typically open.

What Are a Few of Uroa’s Must-Try Dishes? Seafood platters, grilled lobster, and coconut curries are some of the must-try foods in Uroa and throughout Zanzibar.

Do restaurants in Uroa accept credit cards? Yes, the majority of restaurants in Uroa Beach accept credit cards, but it’s always a good idea to have cash on hand when traveling in Zanzibar because many establishments may not.