The Best Restaurants In Paje Beach

The Best Restaurants In Paje Beach , Zanzibar: The Top List! : Paje is one of the lovely beach communities on Zanzibar’s Unguja Island, situated on the island’s south-east coast. It is renowned for having a beautiful white sand beach and shallow, clear water, making it the ideal location for kitesurfers. However, it offers more than just a beach and opportunities for water sports; it is also home to some of the island’s top dining establishments. Here are a few of the top eateries in Paje that you can visit while there:

Mr. Kahawa Restaurant

If you’re looking for a calm, family-friendly place to enjoy some delectable local and international cuisine and drinks, this beachfront restaurant is ideal. Travelers can also stay at the location in rooms. It is definitely worthwhile to try their breakfast wrap, American pancakes, and vanilla cake.

Mahali Beach Restaurant

Mahali Beach Restaurant is the place to go if you want a top-notch fish burger. It is situated directly on a beach. There is always interesting entertainment on the beach, and you can eat lunch and dinner with your toes in the sand. In addition, they offer a wide variety of vegetarian options, including veggie curries and pumpkin soup. They will also prepare special meals for you if you request them.

Paje by Night Restaurant

A peaceful location close to the beach is the Paje by Night hotel. The best place to eat while visiting Paje Beach is at its restaurant. The hotel has a restaurant, an outdoor pool, and a free breakfast. The hotel is well-liked by tourists because of its distinctive features, which include nightly themed parties.

Rooftop Restaurant

The Rooftop Restaurant provides delicious regional cuisine at reasonable prices. This would also be your best choice if you already live in Paje or want to visit Paje on a tight budget. The eatery serves a variety of seafood entrees, such as grilled lobster, octopus, and calamari, along with rice or French fries. This location also offers a fantastic view of Paje Street in the evening, when the sun sets beautifully.

Mapacha Street Food Court

A wonderful haven of local Zanzibar cuisine that is vibrant, colorful, and fresh is the Mapacha Street Food Court. When visiting this restaurant, be sure to try the calamari, garlic and dill potatoes, coconuts, avocado, and passion fruit smoothies. When visiting Paje Beach, a lot of tourists who want to get a taste of local life come here.

Bausinga Restaurant

The Bausinga Restaurant in Paje is the place to go if you want to savor exquisitely balanced regional cuisine made with only the freshest ingredients from the neighborhood markets and fishermen. With your toes in the sand, you can enjoy a fantastic lunch or dinner here with regional cuisine. This restaurant was built locally using Makuti roofs.

Luciana Restaurant

In Paje Beach, Luciana Restaurant serves delicious regional cuisine. On TripAdvisor, they have gathered some of the best reviews. The eatery is named after Luciana, the owner, who acts like a mother by feeding her children. She puts a lot of effort into ensuring that her staff puts delicious food on the table. However, you must keep in mind that it is heavily based on regional cuisines.

Delight Zanzibar

Delight Zanzibar is a stunning stilted wood-building restaurant with a stunning terrace that looks out onto Paje Beach and the ocean. The restaurant offers fantastic breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and completely overlooks the Paje beach. For birthdays or other occasions, you can order cakes that will be made upon request. Italian pizza and other ethnic foods are available at Delight.

Ocean Restaurant

Fantastic food and first-rate service can be found at Ocean Restaurant. With dishes like tuna steak, octopus, and calamari curries, the food is delectable, and the service is excellent. The best restaurants in Paje are concluded by this establishment, but there are still many others that are less well-known but serve the best cuisine.

The Best Restaurants In Paje Beach
Ocean Restaurant


What types of cuisine can I order in Paje restaurants? In its restaurants, Paje serves a wide variety of cuisines, including seafood, African, Indian, Italian, and native Zanzibar dishes.

Do Paje Beach restaurants serve vegetarian food? Yes, there are a number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Paje Beach. Mahali Beach Restaurant, which has a large selection of vegetarian dishes, is one of the suggested options.

 How Much Does a Meal Cost on Average in Paje Beach? With prices ranging from $8 to $75, the average meal at restaurants in Paje Beach is reasonably priced.

Do I need to make reservations before visiting restaurants in Paje? Typically, reservations are not required when going to a restaurant in Paje Beach. However, if you are traveling in a large group or during a busy season, it might be a good idea to make a reservation.

What Are A Few Must-Try Cuisines In Paje Beach? Try the seafood platters, grilled lobster, and coconut curries if you’re at Paje Beach. Veggie curry and pumpkin soup from Mahali Beach Restaurant, as well as breakfast wraps, American pancakes, and vanilla cake from Mr. Kahawa, are other dishes you should try.

Do restaurants in Paje Beach accept credit cards? Although some restaurants on Paje Beach may accept credit cards, it is advised to bring cash when traveling to Zanzibar because many establishments do not.