The Best Restaurants In Kiwengwa Beach

The Best Restaurants In Kiwengwa Beach , Zanzibar: The Top List! One of the best places to stay in Zanzibar is at Kiwengwa Beach, which is renowned for its gorgeous powdery white sand and breathtaking ocean waves. There are a number of fantastic restaurants in the area, so if you’re a foodie looking for the best place to eat while on a Zanzibar beach vacation then your luck, since  Kiwengwa has everything for you.  Here are some of the best restaurants in Kiwengwa Beach:

La Base Jungle Kite

One of the top restaurants in Kiwengwa Beach is La Base Jungle Kite. The staffs are welcoming, and the food is always fresh. We advise you to have lunch at this restaurant. Because you can enjoy your meal while observing various beach activities, particularly kitesurfing, during the day. Alternatively, kite surfers can arrive earlier and partake in their preferred water sport on the beach before visiting La Base Jungle Kite for some delectable fare.

Zan View Restaurant

The Zan View Hotel is the place to go if you’re looking for a restaurant with an amazing view. The hotel’s restaurant provides sweeping views of the beach and the village below from its vantage point atop a hill overlooking the Indian Ocean. The seafood is always fresh and authentically Zanzibari. You won’t be let down by the vegetarian selections or the pizzas if you’re a vegan.

 La Capannina Restaurant

The La Pili Residence Hotel’s La Capannina restaurant is well-known for fusing Italian and African cuisine. Every traveler can find something on the extensive menu, which features everything from breakfast to lunch and dinner. The staffs are pleasant and accommodating, and the restaurant has a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Mvuvi Beach Restaurant

It’s all about the fusion of Swahili and Mediterranean flavors at Mvuvi Beach Restaurant. The restaurant creates modern dishes that are both aesthetically pleasing and delectable using locally and seasonally sourced ingredients from Zanzibar and the Tanzanian mainland. Due to the restaurant’s prime beachfront location, obtaining fresh seafood from nearby fishermen is simple.

Moyo Restaurant by Zanzibella

Popular with visitors at Kiwengwa, the Moyo Restaurant is situated inside the Zanzibella Resort. The eatery combines regional flavors and ingredients with European design and aesthetics. The end result is a distinctive culinary experience that showcases Zanzibar’s varied cultural influences. The food is made both healthy and delicious by using exotic fruits, fresh vegetables, and aromatic local spices.

The Best Restaurants In Kiwengwa Beach
Moyo Restaurant by Zanzibella


What types of cuisine can I order in Kiwengwa restaurants? Fresh seafood, African, Indian, Italian, and local Zanzibar cuisine are just a few of the culinary options available at restaurants in Kiwengwa Beach.

 Do Kiwengwa Beach restaurants serve vegetarian food? Yes, we advise trying a restaurant inside the hotel if you’re a vegan at Kiwengwa Beach. Hotels cater to different travelers, each of whom may have different food preferences.

How Much Does a Meal Cost on Average in Kiwengwa Beach? Depending on the kind of restaurant and the cuisine, a meal at Kiwengwa can be expensive or inexpensive. However, the typical price of a meal for two can range from $10 to $55.

Do I need to make reservations in advance before visiting restaurants in Kiwengwa? At Kiwengwa Beach, reservations are not required. If you visit during the busy season, it is suggested that you make reservations in advance.

 What Are Some of Kiwengwa’s Must-Try Dishes? Seafood platters, grilled lobster, and coconut curries are some of the dishes you must try at Kiwengwa Beach and throughout Zanzibar.

 Do Kiwengwa restaurants accept credit cards? Although the majority of Kiwengwa’s restaurants do accept credit cards, it’s always a good idea to have cash on hand when traveling to Zanzibar because many locations do not accept credit cards.


You made the right choice if you intend to stay in Kiwengwa Beach because there are many dining options available there. You will find something, whether you are looking for regional food or flavors from around the world. Additionally, if you want to go to Stone Town to see more options, you can take a taxi from Kiwengwa to Stone Town.