The Best Hotels on Zanzibar Island

The Best Hotels on Zanzibar Island : The Accommodations on Zanzibar Island range from Budget Accommodations , Midrange accommodations and Luxury Accomodations


The Zanzibar Serena Hotel is ideally located in two exquisitely restored historical structures in the center of fabled Zanzibar Stone Town and offers ample leisure, delectable cuisine, and close proximity to all the attractions of this most magical of Spice Islands.


The Zanzibar Serena Hotel is surrounded by an exotic medley of sultan’s palaces, Portuguese forts, historic dhow harbors, and vibrant bazaars. It is located on the seafront of historical Stone Town on Zanzibar Island.


The Zanzibar Serena Hotel’s lodging is a refuge of comfort and shade. They are built in the typical Swahili style, with lofty ceilings, shuttered windows, and cool white walls. The majority of the beds are four-posters with net drapes, with exquisite side tables, vanity units, and louver doors leading to balconies, some of which have enormous free-standing hammocks. The hotel compose of 51 total rooms, including a presidential suite, executive suites, a honeymoon suite, prime rooms, 15 standard rooms with king-size beds, twin rooms, and 6 standard rooms with convertible beds.


Variety of Activities can be done in Zanzibar Serena hotel include guided Zanzibar Stone Town Tours, Spice Tours, Dhow cruises, exquisite island getaways, dolphin, turtle, and humpback whale viewing, Swahili feasts with live Taarab music, and access to the Serena’s private beach retreat at Mangapwani Beach by free shuttles. All of these activities and a lot more will undoubtedly create a lasting impression of a joyous new year on Zanzibar Island.


The climate of Zanzibar Island is characteristic of the Equatorial region. With a cooler time from June to October, the weather is hot and dry from December to March. The continuous rains often start in November and last until the end of May, when the severe rains occur. Zanzibar’s climate is ideal for an enjoyable beach vacation.


The Zanzibar Serena hotel is located in Stone Town, which is in Zanzibar City’s “Old Town,” which is on the western coast of the aforementioned island. The flight to Zanzibar’s international airport from the mainland takes around 20 minutes. Daily flights connect Nairobi, the northern safari circuit, Tanga, Arusha, and Dar es Salaam with Zanzibar (Kenya). Daily ferries and speed boats connect Zanzibar with Pemba and Dar es Salaam, respectively. The cab ride from Zanzibar Town to the airport, which is located 7 kilometers to the south, takes 15 minutes. The hotel offers airport shuttles upon request, The Best Hotels on Zanzibar Island


The Zanzibar Park Hyatt is a spectacular beachside hotel located in the center of Zanzibar Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the midst of Stone Town’s maze of winding alleys, lively markets, mosques, and famous Zanzibari doors with exquisite elaborate wooden carvings, the hotel offers the ideal refuge. The Forodhani Gardens, the Old Fort, the Old Dispensary, the Peace Memorial Museum, the Palace Museum, and the House of Wonders may all be reached by foot.

The Best Hotels on Zanzibar Island
Hyatt Park Zanzibar


Discover the Zamani Residence at Zanzibar Park Hyatt for a novel dining experience. Here, visitors may choose from a number of fine restaurants serving both genuine cuisine and more informal fare. The Zamani Residence has a living room, dining room, and kitchen in the residential style, as well as a library and veranda. With varied décor and a laid-back aesthetic, the design aims to evoke a cozy feeling. Local fish dishes are our specialty at our Pool Lounge, which is located next to the oceanfront infinity pool and serves them alongside classic western salads, sandwiches, and snacks. Every bar and restaurant has its own oceanfront patio with views of the nearby beach and the Indian Ocean, The Best Hotels on Zanzibar Island

Beach house

Zanzibar Stone Town’s premier sunset-facing communal dining is only a 5-minute walk from Zanzibar Park Hyatt, our beachside restaurant & bar. Where history and storytelling reunite residents and visitors from around the world for sundowners and smiles.

Library and veranda

Enjoy a cool cocktail before or after supper or a leisurely get-together with friends especially on the coming New Year celebration. With unique art and a large collection of literature on Zanzibar Island’s history and heritage, the upscale yet laid-back atmosphere has a residential feel and an attractive lounge area with luxurious sofas, cozy corners, and tasteful lighting.

The Veranda, an exquisite yet relaxed area that connects the Library to the Dhow Harbor and the Indian Ocean beyond, is the perfect place to unwind and take in the breathtaking views. The adjacent Court Yard is perfect for a casual get-together with friends or for escaping with a book in hand, The Best Hotels on Zanzibar Island

Room service

Take advantage of our room service menu’s delicious snacks. We offer the meal you’re looking for on our menu, whether you want a drink or a snack. We provide a wide selection of breakfast and all-day dining options of which will make your New Year vacation to the most enjoyable on Zanzibar Island.

Pool lounge

Guests can enjoy a light lunch, an afternoon snack, or a refreshment while basking in the midday sun, engaging in leisurely, friendly conversation, or simply relaxing while taking in the breathtaking views at the Pool Lounge, which is situated by the Oceanfront Infinity Pool and overlooks Stone Town’s beach and the azure waters of the Indian Ocean beyond. Everyone loves this most spectacular moment, especially on New Year’s Eve.