Serengeti Big 5

Serengeti big 5. Serengeti big 5 are animals that were deemed hard-to-hunt or poach by early hunters who traversed Africa on hunting sprees. One of the best hunting destination back in the day in Tanzania was the Serengeti National Park, which inhabited a great variety of wildlife including the big 5 animals that proved an obstacle to travelers. The big 5 animals that the hunters found hard to hunt include elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards and rhinos. Serengeti National Park back in the day inhabited a great variety of such animals. Today, all the big 5 animals can still be found and seen in Serengeti National Park, but at greatly reduced numbers, especially the rhinos which if one is to see may need patience and an experienced safari guide or park ranger to locate them.

  1. Leopards

Leopards in Serengeti National Park make up the Serengeti big 5 animals most sought after by travelers looking to spot out some of these species in their natural habitat. Leopards are generally shy creatures, and as such can be elusive, shy that they tend to be more nocturnal. With a keen eye and a good safari guide however, you could easily spot leopards in Serengeti National Park, usually seen up on tree branches. The best area to see leopards in Serengeti National Park is in the dense forests or in trees. The Seronera Valley is also a great place to look out for leopards in Serengeti National Park.

  1. Lions

Lions are one of the Serengeti big 5 animals, and one of the most sought after Tanzania safari animal sighting in the wild by travelers who visit Tanzania on Tanzania safari tours. Almost every travelers who visits Tanzania looks to spot out lions, prides of lions in the wilderness. You are surely going to see a number of lions in Serengeti National Park while on your Serengeti wildlife safari. Serengeti national Park is one of the best Tanzania safari parks, and Africa safari park to visit and be rewarded with amazing sights of lions, with possibilities of spotting even more than one pride of lions. You could also most easily see lions hunting, or devouring their meal in Serengeti National Park. Serengeti National Park is one of the best places to see lions in the wild, and is known to have the highest lion population.

  1. Elephants
Serengeti Big 5
Serengeti Big 5

The African elephant is another of the Serengeti big 5 animals that travelers look to encounter while on a Serengeti National Park safari. Elephants are easily seen in Serengeti National Park given their large population, with over 7,535 individuals recorded in the Serengeti-Mara region. Elephants are social animals that live in herds of up to 24 members. Todate however, elephants are still highly poached especially for their tusks that make amazing ivory and quite expensive in the market.

  1. Buffaloes

The African buffalos, also known as the cape buffalos, are in plenty in Serengeti national Park, with over 62,000 individuals recorded. Buffalos, with their wise-looking gaze are one of the most dangerous animals in the world, especially loners that can easily charge at you. Buffalos are social animals also living in herds, with some being seen in large herds of almost 100 individuals.

  1. Rhinos

Rhinos are a rare sight in Serengeti national Park, but yet still in existence in the park. Rhinos in Serengeti National Park are usually seen near kopjes in the Seronera area of Serengeti national park. With the help of an experienced guide, you could spot rhinos in Serengeti National Park. Given that rhinos in Serengeti National Park are often times hard to spot, most travelers add the Ngorongoro Crater to their Serengeti National Park safari to increase their chances of spotting them, to complete their big 5 animals list in Tanzania.

Apart from the Serengeti bi 5 animals, there are so many other animals in Serengeti national Park that travelers can look towards to spotting while on a Serengeti national park safari. Other animals in Serengeti National park include wildebeests, zebras, giraffes, antelopes, hyenas, wild dogs, among so many others. other wildlife to look out for while on a Serengeti national Park safari include birds, butterflies, plant species and so much more.

Serengeti national Park is an amazing and most sought after Tanzania safari destination that travelers can visit all throughout the year, solely, or in combination with other Tanzania safari parks with some travelers extending their visit to Maasai Mara National Reserve Kenya. For whatever kind of Serengeti safari you are looking to experience, get in touch and get an amazing Serengeti National Park safari package and get an opportunity to spot out the different Serengeti big 5 animals among other animals.