Price for a Safari to Zanzibar

Price for a Safari to Zanzibar : Zanzibar is a worldwide known tourist destination in Tanzania. It is famous for its beautiful features, history, and a perfect place to escape the world. This has been a place on most people’s bucket lists for a long time. Many people think that Stone Town is the capital city of Zanzibar but not. The capital city of Zanzibar is Zanzibar Town in which Stone Town is situated in. Stone Town is a must-see when you visit Zanzibar because you get to see natural streets, cross-town buildings, cultural artifacts, and the large spice market on all Zanzibar islands.

A surprising fact about Zanzibar is that it is not just a single island as most have been anticipating. There are several small islands and two larger ones. The biggest islands are Zanzibar and Pemba Island. There is Mafia Island which is also a part of Tanzania.

The total population of Zanzibar is about 1.3 million. Zanzibar is a Swahili-speaking nation and the Islam is the most dominant religion in Zanzibar, Price for a Safari to Zanzibar .


Zanzibar is majorly known for its tourism. Therefore, expect accommodations like hotels, hostels, and lodges to be pricy. Starting with the hotel, let’s see some of them and the costs;

Stone Town 

These are the best hotels for the high season when the island is highly jam-packed. Double Tree by Hilton costs $ 115 a night after all taxes and fees, Dhow palace costs $ 72 a night. You can book those hotels a few days before arriving in Zanzibar.

Price for a Safari to Zanzibar
Stone town

Jambiani Paje 

These are hotels located on the Eastern side of the island. The best hotel to stay at is Geo Hotel costs $ 73 a night.

Nagwi Zanzibar 

In Nangwi there are a lot of expensive resorts. You can stay in the Opera hotel which costs $ 91. This hotel is very basic and I would recommend it. It is because this part is out of the beach and you will have to drive.

The average price paid for hotels in Zanzibar after taxes and other fees is $ 93 a night for hotels.


For those on a tight budget, there are hostels to which you can stay to cut off the expensive accommodation costs. Along the streets of stone town, there are a lot of hostels, Price for a Safari to Zanzibar .

Zlife Hostel is a popular hostel where people who have a tight budget safari to Zanzibar Island like to stay. Ladies’ dorm costs $ 15 for a night’s sleep while Alone rooms cost $ 29 a night. I highly recommend staying in hostels, shared villas, or bungalows if you are trying to cut down on the accommodation costs in Zanzibar.


Eating in Zanzibar is very affordable compared to other places in the world. Let’s start with a more expensive dining experience because this is what you want to plan for in your budget.

The Rock Restaurant: this is an amazing dining experience. You can pay around $ 20 and $ 30 for seafood.

Fishermen Restaurant: this is the restaurant which you can choose to eat at in Zanzibar. It is located in Nugwi. At this place, you will plate of food costs around $ 15, and other food items costs around $ 25.

Emerson Tea House: this is one of the places you will love eating at in stone town, Zanzibar. It has an amazing dining experience. It has a set menu and costs $ 40 per person for that set menu.

The above are examples of more expensive places to eat in Zanzibar. The average payment for eating at those places is $ 8 to $ 15 for a plate of food at the restaurants. That price is just for normal meals.

Drinks: for those who love to take drinks such as wines. The average payment for wine is from $ 4 to $ 8 a glass. This cost of wine is even at nice places like bars.

If you are on a low-budget safari there are a lot of street foods mostly Zanzibar pizza, kinds of seafood, and shawarma. You will enjoy street foods and local cuisines. The local food is very cheap and the average cost is $ 2.

To sum up, on food, the average cost of a normal breakfast and lunch is around $ 5 to $ 10 a day. You can also have a nice dinner with a couple of drinks. On average per day your food bill will be around $ 50 or less. But these total costs will depend on how much you drink in a day, Price for a Safari to Zanzibar .

Activities to do at Zanzibar

Let us talk about some of the activities and how much is paid for them.

Boating: for those who love getting out on boating. When you go to Mnemba Island the original pay is $ 220 to be taken out for snorkeling and hanging out. You can have a negotiation on the price and the most boat carries a minimum of four people.

Price for a Safari to Zanzibar
Mnemba Island

One person moving by boat pays a total of $ 43 to be taken around the Indian Ocean and to other small islands within the Ocean.

Scuba Diving: in Zanzibar diving is very affordable. You can come for east Africa diving in Zanzibar. When you are going for scuba diving, you go with all the equipment and you can choose to dive alone which is awesome, or dive with your fellow. The cost of diving is $ 100 for two east African scuba dives.

If you are on the east side of Jambiani Paje and you want to learn the diving courses, you can do that with group lessons for three days. The average price for the learning is around $ 900 for 3 days of group learning.

Cuva Cave: there is a Cuva cave to which you can love going. It is just $ 10 per person to get in.

Price for a Safari to Zanzibar
Cuva cave

Biking: you can have a bike delivered to the hotel. You will have biking at the beach for a $ 5 bike rental per day.

The average payment for all activities per day is $ 20 per person. Of course, You will a super fun and inexpensive activities in Zanzibar.

An approximate amount required for full unjoyful day at Zanzibar is $163. Therefore, you, will require $ 163 a day for your Zanzibar Safari Tour  that includes almost everything, with the exception of entrance fees.