Pemba Vs. Zanzibar Island

Pemba Vs. Zanzibar Island : Which One Is Better? And Which One Should I Visit? Most tourists feel the need to rest and relax after their strenuous Africa wildlife safari excursions or climbs of Mount Kilimanjaro before flying back home. Tanzania’s Pemba and Zanzibar islands are your best bets. They are regarded as the best beach destination in East Africa, and each of them has its benefits. If you’re having trouble choosing, keep reading so you can choose which island to visit.

Both Pemba and Zanzibar, formerly known as Unguja, are islands that make up the Zanzibar archipelago. Pemba is located just 50 kilometers (141 miles) to the north of Zanzibar. The two islands, which together cover about 400 square miles, are the largest in the archipelago.

Zanzibar was a popular destination for tourists even long before tropical vacations became popular. It started as an ancient trading port in East Africa and now offers a “melting pot” of various fascinating traditions and histories. There are countless beaches to visit with gorgeous, clear waters, which are the ideal ingredients for a lovely beach vacation. There are many hotels with roof terraces, so one can also gaze out over the vast beauty of the area from one’s roof.


Zanzibar is Africa’s most well-known island for beach vocation. It is governed in a semi-autonomous manner and is actually an archipelago of islands. The main island, Zanzibar—officially known as Unguja—is easily reachable from Dar es Salaam and other locations. Additionally, you can find inexpensive flights from Pemba Island to Zanzibar Island.

Zanzibar Island was one of the first trading ports in East Africa. In addition to being a major spice route, it was also once used to transport slaves. Slaves used to be held on Prison Island, which is close to Zanzibar, before being transported elsewhere. Although it is now in ruins, you can still go there to see the giant tortoises because it is still a natural reserve. The largest town in Zanzibar is Stone Town, where you can take a tour and appreciate the architecture. You can also go on a spice tour. A world-famous spice tour will take you around and show you how the spices are harvested. You will also be served food that has been prepared with those spices.

 Furthermore, Zanzibar is home to the renowned The Rock restaurant. During low tide, you can walk to the restaurant, which is perched on a rock in the ocean, and during high tide, you can take a boat. The cuisine is also excellent. A lot of excellent snorkelers travel to Zanzibar because it is a top snorkeling location. Nearby islands are well-known for their kite surfing. You will adore Zanzibar if you enjoy kiteboarding. Dhow travel is another option for seeing the sunset.

Is Zanzibar for me?

The simplest trip to any of the islands is to Zanzibar. From Dar es Salaam, the flight takes only a few minutes. There are many other activities to do, such as wandering through the historic streets, hunting for hidden treasures in the shops, and going sailing if you are not interested in spending a lot of time unwinding or swimming on the beach. You can do a lot of things here on any budget.

Zanzibar may occasionally seem busy due to its high level of popularity. It is crucial to be aware of this when you are organizing your Zanzibar holiday trip. One can plan a trip so that it is possible to include the full scope of their true desires with a little self-education. There are many places where one can unwind, relish, and “take in” the peace and beauty of the surroundings.


Pemba is less developed for tourism than Zanzibar because it is farther away. One of Tanzania’s best islands is this one. Zanzibar is about 75 kilometers away. Omani sailors also refer to the island as El Huthera. It refers to the color green because the island is emerald green. Visitors simply adore it because it is completely untainted. The beach’s white sands and turquoise waters are alluring.

Pemba Vs. Zanzibar Island
Pemba Island

Here, snorkeling and scuba diving are very popular. Divers from all over the world come to Pemba Island to dive and observe the abundant marine life that resides among the corals. Snorkelers from all over the world enjoy coming here to dive. Snorkeling and scuba diving beginners can learn here because there are places for them to do so.

Is Pemba Island for me?

Pemba Island is smaller than Zanzibar but slightly more “natural”.  Many tourists typically choose the closer and busier island because it is significantly less developed and requires an additional “hop over the water.” Due to this propensity, Pemba Island will be more sedate and private when one decides which locations or beaches they would like to visit while traveling around the island. Compared to traveling to the crowded city of Stone Town, it will be less crowded, and there will be more to see. Additionally, there aren’t many lodges on the island, which makes for a more laid-back and relaxed experience. Additionally, the numerous small, serene, and historic fishing towns are great for admiring the natural beauty of the region. The island is covered in banana, coconut, and spice plantations, and the beaches are peaceful and uninhabited.

Ready to cool off.

Pemba is more straightforward and rural than Zanzibar. On Zanzibar, one won’t find all of the exquisite and ornate presentations. Pemba is entirely about nature, beaches, coral gardens, walks, and relaxation in paradise. It is also known as the “Green Island” due to its stunning natural surroundings.  To put it briefly, both islands are excellent for rest and recuperation. It all depends on your preferences; if you have the time, we advise you visiting both.