Luxury and yet affordable prices to explore Zanzibar

Luxury and yet affordable prices to explore Zanzibar : Explore the beauty of the wonderful white powdery beaches of Zanzibar at very affordable prices but with unforgettable experience beyond your expectations. We offer the perfect beach life in Africa, as Zanzibar was named as the leading beach destination in Africa by the World Travel Awards of 2022.  The spectacular beach life that cannot be experienced elsewhere is found in Zanzibar, it about time for you to have this wonderful experience and explore this spicy island.

The prices to stay in Zanzibar varies due to many factors such as accommodation, the number of days you plan to stay in Zanzibar , the number of activities you want to participate in and many more factors.  The cheapest time to have your vacation in Zanzibar is during the early October, the early bookings are also one of the way to get the best vacation and at affordable prices. You should plan to spend up to 47 USD per day while on the tour to Zanzibar.

The solo trips packages comes with lower prices, the family vacation of 4 people and the couple packages are also available. The perfect way to have your vacation and at very affordable prices is to make a full research before travelling. There are many safari companies which offers the best packages for your trip, its best to look for a perfect safari company and I would advise the Focus East Africa safari has it has the perfect packages that can meet your budget. There are weekly packages, monthly, 3 days packages to Zanzibar and any kind of package that will suit your schedule.

Most of the safari packages that are arranged by the safari companies covers the accommodation cost for the number of days your planning to stay in Tanzania, food, transport cost while moving from one place to another in Zanzibar,( the international flights costs are not involved), the entry fee to different attraction centers in Zanzibar, food and water.

The accommodations in Zanzibar prices in Zanzibar

 The prices of the accommodations vary depending on the location of the accommodation, dates of when you’re visiting, season as well as the level of luxury. There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to accommodation as there are average accommodations, semi luxury as well as the luxurious hotels, the choice depends on your budget.  There are accommodations that offers the great scenery and beautiful views that are found on different beaches that are found in Zanzibar, they are prices are higher compared to the once that are out if the beaches.  The average accommodation prices for average hotel in Zanzibar can cost up to 43 USD per couple.  The accommodation cost for one person per day cost up to 22 USD while for the double occupancy is about 43 USD. The accommodation for the family varies and they are prices are cheaper, because the rooms can be shared also the prices for the children tickets are relatively cheap.

Luxury and yet affordable prices to explore Zanzibar
Zanzibar Island

The transport cost While in Zanzibar

The daily transport cost per Day can range between 10 USD per person; there are different transport mode which includes the public transport as well as taxis, local buses and the subways.  You will need to move from one place to another for different tourism activities, the internal transport costs are normally covered by the local safari company that you will use to travel.  The rental cars are also available in Zanzibar, the cost of the rental car varies on the type of the car, dates that you will need to rent, location as well as the age of the tourist. The rental cars will help you to move easy from one place to another and at any time that you will prefer.

Meals prices in Zanzibar

The costs of the meals are normally covered by the travelling safari company that you will use to travel; it’s normally calculated in the total cost budget that you will pay.  The estimated meals costs are about 10 USD per day per person.  The price of the meals normally varies, while the breakfast costs are normally cheaper compared to the lunch or dinner.  They  also varies depending on the place where you will have your meals, prices of  the street foods or fast food are relatively cheap compared to the food served at the restaurants and different hotels. Have a taste of the spicy street food that are cheap, and taste the foods of the people of Zanzibar which reflects the culture and identity of the people.

Prices for the entertainment

The prices for the tickets to different entailment places and halls can range up to 6 USD; the prices can go higher depending on the individual spending on beverages and alcohol.  When you’re on a solo trip it’s a right time and place to make friends on different famous bars, grab few drinks and make new friends. The average cost for bottled drinking water is 0.72 USD per person per day, the public water in Zanzibar are normally not considered as healthy, Luxury and yet affordable prices to explore Zanzibar

Tipping the guides or service providers

 Tipping is normally considered as the best way to appreciate the good services that is offered to you with different people. The cost for tipping can range between 3.04 USD per day, it’s not a must to do tipping, but it’s a polite way to appreciate the people who are always make sure you have the best time while in Zanzibar.

Main activities to do while in Zanzibar,

There are many activities that will not disappoint you, and makes your holiday one of the most unforgotten experiences

  • Snorkeling, one of the activities that is done of most of the beaches in Zanzibar, explore the waters, the beauty of the natural life under the waters at just affordable prices.
  • Swimming can be done all the time while in Zanzibar; the weather of Zanzibar is friendly and will always accommodate you to swim any time of the day or night. The weather condition is normally warm and hence the warm sweet waters, will always entertain you and you will have the perfect experience, Luxury and yet affordable prices to explore Zanzibar.
  • Visiting the stone town, and many old historical places in Zanzibar, the best way to learn about the history, the culture and the slave trade markets that took place many years ago in this land.
  • The visit to the spicy land, must lead you to visit the spicy farm that has many different species have the perfect aroma. Zanzibar is also known as the spicy island because of this spices, after the visit to the farm get some of the spices to take home with you.
  • Sunset Dhow cruise, it’s a great way to watch the beautiful sunset on the blue waters of Indian Ocean. Its unforgettable sights that can only be attained, the warm smiling local dhow cruisers will help you have this amazing experience.