Kuza Cave

Kuza Cave, A Best-Kept Cultural Secret In Zanzibar Island : Find out more about this old limestone rainforest cave and its blue, fresh water! We cordially invite you to explore Kuza Cave, one of Zanzibar’s best-kept secrets. It is an old limestone jungle cave with pristine turquoise freshwater. The spacious, circular cave is easily accessible, and there is a welcome area with a café and a sizable shaded space where you may purchase food and beverages. A tranquil nature preserve, the region around the cave is home to a variety of animals, including Red Colobus monkeys, vibrant butterflies, numerous birds, chindi, and bush babies.


One of Zanzibar’s best-kept secrets is the Kuza Cave. An old limestone rainforest cave with turquoise, fresh water can be found there. Access to the cave is simple, and there is a welcome area with a restaurant and a sizable shaded space where you may purchase food and beverages.

A tranquil nature preserve, the region surrounding the cave is home to a variety of animals, including red-stump monkeys, colorful butterflies, numerous birds, and bush babies. As the cave is very sheltered, Kuza is a fantastic all-weather attraction for families. Several people choose swimming in the cave as the highlight of their trip to Zanzibar because they feel so rejuvenated afterward.

Also, there is a longer trip that can be scheduled that explores the geology and archaeology of the cave. The visit can be scheduled in conjunction with a lesson in Swahili cooking followed by lunch, a lesson in drumming and dancing, or a lecture in Swahili history and music.

Did you know that it takes a cave over a hundred thousand years to build and enlarge to the point where a person can fit inside? Over 250 000 years ago, Kuza Cave was formed. Yes, it’s fascinating. Hence, if you choose to visit Kuza Cave, you are actually entering a historical location.

You may expect to feel as though you are in the thick of the wild at this hidden gem in the east of Zanzibar because it is surrounded by bush. The locals think swimming in this particular body of water will cure illnesses. The discovery of 2000 BC human and animal bones as well as some cooking utensils is another fascinating fact. 50 meters of the cave’s depth


You only need to show up and purchase a ticket if you select a package that includes only cave visits in addition to drum lessons and traditional dancing. Given that there are occasionally a lot of people, you should go early in the morning if you want the cave to yourself and the iconic photos of you swimming in the cave and being surrounded solely by pristine waters.

Water can occasionally be chilly. It depends on the season and the weather (wind, rain, etc.). The water in Kuza Cave was frigid the first time I went there. Even though it later felt revitalizing, I had trouble entering. When I returned to the cave a second time, the water was about 25°C, and it was easy to jump into the turquoise pool.

 It could be difficult for you to enter the water if you normally feel colder. I advise you to bring warm towels.

Kuza Cave
Kuza Cave


There are two packages you can choose from:

The first package includes a journey through the untamed jungle that leads to the cave, cave swimming, drum lessons, and traditional dancing instruction. As there are no set beginning times, you can organize it yourself. The second package includes a walk through an untamed jungle that leads to a cave, swimming there, drumming lessons with dancing, and Swahili culinary instruction with lunch.


  • You will discover the history and archaeology of Zanzibar while having the opportunity to swim in a cave.
  • The Kuza Cave project establishes a nature sanctuary for Zanzibar’s distinctive monkeys, birds, and fauna while aiding Jambiani Education Initiatives.
  • You only take actions that make you comfortable. If you’re reluctant to dance, there’s no pressure. Nonetheless, I believe it would be tough to resist the sounds of Africa.
  • You will have the opportunity to discover traditional African music and cuisine.
  • You’ll appreciate how authentically African food tastes.
  • It is inexpensive.


  • Be prepared to share a cave pool with others because it might get busy occasionally, especially during the busy season. But, dancing with others and creating African sounds can also be enjoyable when taking drum and dance courses.
  • Although there is no restaurant open during the off-peak, taking the tour and swimming in the cave may leave you feeling relaxed, worn out, and hungry. You should bring food with you since the cave is surrounded by nature, and if the restaurant is closed. Only the bundle without cooking instructions will benefit from this advice. Dogs are present. You should take this into consideration before visiting Zanzibar if you are afraid of dogs.