Kitesurfing Safari in Zanzibar

Kitesurfing Safari in Zanzibar : Tanzania is recognized for its beautiful beaches and access to the beautiful Indian Ocean, which is good for water sports such as snorkeling, Kitesurfing and swimming, but the region’s breaks and wind make it suitable for other watersports as well. Kitesurfing is an extreme watersport in which the wind’s energy, delivered by a parachute-like kite, pushes you over the water’s surface on a kiteboard, and sometimes even above the water’s surface. It’s an exciting water sports activity that will make your safari experience notable and unforgettable.

Due to the continuous and powerful winds that dominate the coastlines of Tanzania and Zanzibar Island, Tanzania is one of the top sites in the world for kitesurfing. Kite surfers have been increasingly popular in this area in recent years, with the strongest winds from December to March and then again from July to September. In the South East, there are now a number of hotels with on-site kitesurf centers that provide all levels of teaching and safety support.

Also Zanzibar offers a diverse choice of accommodations, from small boutique beach hotels to luxury resorts and spas to stay in and enjoy during your kitesurf safari in this Zanzibar Island. Zanzibar is an excellent choice for people seeking a mix of luxury and adventure, as well as excellent kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing Safari in Zanzibar
Kitesurfing Safari in Zanzibar

When and where in Zanzibar can you kitesurf?

The months of December to March are the best for kitesurfing in Zanzibar (the Kaskazi breezes are gentle in the mornings and strong after midday, making it ideal for both beginners and experts) and June to September are the greatest months (the season of the Kuzi winds, up to 20 knots in the morning and even 28 knots in the afternoon, loved by kite surfers of the entire world).  Zanzibar Island is a stunning tourist destination with crystal blue waters and white sand beaches that are perfect for kitesurfing. Many hotels on the island of Zanzibar are linked with kitesurfing schools. Here are a couple of Zanzibar’s best kitesurfing spots:

  1. Paje beach

Paje, dubbed the “Pearl of Zanzibar,” is a world-class kitesurfing destination. It has a stunning white sand beach and a calm blue sea. The people here are simple and honest, and the white sand is better than anywhere else. On Zanzibar, Paje Beach is the perfect site for kitesurfing and has an epic flatwater area. Paje is the best place for kitesurfing water sport for both beginners and experienced kitesurfers.

Why go to Paje?

Paje is known as the “Pearl of Zanzibar” and is one of the best kitesurfing sites in the world. It is home to one of the most stunning beaches in the world, with enormous white sand beaches and a lovely turquoise sea. Although there are fewer tourists in Paje than in the north of the island, there is still plenty to do in the evenings. Because the bulk of visitors to Paje come for kitesurfing, the town itself feels more traditional and less ‘touristy.’

  1. Jambiani beach

Apart from the island’s stellar reputation, Jambiani destination has lot to offer to tourist visiting this place for water activities and especially kitesurfing vocation. Jambiani has fantastic waves and buttery flat water, a place with consistent, dependable side-shore wind, plenty of space, and surprisingly little crowding.

With a low seabed, the main lagoon begins at Uhuru Beach. It flows into the low-tide lagoon, which has a level surface and is suitable for novices and free riders. It’s a sandy sanctuary for anyone looking to enhance their talents or learn from the ground up in a calm and clean environment. As you travel out into the deep lagoon and cross it, you’ll come upon a secret shallow place that produces a small ideal lagoon that, due to the viewing angle, cannot be seen before entering. It only becomes visible after you reach the lagoon and is a kiteboarding heaven. You can rest easy knowing that there are a couple kite schools nearby (Uhuru Kite Zanzibar and Zanzibar ProKite).

Kitesurfing Safari in Zanzibar
Kitesurfing Safari in Zanzibar
  1. Nungwi Beach

Nungwi beach, located on the island’s northern tip, is a popular tourist destination. This is a popular spot for partygoers, drinkers, and socialites who want to beach first and kiteboard second. The kiteboarding zone is located south of the touristy town, and there are several hotels to choose from.

  1. Matemwe Beach

This neighborhood is considerably quieter than its northern neighbors. The reason for this is that there is a lot of marine agriculture in this area, and you may only kite during the mid-to-high tide. Keep a look out for diving and snorkeling clubs that may be passing through the reefs.

  1. Bwejuu beach

The vast beaches on the southeast coast of the island entice visitors not only with the breezes but also with the sense of seclusion that may be felt, adding a magical element to the experience. You may round off a fantastic day with dinner at the famed “The Rock,” which is located just south of the Michamvi Peninsula.

 Schools of Kitesurfing: Kitesurfing instruction is available from beginner to intermediate levels at Zanzibar Kite Destination, Paje by Kite, Kite Centre Zanzibar, and Zanzibar Kite Paradise. All of these places also rent kitesurfing equipment. Kitesurfing’s best months are mid-June to mid-October and January to mid-March.