Horseback Riding Vacations In Tanzania

Horseback Riding Vacations In Tanzania: The Tanzania horseback safari creates unbeatable memories that will last a lifetime. The popularity of horseback riding in Tanzania is not as high as it is in Kenya. Nonetheless, it offers comparable sensations and is just as fascinating. Travel Tanzania by horseback and experience breathtaking game watching, spotting a wide range of wildlife from the saddle. Although a horseback safari in Tanzania would be beyond many people’s price range, the opulent and exclusive setting of a mobile safari definitely sets it apart from certain lodge-based excursions.

With attractions like Mount Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater, and the spice islands of Zanzibar, Tanzania makes for an outstanding safari and horseback riding vacation destination. Tanzania is a very important destination for wildlife tours because it is known for both its wildlife and natural beauty. With national parks and wildlife reserves encompassing over 33,660 square kilometers (or 28%) of the country, Tanzania has long been considered the pinnacle of safari destinations. Each of the incredible horseback riding safaris offered by Focus East Africa Tours in Tanzania promises to be an unforgettable adventure.

Why choose the Tanzania Horse Riding Safari? How could you possibly overlook something as beautiful as a Tanzania Horse Riding Safari while making memories on a safari tour in Tanzania? In the past, it served as a means of transportation to many locations around the globe. Hey, how about riding a horse while viewing some zebras, giraffes, and other grazing animals? On your Tanzania safari tours, you can encounter these things and more.


When people think of an African equestrian safari, Tanzania gives them the “Out of Africa” experience that they most desire. Here, horseback riding promises to be an amazing experience as you travel through some of Africa’s most iconic landscapes with the majestic, snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro as your backdrop. Canter over the plains with zebra, giraffe, and wildebeest while keeping a sharp lookout for the big predators that this region is renowned for.

Tanzania is the ideal location for anybody looking for a true African riding adventure and welcomes groups of all sizes, including adventurous solo travelers, families, and couples. Experienced riders who appreciate fast-paced riding, breathtaking scenery, and some of the most fantastic wildlife encounters imaginable will find the huge open plains to be the ideal playground. Those who do not ride can still embark on an amazing safari by vehicle, meeting up for meals and catching up around the campfire in the evening.

Each excursion is supervised by knowledgeable, professionally trained guides who provide thrilling and educational activities. The itineraries are off-the-beaten-path and take riders far into the wilderness as they explore Africa’s beauties on horseback.


You may go on a real African safari with Focus East Africa Tours, but on horseback rather than in a car. You can follow along with herds of zebra, antelope, gazelle, and wildebeest for 5-7 hours each day while riding a horse at the same speed as passing giraffe groups, or you can observe the “Big Five”—lions, elephants, leopards, buffalo, and rhinoceroses—from a safe distance. Between Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro, you will go by horseback through savannahs, bushland, and swamps, spending each night in safari camps. A real equine safari

 You will get the chance to experience your “Out of Africa” travel fantasy on the Kilimanjaro Big Game Route by riding beneath Mount Kilimanjaro as wildebeest, zebra, and elephant graze nearby.

Horseback Riding Vacations In Tanzania
Horseback Riding Tanzania


Elephants can be seen in Amboseli National Park as you approach Kenya on a Focus East Africa Tours horseback riding tour. Unlike traditional bus or Land Rover safaris, we provide riding safaris. No amiable drivers are communicating over the radio to entice all nearby tourists to a pack of dozing lions. On foot, it will probably take you many hours to achieve the same thing, but riding a horse puts you in touch with nature and allows you to avoid the tourist caravans. Only your fellow bikers enjoy these precious moments with you. A must-see event is the Great wildebeest migration.

Some of East Africa’s most breathtaking scenery may be seen in the locations where we operate. We travel through “bush,” which can only be reached by cross-country or dirt roads. Savannah grasslands with acacia trees and thorn bushes are surrounded by volcanic peaks. The only other inhabitants of this beautiful landscape are the nomadic Masai people. The countryside is lush and flower-filled after the rains (April–May and November); yet, the dry season, which may be very dusty, is frequently the greatest time to watch wildlife. The average temperature range is 20 to 35 degrees Celsius, and the altitude is between 1100 and 2000 meters above sea level.

Safaris to the national parks along Tanzania’s northern circuit are optional additions. A plains-dwellers’ stronghold of 14,763 sq km (5,678 sq miles), the Serengeti National Park is regarded as one of the top game viewing locations in Africa.


Horseback Riding Vacations In Tanzania – Arusha National Park.

You can witness exotic animal species, including the black and white colobus monkey, flamingos, and various birds, while on a horse safari in Arusha National Park. Elephants can be found, and riding a horse and exploring them is a must.

 The day trip departs from Ngongongare Gate, and you will tour the park’s lower area. The major objective of horseback riding is to explore the landscape and wildlife, and because of the terrain and dense forest, the riding pace will be fairly sluggish. You will cross the Little Serengeti on the trip, which is frequently home to buffalo, giraffes, zebras, and antelope.

Horseback Riding Vacations In Tanzania – Serengeti National Park

Utilizes a horse to ride around portions of the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Conservation Reserve. Riding through some of the Serengeti’s most unexplored areas is a fantastic way to indulge your sense of adventure and step completely off the beaten path.

 Get a glimpse of the wildebeest and zebra moving from the Masai Mara back to the Serengeti’s lush plain. You must be ready to travel to the migration by car if the lands near the campsite are dry because the herds’ movement depends on rainfall.

 Giraffe, zebra, elephant, and a lot of plains wildlife are all likely to be there, as may some big cats if you’re lucky. Your guide will be a skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable person who has a thorough understanding of Tanzania’s flora and fauna.

Horseback Riding Vacations In Tanzania – Lake Natron.

Millions of flamingos call the pink soda lake in the Great Rift Valley, located north of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, home. The location looks even more beautiful as you travel across wide plains teeming with wildlife in traditional Masai bomas.

 Those animals that are not acclimated to this very alkaline lake calcify and mummify, which results in their deaths. But there are also nearly two million pink flamingos living around the lake. Oldonyo Lengai, the only active volcano in Africa, is a decoration on the Natron (Mountain of God).

Horseback Riding Vacations In Tanzania – Kilimanjaro National Park.

See some of the planet’s few remaining wildernesses as you join a herd of galloping zebra, sneak up on a chewing elephant, or marvel at a majestic giraffe. You will have the opportunity to tour this region, which is situated between Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa. From the “small Serengeti” in Arusha National Park through Maasai land to the boundaries of Kilimanjaro National Park, we will explore the West Kilimanjaro wilderness where the terrain permits.

WMA (wildlife management areas).

In Tanzania, the village communities own and manage these kinds of protected spaces. Because of their proximity to Tanzania’s national parks, these WMAs are home to some spectacular wild species. Some of these WMAs allow for horseback safaris. Horseback riding is permitted in some WMAs, including the Enduimet WMA, the Singita Grumet game reserve, and even the Loliondo game-controlled region.