Festivals In Zanzibar

Festivals In Zanzibar : All you need to know about Zanzibar festivals: Africa may not be at the top of many travelers’ lists of continents to visit, but it ought to be given the abundance of incredible safari nations like Tanzania, Zanzibar, which provide a wide variety of tourist attractions and activities to partake in. Tanzania, which is located in eastern Africa, is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, including the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, which is Africa’s tallest mountain; the lovely white sand beaches of Zanzibar Island; and a variety of wildlife, including the African Big Five in the Ngorongoro crater and great wildebeest migration in the Serengeti National Park.

The major island of Tanzania, Unguja, better known as Zanzibar, is one of the most picturesque locations you should visit and explore for your wonderful African safari experience. Zanzibar Island offers a wide variety of tourist sites and activities. For instance, if you stop at Changuu Island, you will have the chance to observe gigantic tortoises, while Mnemba Island is the ideal location for snorkeling and scuba diving. Unguja-Zanzibar features a variety of tourist attractions, including stunning beaches like Nungwi and Kendwa Beach, as well as attractive and fascinating festivals that you can take part in to learn more about the history, culture, and traditions of the locals.

What are the Zanzibar festivals that can be experienced? There are numerous festivals to attend and take part in on the island of Zanzibar, which will make your safari experience unique. Here are some of the best Zanzibar festivals to never miss out while on African safari Tour:


A music festival called “Sounds of Wisdom” takes place in Stone Town and features a lot of amazing musicians from all around Africa. Typically, the festival takes place in February. Sauti za Busara Festival is another music festival in Unguja that is worthwhile going to. This music festival has grown to be one of the most well-known in the nation despite not focusing on any particular genre. It lasts for four days in February and is held to honor the significant role that music plays in the community. Additionally, this festival features a fantastic fusion of dances, theatrical presentations, and musical performances. Taarab and other genres like hip-hop and rap will be played, as well as other music that you’re sure to appreciate.


The biggest film, music, and arts festival in East Africa, and The best skill in the world is displayed by them. What if you prefer watching movies to listening to music? Not to worry, the Zanzibar International Film Festival is another annual event that Unguja hosts. This festival, which takes place in July, provides an opportunity to learn about the cultural histories of not only Tanzania and Uganda but also of East Africa and even the Middle East. During the festival, films from all over the world are presented. The evenings will feature dances and workshops in addition to the movies.


This festival is community-run and nonprofit. Competitions in watersports, live music, and food vendors is another beautiful Zanzibar festival worth exploring. This celebration is hosted in Jambiani (South East Zanzibar).We all need to appreciate the beauty of nature, and in Unguja there is a festival that is specifically devoted to this. Participate in the Zanzibar Beach and Watersports Festival to honor the beach’s beauty. There will be a number of activities taking place during the festival, including kayaking, beach running, beach volleyball, and kite surfing. In addition to sports, you can take in some musical performances and dances by up-and-coming local talents.

Festivals In Zanzibar
Festivals In Zanzibar

Every year, the festival is held on July 19. Cultural dances, road shows, Taarab performances, exhibitions, art and craft shows, and other events serve to honor the occasion. This event Attracts people from a variety of nations, including Germany, China, India, Kenya, Mozambique, and the Comoro Islands.

One of the biggest festivals in Unguja, the Zanzibar Cultural Festival, is one you do not want to miss. The occasion, which often occurs as July draws to a close, is significant because it highlights the rich and varied cultural heritage of the island. Through a range of musical performances, traditional dances, works of art, and crafts, Unguja’s history and customs are displayed. You’ll fall in love with their “Taarab” music. You can also take part in the numerous fairs, carnivals, and races that are held throughout the streets.


Jahazi celebration is another worth exploring Zanzibar event held toward the end of August or the start of September. It is the newest of all festivals has only been going on for two years. Authors, poems, readings, discussions, and workshops fill the days; jazz lovers have the evenings to themselves. You should participate in the Jahazi Literary and Jazz Festival, which is a festival that is equally as joyous as the Zanzibar Cultural Festival. Despite its novelty, many people have expressed interest in the festival, particularly jazz music fans. The festival offers a range of workshops, readings, conversations, and forums with writers as hosts, with the goal of inspiring young children via music and literature. The evening will conclude with a jazz session after the literary presentations. Enjoy musical performances by regional and global artists.


The Persian New Year, Mwaka Kogwa, is celebrated in the village of Makunduchi during the final week of July. The celebration is a blaze of color, full of exciting customs. Women dress in their finest attire and sing songs about family, love, and life while males get the chance to pretend to battle each other with banana stems. The festival’s main event is the traditional burning of a cottage, which is thought to represent the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. This rite is thought to both assure the village’s safety in the event of a fire during the year and banish evil from both the people and the land.

After the battle and fire, there is music, dance, drumming, and eating where everyone is welcomed since the villagers think that anyone without a guest will suffer bad luck. The festival lasts until daybreak.

Make sure to take part in some of the festivals in Zanzibar, Unguja: “Knowing that Zanzibar, Unguja also holds a number of festivals throughout the year, you should mark your calendar to visit the island when one is taking place. The tourist attractions alone may be enough to ensure a good trip, but if you want to experience Tanzania like no other place, you must participate in at least one festival”