Fanjove Island Tours And Activities

Fanjove Island Tours And Activities : A Complete Guide For 20234/2025 Holiday : The picturesque Fanjove Island, an undisturbed jewel in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania, is a haven for nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and those wishing to unwind in peaceful surroundings. A visit to this island allows you to immerse yourself in a variety of one-of-a-kind experiences, such as exploring undersea riches, uncovering historical secrets, and connecting with local culture. We are glad to share with you the best excursions and activities to ensure a great Fanjove Island vacation as you plan your visit in 2024/2025.


Throughout the safari season, Fanjove Island is a must-visit and see destination. The months of June to October are typically dry and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 16 degrees Celsius at night to 35 degrees Celsius during the day. The brief rains that fall in this coastal area of Tanzania around November and December herald the arrival of spring on the island. Plant life and flowers bloom, followed by insects and a wonderful array of wildlife. From November to March, temperatures fluctuate between the high 20s at night and the high 30s, often dropping to the low 40s during the humid heat of the day. The resort is closed from mid-March to May due to the continuous rains.


Discover the Island’s Vibrant Marine Life: Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Tours

Fanjove Island is surrounded by a vibrant marine life, making it an ideal spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. The waters around the island are alive with colorful coral reefs that are home to a plethora of tropical fish species, dolphins, sea turtles, and even sharks.

Explore this underwater wonderland by joining a guided diving or snorkeling tour. These tours are supervised by knowledgeable instructors who assure safety and enrich the experience by sharing information about the local marine species. Many companies provide beginner diving courses and PADI certification to beginners. If you’re a seasoned diver, you can choose from specialty dives like wreck diving or night diving.

The island’s pristine waters make for great visibility for snorkeling. All you need to do is don your mask, snorkel, and fins and be ready to be astounded by the colorful underwater display. These snorkeling excursions are ideal for families because they are age-appropriate.

Walk amongst the Palms: Guided Nature Walks at Fanjove Island

A fantastic way to see the verdant interior of Fanjove Island is to go on a guided nature walk. The palm groves on the island, which are home to several bird species, are traversed during these treks. Your experienced guide will provide you with information on the island’s flora and fauna as you go, pointing out and identifying various bird species and maybe even the endangered coconut crab.

 These nature treks go to the island’s salt flats, which are a great place to go bird-watching in addition to the palm groves. To maximize this experience, make sure you have a bird guide book and binoculars with you.

Explore the Island’s History: Cultural and Historical Tours

Fanjove Island is rich in history, with artifacts from its past strewn all over the place. Discover these ancient treasures by going on a guided cultural and historical trip. Discover the function of the island’s lighthouse, a remnant of German colonialism, in directing ships across the Indian Ocean. Discover the island’s history and the seafaring prowess of the Swahili people by exploring the remains of former fishermen’s huts and Swahili towns.

 The history of the island will also be made more intriguing by your guide’s sharing of regional folktales and folklore. These trips offer an enlightening glimpse into the island’s past and a more profound comprehension of its rich cultural legacy.

Enjoy an Adrenaline Rush: Watersports Activities

The blue waters of Fanjove Island are used for more than just swimming and relaxing. In addition, they provide watersports aficionados with a playground. With its consistent trade winds, the eastern part of the island is ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Local businesses rent out equipment, and if you’re just starting out, they even provide lessons.

If you prefer surfing, there is plenty of wave action to be had from the waves around the island’s reefs. Paddleboarding and kayaking are great ways to explore the island’s shoreline if you’d rather take it more slowly. By participating in these activities, you’ll get a fresh viewpoint on the island and may perhaps run across some entertaining dolphins or inquisitive sea turtles.

Experience Local Flavor: Culinary Tours

A gastronomic tour is another must-do activity on Fanjove Island. The island is the ideal location to savor Tanzanian cuisine, which is a delectable fusion of local African foods, Arabic influences, and Indian spices. Take a gastronomic tour and experience a range of foods by visiting local cafes. Savor some freshly grilled fish or sample some of the delectable “Zanzibari pizza,” a loaded pancake with meat, veggies, and an egg.

Cooking classes are another option if you want a more practical experience. With the assistance of regional cooks, learn how to prepare traditional foods. Along with teaching you how to prepare Tanzanian cuisine, these programs also provide you with an understanding of the customs and culture of the area.

Relaxation on the Waves: Dhow Cruises

A traditional dhow cruise would be a must-do on any visit to Fanjove Island. The Swahili people have been using these wooden sailing vessels for transportation, trading, and fishing for generations. These days, they’re also a delightful way to see the Indian Ocean.

A dhow tour offers breathtaking views of the island’s shoreline as it circles the island. For something especially magical, take a sunset sail. The sky becomes a colorful tapestry of hues as the sun sets, reflecting off the glistening water. It’s a spectacular show that’s best experienced while sipping a cool cocktail.

Numerous cruises also include the chance to swim or snorkel at different locations throughout the voyage. Some even come with a beach barbecue, where you can enjoy delectable regional cuisine while taking in the breathtaking scenery of the island.

Engage with Local Wildlife: Conservation Activities

Fanjove Island is devoted to protecting the environment, and guests are welcome to help with this work. Engage in environmental efforts while there, such as planting trees or cleaning up the beach, to leave a lasting impression.

 One very well-liked conservation endeavor is the turtle hatching program. Green and hawksbill turtles, which are endangered, use the island as a nesting habitat. You may see the incredible show of female turtles depositing their eggs and the courageous hatchlings’ voyage to the sea a few weeks later. You are actively supporting the continued conservation of these amazing animals by participating in this initiative.

Stretch and Relax: Yoga and Wellness Activities

For those looking for a wellness retreat, Fanjove Island is the perfect place to go. On the island, a number of resorts provide yoga sessions and other wellness pursuits. Imagine doing yoga on the beach while the soft rustle of the palm leaves and the rhythmic sound of the waves are in unison.

 A range of spa services using organic, regional products are also available for you to enjoy. These services, which range from calming massages to revitalizing facials, are intended to encourage rest and wellbeing.

 A balanced diet of locally grown, fresh food and these activities provide for an all-encompassing wellness experience. Fanjove Island is the ideal spot to unwind, revive, and reestablish a connection with oneself, regardless of your level of yoga expertise.

Fanjove Island Tours And Activities
Fanjove Island Tours And Activities

Turtle-hatching, dolphin, and whale-watching excursions

Numerous dolphin species can be seen in the seas of Fanjove. It’s common to see bottlenose and spinner dolphins, and if fortune favors you, you might even get to swim with them. Visitors to East Africa may be lucky enough to witness the joyful breaches in the waves when the humpback whales pass the island on their yearly migration. For millennia, green turtles have been returning to their birthplace to lay their eggs. Witnessing the cracking of the eggs and the first steps of the young turtles toward the beach are poignant experiences.


Take a swing at landing a kingfish, jack, or barracuda. Although fishing is catch-and-release, some species can be prepared for our visitors’ enjoyment in our kitchen using a charcoal grill, the local method.


With its four lone kayaks, Fanjove offers visitors an unforgettable opportunity to explore the main island, Bird Island, and the cliff system from the water.

Bird watching

The island is the destination for migratory birds between November and March. Equipped with a high-quality set of binoculars and strategically positioned as a watchtower, you may observe the abundant variety of our neighboring islands.


Fanjove Island offers a variety of tours and activities to make your visit in 2024–2025 an amazing experience, from diving deep below the ocean’s surface to soaring high on a windsurfing board, from learning about historical secrets to relishing local flavors, from participating in conservation efforts to nourishing your well-being. Welcome to Fanjove Island, where every moment is a fresh discovery, as we like to say here in Karibu.