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Exploring Zanzibar  : Zanzibar is one of very few areas in the world with good and conducive climatic conditions that supports various economic activities such as tourism. Tourism have been playing a central role in the development of Zanzibar islands. This sector has managed to be the crucial sector and the backbone of the national income in the coastal areas. Due to this and that, several people from variety of places have been struggling day and nights looking for the opportunities to visit Zanzibar islands. This is just because the place itself have been endowed with a lot of things that appeals pleasant and attractive towards the eyes of tourists.

Since people are seeking opportunities to visit Zanzibar Island for tourism activities such as education, entertainment or enjoyment and recreational purposes. They are required to sit down and count out the costs for their trip tours. This will enable them to be comfortable with their budgets when they are travelling. Since they will have already counted and managed to know the costs for their trips. The following is just a summary of what should be considered when travelling to Zanzibar coastal areas for tourist activities especially in the ground of costs and expenses. Let’s journey together;

It can be difficult to find affordable accommodation in Zanzibar. There are very few hostels in the area and many of the budget hotels are located in Stone Town. It’s important to weigh your priorities when booking a hotel in Zanzibar. Saving money will likely mean you compromise on location and quality.

Paje tours, Zanzibar Tanzania;

It is in this small town where the New Teddy’s place is located. It is specifically located in the Southern area of it (Paje). Paje is one of the smallest villages as compared to other places in the east coast of the island. The Paje village is said to be peaceful and calm enough for one to relax, refresh and enjoy. Paje is also said to be active enough to have a number of bars, restaurants, canteens, where people can spend their night life cool and refreshing. Among other activities in the compound, also water activities can be conducted in the place. Some of the water activities that are conducted in the place includes snorkeling as well as kite surfing.

Exploring Zanzibar
Paje Tours

The hostels are very pleasant and funny places for people to stay. They are near a beautiful beach with very soft white sand. The hostels also offer strangers, visitors and guests some great amenities including a free breakfast. The free breakfast in the hostel usually includes pancakes, eggs, and sweet fruit. Both private rooms and dormitories are made available and enough to accommodate all the visitors, guests and strangers. The cost for the dormitories is approximately about $20.00 to $22.00 for dormitories per an individual person while the costs for private rooms mainly are approximating about $28.00 per an individual person. The dormitories are able to accommodate up to seven people in a single room. Sometimes private rooms can either be doubles or be triples with modern and quality bathrooms. Sometimes can be seen as expensive but due to the services being offered, it is never being costly.

The staff in Paje village is friendly and helpful to visitors and they can help you in organizing a variety of activities in the compound. Some of the activities are including spice tours, tours to Prison Island, dolphin tours, deep sea fishing, and more, Exploring Zanzibar .

Trip to Bwejuu, Zanzibar Tanzania;

This is a hostel but its environment looks like more than a hostel. In this place, there are enough private rooms as well as a number of bungalows available. These private rooms and bungalows carry a lot of character and charm. The hotel is just a short walk from the beautiful and blue ocean and the white sand beaches of the Bwejuu Beach. This is one of the classic and quality hotels in the place and one can be so sure to have a good time relaxing, refreshing and enjoying here. The available rooms are original, quality and fun and the hotels attracts various group of guests from all over the world.

The hostel offers guests a variety of amenities including a traditional Swahili buffet and aromatherapy massages. It’s a unique place to stay and is the perfect place to base yourself during your time in Zanzibar.

Private rooms include doubles with and without private bathrooms, triples with shared bathrooms, quads, and six bed rooms.

Exploring Zanzibar
Trip to Bwejuu,

Ndame Beach Lodge Zanzibar;

This is one of the very beautiful places for one to visit. Visitors tend to enjoy a lot when they visit this place. They are highly exposed to good climatic condition in this place where they can enjoy, refresh and relax. Among each other. This is also a good and favorable place for families, related people and couples. In Ndame beach, there is a swimming pool, canteens and accommodations rooms. There are both, the private rooms and the dormitories. The private rooms are more expensive as compared to the dormitories. The private rooms cost about $35.00 per day per an individual person.

Then, Ndame refreshing beach is a good option for solo and individual travelers, couples, families, and small groups of related friends.

Paje, Zanzibar Tanzania

Ndame luxury Beach Lodge is another attractive place for visitors in the eastern coast. It is located on the eastern coast of the Zanzibar Island. The Ndame Beach Lodge is near the beautiful, white sand beaches and turquoise with blue water. The Ndame beach hotel has a total number of 14 bungalows and 31 rooms that visitors and strangers can choose and decide to stay in them. The Ndame area has tropical palm trees and some beautiful gardens. It’s a hotel that appeals fame, funny and great to travelers of all types in the coastal area. various guests and visitors come from all over the world to visit this place.  The Ndame beach attracts travelers of all ages. It is also a nice option place where families can spend time together enjoying and refreshing, Exploring Zanzibar .

The hotel has the Sun Sea Bar and the Blue Doors Restaurant on-site. The surrounding village also has some good bars and restaurants that are just a short walk away. There’s also a popular dive school and a kite surfing school.

Private rooms are available that can accommodate people to sleep between one and five people. All rooms have private bathrooms attached. The cost for the room is about $13.50 per an individual person in a single day. Also, there are dormitories that accommodate some number of people at once. The cost for dormitories is almost about $9.00 per day per an individual person, Exploring Zanzibar .

Gizenga Street, Stone Town, Zanzibar;

Ten to Ten Stone Town is in a great and wonderful location, at the center of the Zanzibar city. It is only a single minute walk from the beach. All rooms are equipped with a shared bathroom with hot showers. All dorms have air conditioners and safety deposit boxes are available, and there is also free Wi-Fi for guests to use. There is a 24-hours front desk at the property for any questions or assistance. You can play ping-pong and darts at the guest house which also provides motor bike and car rental. The nearest airport is Kisauni Airport, 6.9 km from Ten-to-Ten Stone Town Zanzibar. The property has a common room where you can relax, and laundry facilities are available. Linens and towels are free with your stay. The costs for dormitories are $8.00 per day per an individual person.

Exploring Zanzibar
Gizenga Street

Trip to 57 Kenyatta Road PO Box 3885, Stone Town, Zanzibar Tanzania

Lost & found hostel is one of the very famous hostels in stone town, Zanzibar. It is at the heart of Stone Town Zanzibar, very near to the historic Shangani Post Office as well as Freddy Mercury’s building. Every single room at this hostel is air conditioned and comes with a modern television. Also, some rooms include a seating area where travelers can relax, refresh and enjoy. There is a 24-hour front desk at the property and the hostel also offers bike hire. Lost & Found Zanzibar is 2.2 kilometers from Zanzibar City and 47 kilometers from Kendwa. Kiwengwa is 28 kilometers from Lost & Found Zanzibar, while Paje is 40 kilometers from the property. The nearest airport is Abeid Amani Karume International Airport, 7 kilometers from the property. Airport transfer is available upon request. Wi-Fi, parking, linens, and towels are free with your stay, Exploring Zanzibar .

The costs for the dormitories are almost about $14.00 a day per an individual person while the cost for private rooms is almost about $30.00 per day for an individual person.

Generally, the costs for traveling in Zanzibar differ among places. They are different from one place to another due to the quality and availability of important services such as meals and accommodations in that particular place. But for most standardized costs tend to be $8 to 35 for dormitories where more than one person sleep. But the cost is just for an individual person. Again, the cost for an average double private room varies from one place to another as well. The common prices just range from $20 to $67, Exploring Zanzibar .