Explore Mount Kilimanjaro

Explore Mount Kilimanjaro : Which New Year’s Evening do you remember the most? As the new year draws near, you’re undoubtedly considering unique ways to ring in the new year with elegance. It’s pleasant to enter into an unfamiliar and remote place after the hectic Christmas season, when you’re brimming with good cheer, to reflect on the year past and make preparations for the upcoming one. So how about ascending Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, to start in the most spectacular way possible?

Take on the challenge and trek 5,895 metres to the Roof of Africa, where you can celebrate the new year and explore five stunning climate zones. You will undoubtedly have a lifetime safari experience that alters your perspective on the world and yourself.

About Kilimanjaro.
Though technically a dormant volcano, the well-known Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania last had a significant eruption hundreds of thousands of years ago, so there’s no need to panic. Not only is it the highest peak in Africa, but it’s also the highest free-standing mountain worldwide, denoting that it stands alone without being a member of a mountain range. Picture yourself ringing at its famous summit while taking in the sunrise over the vast plains below. The three volcanoes that make up Mount Kilimanjaro are Shira, Mawenzi, and Kibo.

Climbing through a nature documentary is similar to hiking. With Kilimanjaro’s five distinct ecosystems, you can be sure that your experience will be unlike any other, whether you’re travelling through a pristine rainforest, seeing unusual lava formations and unusual wildlife, or getting to know the local tribespeople who live atop the mountain. All of this while you’re strolling above the sky and taking in views of the verdant, expansive savanna below.

Mt. Kilimanjaro Difficulty.
Depending on your route, a round-safari to Kilimanjaro often takes five to eleven days. There are seven recognized routes that up the mountain, and they differ in length, level of effort, and landscape. The Lemosho Route is one of the simpler ways; because of its slower pace of ascent, it has a high success percentage for reaching the summit. This is most likely the path you will choose if you are not an experienced climber but are determined to see in the new year from the top of the globe.

Reasons to Climb Kilimanjaro This New Year’s Evening.
The chance to accept the unknown every new year offers a fresh start, ripe with new possibilities and the chance to gain a new perspective. In addition, the beginning of the year is one of the greatest moments to set a goal for yourself and do something you’ve never done before. Indeed, ascending the world’s highest free-standing mountain in a few days is no small feat, but that is precisely what makes it so alluring.

By climbing Kilimanjaro, you can shake up your New Year and start an exciting year from the summit. You can discover something new and inspiring for the year ahead, whether it’s trying out new foods, immersing yourself in a fascinating culture, or simply taking in the breathtaking wildlife and landscapes. After all, isn’t that what New Year’s resolutions are really about?

Experience something different New Year celebrations are often characterized by fireworks, music, and feasting with family and friends. Although there is nothing at all wrong with beginning your year in this manner, it wouldn’t hurt to do something different this one time and stray from the routine. You may find the event so enjoyable that you choose to return for New Year’s Eve the following year.

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Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

You will have porters and guides with you on your Mount Kilimanjaro trip, making it an excellent way to accomplish something meaningful. Being a part of this expedition is a wonderful opportunity to help these folks, whose livelihoods are derived from climbing mountains. This implies that you get to start the new year making people happy. It’s worth it for the generally positive feeling that ensues.

You get to spoil yourself afterwards. After scaling Africa’s highest peak, you deserve a little indulgence. Why not treat your sore body to a leisurely beach weekend in Zanzibar?

If climbing Mount Kilimanjaro has always been on your bucket list of adventures, why not do it this year? By climbing the world’s highest free-standing mountain, you can make you new year to remember. Get in touch with us right now to get started or to learn more about accommodation alternatives, Kilimanjaro climb prices, and preparation advice.