Experience relaxing on the powdery beaches of Zanzibar

Experience relaxing on the powdery beaches of Zanzibar : A perfect powdery beaches of Zanzibar has been named as the leading beach destination in Africa by the World Travel Awards for the year 2022, you should have a spectacular relaxing holiday at these Zanzibar beaches. There are most rewarding views of beautiful waters, the aquatic life and the perfect accommodation in Zanzibar. Your dream beach experience is beyond perfect while on the powdery beaches of Zanzibar.

The wonderful beaches of Zanzibar can be visited throughout the year, and you will enjoy as much as you want any time of the year.  The weather condition of Zanzibar makes the beach life even more easier as it is warm most of the time of the year, which makes swimming to the glorious blue waters of Zanzibar all you need while on these beaches.  Have the opportunity to meet the kind people of Zanzibar who will always welcome you with warm smiles and makes you feel at home, visit the markets and have the taste of the street foods. The culture and art of the people of Zanzibar is amazing its one of the experience that will make you fall in Zanzibar even more, while on the beaches of Zanzibar have a grand time to visit different cultural markets and shops to explore the arts and crafts of people of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is highly blessed with many small and large beaches; there are more than 25 beautiful beaches that are well decorated by the tall standing palm trees. There are private beaches that are less crowded and away from people an there are those famous beaches that are crowed and have the whole party vibes that you might need while in Zanzibar, Experience relaxing on the powdery beaches of Zanzibar

The main activities while you will do while in Zanzibar beaches

Let the white and soft powdery sand of Zanzibar beaches caress your feet and feel the warm ocean breeze on your face.  There many fun activities that you can do while on a holiday, romantic honeymoon or vacation in Zanzibar. Solo trips to these beaches are perfect as well as you will enjoy as much as when you have company. Below is the list of the activities that you can take part in while on the powdery beaches of Zanzibar.

  • Snorkeling
Experience relaxing on the powdery beaches of Zanzibar
Prison Island

Snorkeling is one of the fun activities that you should not miss doing while on the beaches of Zanzibar. There are several beaches where this activity can take place, beaches such as Mnemba Island, Kendwa reef, stone town reef, Prison Island and Tumbatu Island makes this island as an ideal place for the snorkeling activity.  The blue waters of Zanzibar are the habitat of different fish species about 350 and other marine life that will need you to explore them while snorkeling. Have this adventure while swimming in the cool water with a snorkel mask, it’s an exciting moment as you will enjoy the sight of the dolphins, turtles, parrotfish, jellyfish, stingrays, squids, coral reefs, different marine species such as the zebra fish, sea fish, batfish, rare cute whip leaf fish among many.

  • Sunset Dhow cruise

The unforgettable views of beautiful sun while on the middle of the beautiful blue waters of Zanzibar can be attaining while participating in this activity. Cruise into the blue waters of the Indian Ocean using the traditional wooden boat, the local boat owners will gladly take you through this breath taking experience which normally takes place in the evening from 4:30 pm until 5:00 pm. It starts from the Froddhani garden on the sea front of the stone town and sail along the off shore while enjoying the spectacular and unforgettable view of the sunset, dolphins in the water, views of the sea food, grilled fish while having beverages on the boat. The boat rides experience is amazing beyond measures as you will have the chance as you have the magnificent scenery of the lake shores as well as the tropical forest. The boat rides are most preferred during the morning and evening, so that you can catch up with the beautiful sunrise as the yellow ball starts to appear in the blue sky. The sunset in the middle of the blue waters hit differently in this Perfect Island hits differently.

  • Sport fish in Zanzibar

Sport fishing is one of the most exciting experiences; if you have never fished in your life then this will be a right time to learn this new activity at the beaches of Zanzibar.  Fishing activity can be done as the group or as individual, there are many companies that offer the sport fishing and have the well experienced captain crew that knows the waters of Indian Ocean so well and will lead you through it, as you have so much fun beyond your expectations, Experience relaxing on the powdery beaches of Zanzibar

  • Full moon party

The full moon parties are a whole vibe in Zanzibar, they occur once in a month and the most famous beach for the full party is the Nungwi beach which is located on the northern part of Zanzibar. The full moon parties are what you need to make new friends while you’re on a solo trip. You will meet many people from different parts of the world as well as the local people, the full moon parties are the best times to dance, drink and socialize. There are other activities that can place in Nungwi beach, such activities includes as swimming, sunset cruising, sky diving, snorkeling, swimming with the turtles and many more activities.

  • Visit the Mnarani turtles

This where you will meet different species of turtles, this is the ideal place where you can find different turtles that are protected from being hunted. It’s located on the Northern part of Zanzibar at the village of Nungwi close by the light house. This place was purposely made in order to rehabilitate and study the marine turtles that are caught accidently by the nest of the fisher men. In this place have the opportunity to swim with the turtles not only that also have a chance to feed them and learn their breeding seasons. The turtles are tame and inequitable but they are friendly they don’t harm anyone. They expenses for having this quality time with the turtles are just 10 dollars which is very affordable to anyone. This place is normally crowed as most of the people that go to Zanzibar must visit hence it makes this place as the busiest place and crowded.

  • Walk on the narrow streets of stone town

The stone town is one of the oldest cities that are found in Zanzibar, the narrow streets in Zanzibar looks so similar to each other, you can get lost in between the streets. It’s also the perfect time to enjoy and taste different spicy foods that are found on the streets of Zanzibar (also known as the spicy island). This is oldest town in Zanzibar with the oldest building which holds a lot of history, the ancient spice markets and the narrow streets of the stone town. It’s the town that is rich of history and conjures memories about the old good times in the past.

Swimming can be done anytime of the year, as you will be surrounded by water all the time, have a perfect beach life while in Zanzibar!