Exciting Cuisines at Spice Islands of Zanzibar

Exciting Cuisines at Spice Islands of Zanzibar : The Zanzibar islands is conventional around the great ocean known as the Indian Ocean. It is made of consisting the combined the two islands of Unguja and Pemba. The islands of Zanzibar are also called the spice island. This is simply because it consists varieties of delicious spices that are grown on this island in many of the island’s plantations.

One may be asking yourself, what are the types of spices that are coming from Zanzibar islands? Back in the years, Arabs are believed to be the one who initiated and started spice plantations that made Zanzibar islands to be the world’s major exporters of cloves and it is during this time when the city gained the nickname, spice island.

Nowadays, Zanzibar is still one of the well-known places for clove productions, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, chili and the nutmeg. The following are the local foods that you may enjoy when visiting this spice island.

Enjoying Zanzibar pizza; this is one of the best cuisines that most people enjoy visiting the Zanzibar islands. It is one of the sweet food made up of some beef or chicken that are piled up with some other ingredients such as capsicum, onion, eggs, a dollop of mayonnaise and the triangle of happy cow cheese in addition with the chili sauce. The ingredients are mixed together in different times making the complete food. This type of food can be found in different areas of the island especially in the Forodhani gardens.

Pilau and biryani; these are another type of cuisines that can be enjoyed at the island. The biryani and pilau are thought to be originated from the subcontinent of India. They are also known as plov and pilaf. These are the mixture of the rice dishes that are cooked by mixing with some spices like cloves, cinnamon, coriander, ginger, garlic, nutmeg, cardamom and pepper. These are one of the best food found in some places of the islands. They are commonly found in luckmaan restaurants, stone town institution and some few others.

Exciting Cuisines at Spice Islands of Zanzibar
Exciting Cuisines at Spice Islands of Zanzibar

Mishkaki; this is also one of the best cuisine in the island. They are made up of meat skewers and are very delicious.

Octopus; this is also another cuisine that acts as the Zanzibar’s identity. Octopus are hunted and caught by the skilled hunters who often hunts the octopus in the coastal areas. These type of food can be well eaten by meat skewers (mishkaki) and the octopus curry. The octopus are also available in various restaurants in the island including the great restaurants of Forodhani gardens.

The Persian food; this is the popular food in Zanzibar said to be a favorite food of the sultanate empire of Oman just for some centuries now. It is said that the Zanzibar cuisines are taking most cues from Persia and they are used in making one of the very delicious food. This kind of food can be experienced around the Emerson restaurants in the islands.

Urojo soup; this is another well-known cuisine in Zanzibar popularly known as the Zanzibar mix comprising a bowl of flour-based soup, tangy, and some other ingredients. This kind of delicious food can also be experienced at Forodhani gardens.

Maandazi; these are triangular shaped Swahili doughnuts. They are one of the very sweeter food in the islands. They can be available all over the streets in the stone town.

Zanzibar chocolates; this refers to the inexpensive, sweet and savory snacks that are one of the preferred cuisines in Zanzibar islands. These kind of food can be accessed in various places especially the street vendors that are located in every corner of the town.

Coffee; this is one of the famous cuisines in the island. They can be in various coffee shops in the city.

Chipsi mayai; this is also one of the well-known food originated from French. There are varieties of sellers in the city especially from the Forodhani gardens. Chips Mayai, which is also famously known as Kiepe is cooked using Potateos (slice into small pieces), then mix it depending on the costumer’s requirements.