Everything You Need To Know About The Rock Restaurant In Zanzibar

Everything You Need To Know About The Rock Restaurant In Zanzibar : There are some places in life that you can only imagine visiting; they are so amazing that it is difficult to believe they actually exist. And one such location is Zanzibar’s The Rock Restaurant. Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this restaurant Once you enter it, it’s difficult to leave it. The eccentric restaurant perched atop a sizable rock in the middle of the ocean is a huge success. It audaciously conveys the luxury of Africa, anchored by intricate architectural designs.

One of the worst mistakes one could ever make is to visit Zanzibar without stopping at Rock Restaurant for a meal. The magnificent Rock Restaurant is well-located along Zanzibar’s south-eastern coast and is well-known for its breathtaking setting, delectable cuisine, and inviting atmosphere.

It is known as one of the most incredible places in East Africa and rewards visitors with unmatched views and an exceptional guest experience. Its inspiration came from the local natural resources—a fusion of Zanzibar and Italian-loved mountains. At low tide, the restaurant is completely dry, exposing the seaweed, rocks, sand, and coral. During this time, guests can simply stroll from the beach to the restaurant and then use a ladder to enter.

The water completely floods and covers the sand during high tides, providing stunning blue and turquoise hues. You can swim at the top of the ladder, but the sunset views are unforgettable. It appears to be an island, and there is a free boat or canoe service to and from the restaurant.

 This stunning restaurant is located on a tiny floating rock island and boasts three exceptional qualities: fresh and delectable seafood, breathtaking views of the tranquil ocean, and unrivaled photographic opportunities. Most diners at this restaurant come with low expectations and see it as just another entryway into the vast world of other Zanzibar tourist attractions. But a lot of them are pleasantly surprised and content beyond their wildest dreams.

Eating here is an once-in-a-lifetime experience, in addition to the restaurant’s convenient location. The restaurant’s specialties include the Chocolate Salami, the Rock Special, Grilled Fish Fillet, Stewed Rock Lobster, Squid in Tandoori and Coconut Milk, and Homemade Tagliatelle served with Lobster, among many others. The meals are primarily focused on seafood. The Rock Restaurant has about 12 comfortable tables for lunch and dinner.


In 2010, The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar was founded. Before that, Michamvi fishermen conducted their operations from any other fishing base. They had no idea it would turn into a famous landmark in Zanzibar.

 A group of local resort owners built this restaurant in 2010, and it quickly gained notoriety. Although the details of how Wi-Fi, garbage disposal, and storage were created and how they function so efficiently remain a mystery, they all work together.

 The surrounding environment is protected and even improved. Whether you refer to it as “The Place on the Rock” or “The Restaurant on the Floating Rock,” it will undoubtedly rank among your most memorable dining experiences.


The south-eastern coast of Zanzibar, at Michamvi’s Pingwe Beach, is where Rock Restaurant is located. Michamvi Beach, a secluded and spotless stretch of white-sand beaches, is embellished by several boutique hotels. It is unusually situated on the oceanfront shoreline and is perched atop a sizable stationary rock.


The Rock Restaurant’s food is quite good. To be completely honest, it provides Zanzibar’s nicest lunch. They have a sizable selection of fresh seafood on their menu, along with a few vegetarian options, a wide range of beverages, and a selection of wines. Plan for the fact that this will likely be the most expensive dinner you eat while visiting the island. But it is difficult to blame them given that it is Zanzibar’s most popular tourist attraction.

The cost of food at The Rock Restaurant ranges from $20 to $60 per person for an entire meal, which includes an appetizer, a main dish, and a drink or dessert. However, you can get drinks or desserts for as little as $7. The Rock Restaurant accepts cash or credit card payments, but we strongly advise making a reservation at least one to two weeks in advance because walk-in customers are not permitted. You can make a reservation directly on the website or through Focus East Africa Tours.


High tide is the ideal time to visit the Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar because it offers the best opportunities for photos and scenic vistas from the restaurant. Expect stunning watercolors during this time. Due to its popularity, it is advised that visitors make reservations or book a table in advance, especially if they are traveling in large groups.


The best way to get to the Rock Restaurant for guests who aren’t staying at Michamvi Beach is by taxi. You will be driven to the Upendo Hotel (Michamvi), which is situated in front of the restaurant. Additionally, it is a short 15-minute drive to the exciting kite surfing hotspots of Jambiani and Paje. Additionally, it is a 1.5-hour drive from the northern coastal regions, including Nungwi.