Everything To Know About Kizimkazi Dolphins

Everything To Know About Kizimkazi Dolphins : Incredibly, Kizimkazi, a steep fishermen’s village on Zanzibar’s extreme southern coast, is the best place for visitors to see dolphins up close and even go swimming with them. Dolphins frequently hang out in the area’s crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Without a doubt, Kizimkazi is a popular destination for tourists visiting Zanzibar who come to take a boat ride across the stunningly blue waters of Menai Bay Conservation Area (MBCA) in order to see the dolphins.

Kizimkazi is the best place to go if you’re searching for something special. The most appropriate names for this enchanted fishing community on the coast are Kizimkazi Mtendeni or Kizimkazi Mkunguni. It is a unique fishing community on Tanzania’s Zanzibar Island. The renowned Dimbani is located 3 miles south-east of the Kizimkazi Mosque in the then-walled city.

Unquestionably, Kizimkazi is a small village famous for its large baobab tree, the oldest mosque in East Africa (Kizimkazi Mosque), and its beautiful coastline made up of unusual rocks. Riding through Kizimkazi provides historical context for the location. The Menai Bay Conservation Area, which is next to Kizimkazi and covers up to 470 square kilometers, is Zanzibar’s largest marine protected area. It is home to extensive coral reefs, sea grass, mangroves, and tropical fish. With all of this and more, Kizimkazi is unquestionably the best destination for a vacation.

Kizimkazi is one of the best places you should think about making a must-visit while on vacation in Zanzibar. The majority of avid boat safari visitors come to Kizimkazi primarily to enjoy boating activities. It is a favorite location for those who want to see bottle-nose dolphins. Visit Kizimkazi and spend a full day or more swimming with dolphins.


The most incredible experience you shouldn’t miss while visiting Zanzibar Island and the coast of East Africa is the dolphin tour in Kizimkazi. If you’re interested in dolphin tours, there is no doubt that Kizimkazi Fishing Village on Tanzania’s southern Zanzibar Coast is the best location to go. Many bottlenose dolphins and humpback whales migrate to this region in search of a steady supply of food, relaxation, and a place to nurse their calves. You can spend a lot of time watching and swimming with dolphins on a dolphin tour.

 Dolphins can be found at Kizimkazi, just a few meters from the shore. The Old Mosque, which has been a part of Zanzibar’s history since the 12th century, is strategically located near this fishing village.

Everything To Know About Kizimkazi Dolphins
Kizimkazi Dolphins

A great dolphin site, Kizimkazi stands out due to its advantageous location. The Southern Coast, where Kizimkazi Fishing Village is located, is renowned for its shallow waters, which give tourists more opportunities to see dolphins. The majority of dolphins are drawn to this particular territory each year to take advantage of the abundant food, socialize, care for their young, and unwind.

Kizimkazi is a superb location for a dolphin tour in Zanzibar because, in addition to the rare bottlenose dolphins, there are also more opportunities to see the more reticent humpback dolphins. Although it is also possible to take a dolphin tour in the afternoon, the best Kizimkazi dolphin tour is to be had in the morning. The majority of dolphins remain in the area in the morning because of the cool weather, as opposed to the afternoon, when the hot sun causes them to move to much deeper sea bottoms.


A Kizimkazi Dolphin Tour can take up to three hours to complete. The Old Mosque, which was built in the 12th century, Kizimkazi Beach Holiday, Dimbani Beach, and a tour of Jozani Forest Reserve/Park can all be combined with Dolphin Trips.

 Among the necessities you must bring on dolphin tours are waterproof sandals, a swimming suit, and sunscreen, to name a few. Only people 5 years of age and older are advised to go on a dolphin tour due to the nature of the activity.