Budget Zanzibar safaris

Budget Zanzibar safaris : When visiting Tanzania, Zanzibar island is among the sort after holiday destinations which is famous for its white sand beaches.

The different Zanzibar beaches which can be visited during a tour around Zanzibar island include Nungwi beach, Kendwa beach, Jambiani beach, Paje beach, Pongwe beach, Kizimkazi beach, Matemwe beach, Bwejuu beach among others.

A number of activities are carried out during tours around Zanzibar island and they include visiting the beach, dhow cruises on the Indian ocean, visiting Stone town, spice tours, diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, cultural tours, swimming among others.

The different ways to travel on a budget in Zanzibar include visiting the island during the low season, booking a tour to the island as part of group, staying at a budget hotel, relaxing by the beach among others, Budget Zanzibar safaris.

When traveling to Zanzibar during the low season the price of tours is discounted and for the hotels around the island the price is also discounted. The low season also takes place at a time when rain is received around Zanzibar around March, April and May and also around November. The number of tourists visiting Zanzibar during this time of the year is not as high as compared to the high season.

Budget Zanzibar safaris
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The high season is usually around June to October which is also a time for the dry season around Zanzibar island. The weather during the dry season is favorable and many tourists also visit the island for holiday at this time of the year. It is also a time when many of the activities around Zanzibar such as snorkeling, diving, dhow rides among others are best done. The dry season is also considered the best time to visit Zanzibar island holidays.   When on a tour around June, July, August, September and October

Choosing which season to travel to Zanzibar island will have an impact on your budget for the tour depending on if you go to Zanzibar during the low season or during the high season.

Another factor which will have an impact on the budget for a tour to Zanzibar is the duration of the holiday. Traveling to Zanzibar for more days will mean more spending as compared to spending a few days on the island, Budget Zanzibar safaris.

Traveling to Zanzibar island as part of a group is also another way to visit the island on a budget. This is because the cost of the tour is shared. This type of tour is usually scheduled on specific dates and a particular number of people can participate in the tour. Zanzibar island can also be visited by families, solo travelers, couples among others. The island has many activities which can be done by beginners and experts during their holidays in Zanzibar.

Staying in a budget hotel or hostel is another way to travel on a budget to Zanzibar island. The choice of a budget hotel helps to reduce the cost of the tour and you are still able to explore destinations around the island. Other forms of accommodation found around the island include luxury and midrange hotels and resorts.

Some of the activities that are done around Zanzibar maybe more costly than others therefore engaging in a few activities during a holiday in Zanzibar is another way to travel around the island on a budget. You can also choose to relax by the white sand beach during the holiday in Zanzibar.

Activities to do around Zanzibar island

Some of the activities to do when visiting Zanzibar island include the following;

  1. visiting Stone town

Stone town is one of the destinations on Zanzibar island to add to your lost during a tour around the island. There is a lot to see around Stone town and you can also experience the diverse culture and way of life of the locals and also the rich history of the people of Zanzibar during a tour.

Budget Zanzibar safaris
Stone town

Some of the places around Stone town which can be visited during a tour include the palace museum, the house of wonders, the Old Fort, the Old slave market, seeing the Zanzibari doors among others, Budget Zanzibar safaris.

A tour around stone town can be for a half day and it costs about 25 USD per person.

  1. spice tours

When visiting Zanzibar island, the spice tour is another exciting experience which can be done by visiting the different plantations around the island.

Spices which are grown around the island include cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla among others. During a Zanzibar spice tour, you get to know how the spices are grown, taste local food prepared using the spices and also purchase some spices if you are interested in buying. The cost of the spice tour is about 15 to 25 USD per person.

  1. dhow cruises

Dhow cruises are also carried out when visiting Zanzibar island and the activity can be done in the morning, afternoon or even in the evening when you get to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

In Zanzibar dhows can be done as part of a group and also as a private tour. This activity costs about 45 USD per person.

  1. going to Changuu island

Changuu island is another place to visit when in Zanzibar and this destination is home to the giant tortoises.

Snorkeling and swimming can be done when visiting Changuu island which is also called Prison island. The prison island in Zanzibar can be accessed by taking a boat from Stone town which takes about 30 minutes. The Prison island tour costs about 40 USD per person and it is a half day activity.

Budget Zanzibar safaris
Prison Island
  1. nature walks in Jozani forest

Guided nature walks can also be done when visiting Zanzibar island and it can be carried out in the Jozani Chwaka bay national park which is the only park on the island. Jozani forest is also the home to the rare red colobus monkeys.

Mangrove walks are also done in Jozani forest by following the board walk into the forest with a guide.

Zanzibar island during tours can be accessed by ferry from Dar es Salaam and also by flight to Abeid Amani Karume international airport.