Best time to visit Zanzibar

Best time to visit Zanzibar : Zanzibar island is among the famous destinations to visit when in Tanzania and it is an archipelago which is located off the East African coast.

Tourism in Zanzibar is also growing at a high rate and the tourism sector has played a major role in development of the island which has various attractions and activities to take part in when visiting the island.

The beautiful beaches of Zanzibar, the diverse culture and hospitable people on the island are part of the many things to experience during a holiday on Zanzibar island. Zanzibar is also known as the spice island and many spices are grown on farms on the island and the spices grown include vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves among others.

Best time to visit Zanzibar
Zanzibar Beaches

A number of activities are carried out during tours on Zanzibar island such as snorkelling, swimming, spice tours, scuba diving, dhow cruises, mangrove walks, cultural tours, beach walks, visiting Changuu island among others.

Tours to Zanzibar island can be done during different months of the year and the best time to visit Zanzibar is the dry season from June, July, August, September and October and also in January, December and February when the weather is favourable.

In the dry season, the weather is sunny and the chances of getting rained on are little. The months from June to October are also part of the high season in Tanzania. When taking part in a safari around Tanzania and also visiting Zanzibar island, the best time would be the dry season which is a time of the year best for combined safaris without having to worry about rain and bad weather.

The dry season from June to October is also a good time for a swim during a tour on Zanzibar island. Swimming with the dolphins is also among the activities to do while in Zanzibar and the activity is best done in the dry season. Different levels of swimmers including the learners and expert swimmers and divers can visit the island an enjoy relaxing in the Indian ocean and also diving to the bottom of the ocean and experiencing the rich marine life of Zanzibar.

The different tropical fruits grown on the island can also be enjoyed during a trip to Zanzibar in the dry season. Some of the fruits to try out when visiting Zanzibar include mangoes, coconut, jackfruit, oranges, bananas, watermelon, pawpaw, and passion fruit among others, Best time to visit Zanzibar.

The safari blue tour is another activity which is best done during the dry season in Zanzibar. This activity involves snorkelling, swimming, a delicious sea food buffet, a variety of tropical fruits to taste and it all starts from Fumba village which is found on the south western coast of the island. A traditional dhow is used during the safari blue experience which is an activity that takes a whole day.

Best time to visit Zanzibar
Safari Blue tours

A trip to Zanzibar island is not complete without a tour of the historical stone town found at the heart of the island. During tours around stone town, you get to learn about the history of Zanzibar and its people, take walks in the alleyways and enjoy seeing the beautiful landmarks around the island as well as the beautiful architecture of the island. Bazaars are also part of what you can experience when visiting Stone town as well as visits to the palace museum, Forodhani gardens, and the house of wonders among other destinations.

You can also enjoy a cultural experience during a tour of Zanzibar island and get to know more about their way of life, the different languages spoken on the island, learn how to prepare local foods among other experiences. There are different tribes on the island and a lot of local and international cuisines to try out when visiting Zanzibar and you can also visit the local markets for a shopping spree.

Most tourists avoid the rainy months around March, April and May and also November during tours to the island. Zanzibar during the dry season receives many tourists who visit the island to take part in numerous activities or simply to relax in the many resorts and hotels around the island, Best time to visit Zanzibar.

The decision about the best time to travel to Zanzibar island may also be affected by factors such as budget for a tour, activities to do during the tour among others. Individuals with a small budget tend to visit the island in the off season or the low season when the price is discounted for accommodations and also flights to the island. During the low season, there are also les tourist crowds on the island.

When taking part in different activities on Zanzibar island, some activities are best done during specific months of the year while other activities can be done at any time of the year. Diving which is among the popular safari activities done on the island is best done during the months of March, October and November.

Short rains can also be received during certain months of the year when visiting Zanzibar island such as in December and November. It is best to choose a month where there is minimal rain received during a tour of the island.

Travel to Zanzibar can be done as part of a group, as a family, a couple or as an individual. The island offers many activities to engage in for all types of travellers even those on business.

The beaches which you can visit during a tour of Zanzibar island include Nungwi, Matemwa, Kiwengwa, Kizimkazi, Jambiani, Paje, Kendwa beach among others found on different parts of the island.

Best time to visit Zanzibar

How to get to Zanzibar island

There are two ways to get to Zanzibar island during a tour and these include flight and another option of visiting the island is by ferry.

Domestic and international flights can be booked to Zanzibar landing in Abeid Amani Karume international airport which is the only airport on the island. And from the airport, you can take a taxi to the airport to the next destination or take any other form of transport that has been arranged to pick you up from the airport.

The option of taking a ferry is another way to get to Zanzibar island and this ferry operates daily from Dar es Salaam to Stone town.

Visit Zanzibar island and enjoy exploring various attractions throughout the year during your tour of Tanzania.